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  • Horror Stories • Volume 1 •
    390 37 9

    A collection of horror stories written by me. There will be old and new horror stories that will be added here.

  • I Love You....Baka!(NATSUKI X YURI)
    10.5K 472 29

    (IN A WORLD WHERE MC DOESN'T EXIST BECAUSE R E A S O N S) Doki doki Literature Club! A wonderful place to express your love for literature! ....or so it seemed... Most people don't know the dark secrets behind the club and it's club members. 2 certain club members named Natsuki and Yuri they have many secrets but they...

    Completed   Mature
    230 15 17

    A book of random poems I write

  • Magic Is Love (Mlp Oneshots)
    51 5 1

    Hello sinners-- Oh sorry I meant to say shippers here is a magical place of love and a book where your ships come true! Magic is love in this book.You may request a ship like Twipie and many others! I hope this book brings your wildest ships come true!

  • Rainbows Instagram
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    Life of Cha Boi

  • Online crush(Kaxyloo)
    132 10 2

    I just finished drawing my new animation for my channel yes it's a small channel but still.. that doesn't mean I can't have fun making YouTube I smile as I went to YouTube.Of course I was searching random things on there as always what else would I do? I mostly watch Undertale I smiled before the smile fadded and I c...

  • Luna's Regret
    35 7 1

    A past Luna can't control. Or can she...

  • Nick (my dog) x Drugs
    22 2 1

    Nick was galloping limbing one one paw he just had gotten into a giant fight with a puppy for some sweet drugs he showed a toothly grin.

  • Life Advice
    994 130 24

    Title says it all :))

  • My Poems!
    3.3K 804 44

    I'm an okay poet. Some are sad and others really cheery! My rhymes can be pretty weak, though... but nonetheless, I hope you enjoy!!!

  • Land of Kisa
    3.5K 54 17

    An original role play by me. This will feature fantasy and all types of stuff. Inspired by anime, games, mythology.

  • Camp Comfort
    485 104 9

    When a supposed-to-be-normal summer camp counsellor job presents itself to Ivy Lane, she takes it. Although, what she doesn't anticipate, is for that job to come with an asshole roommate, menacing faces from her past and a whole lot of death. This camp is anything but comforting. **Extended summary inside**

  • Attack of the Mega Weaboo
    19 4 2

    John or now he's called Emerald is going to an anime convention on he's way shenanigans happen.... Adventure,Humor,and Anime so many anime! Will he break will he make enemies or friends no one knows...

  • I Think I Love Her [An AppleDash fanfic]
    15.4K 468 17

    Applejack and Rainbow Dash have been best friends for years. When Canterlot High goes on a trip to Camp Everfree, will they start catching feelings for each other, or will they fall for someone else?

  • poems to myself ✔️
    31.3K 2.4K 113

    uncovering me, whole and honestly. Just expressing my feelings and thoughts. Highest rank #51 in poetry (12/04/17) #1 in expressyourself 6/5/18

    Completed   Mature
  • Laws of Attraction (slowly editing) mature
    3.2K 350 25

    For mature readers only! This story is a romance with action and suspense and twists and unexpected revelations. This romance will leave wanting more in the life of the simple yet troubled Noel Jameson, and love interest: sexy attorney boss Connor O'Brien and the bad boy billionaire Damien Reed Collins. Which love wil...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unexpected Hearts
    25.9K 1K 64

    Rarity had always lived the life of luxury and extravagance. She never worked once in her life and takes many things for granted, especially when it comes to her love life. So when Rarity is sent to a rural town called Ponyville to spend the summer, she is immediately disgusted, until a certain farm girl comes along. ...

  • Who Are You? [COMPLETED] ~ AppleDash Love Story
    9K 456 15

    New home, new school, and new friends are just a few of the things Applejack has to deal with when she moves from Manhattan back to Sweet Apple Acres. Will she be able to handle them all?

  • A Trip to Canterlot {A FlutterDash FanFic}
    27.3K 777 22

    The mane 6 were sent to Canterlot by Princess Celestia without specifically saying the reason why. Throughout the journey, Rainbow Dash tries to do something about her feelings for a certain mare, for this is believed to solve all problems in some way.. What happened in Canterlot? Will Rainbow be able to confess her...

  • Silence Was Never Golden
    131 7 1

    It's not hard to live in a world such as Equestria without using your tongue. Most communication happens with our bodies, as of most creatures on this little blue planet. The clatter of our hooves and twisting of our hips to the beat means way more than a mash of letters ever could. Sure, there are some downsides...

  • Sciset: A love story (Completed)
    8.7K 292 12

    Sunset Shimmer; the evilest of demon ponies anywhere. After the whole "demon" fiasco, her life has changed for the better because of Twilight Sparkle: friend, mentor, and crush? With her overbearing emotions plus earth-Twilight in the picture, Sunset will put her feelings on the test in this short story...

  • High School love: A rarijack fanfic
    34.8K 1.2K 27

    (Human version) A new girl named applejack moves in town and becomes quite popular at school. Rarity meets this wonderful girl on the first day, they did have their differences...but in the end these opposites saw the better in them. 'Some opposites attract'

  • You.
    48.5K 2.1K 54

    Past. That's all there is. Nothing more, nothing less. It's just a blurred memory that can't be change or returned to, For Rainbow Dash's opinion. After being winded up in an accident 3 years ago, lost some of her past memories and being cheated by her boyfriend, Chase, seems like Rainbow Dash isn't comfortable of fa...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Art Journey
    57.8K 2.9K 71

    My art from when I started drawing in early 2014 all the way up to present time. This art is my life's work and I obsess over every little detail so it really breaks my heart when it's stolen. Please refrain from doing that. I had a lot of old accounts in the past that I used watermarks for (crystalswirl, MURRY SUEE...

  • Random quotes
    3.8K 658 159

    read this to have a laugh (or just to cheer yourself up)

  • Neither End Up Alive
    3.4K 287 21

    Pinkemena Diane Pie, or Pinkie, was one of the most popular girls in Canterlot High (CHS). She didn't have any close friends, and she never dated anyone, but she threw amazing parties and was super friendly. Her frizzy pink hair was one of her many outstanding silly traits. Rainbow Dash, or Dash, was the most athleti...

    Completed   Mature
  • Totally Opposites (Rarijack) - DISCONTINUED
    1K 38 1

    Applejack and Rarity are closer aside out of the other four girls. They are all best friends but Applejack and Rarity knew each other when they were little kids and grew up together. But there's one thing... They always argue about little things or pick on each other. They bicker and make up every single day. They are...

  • Her Voice (Rarijack)
    40K 1.1K 36

    (Human Version with Magic) A new student, Rarity transfers to Canterlot High School, she met a lot of new people, but she met a odd person, and that's Applejack, she is who doesn't speak, she's "mute". She doesn't really express a lot or open up. She uses her voice to speak only to her closest friends. For everyone el...

  • Dance of Blades
    505 106 5

    "Kill or be killed", the war has begun. Steel sounds and banging shields swallowed the dawn until dusk. The game of death has been played by everyone, safety never had an assurance. The fire and blood had been flowing as the pain beneath the screams and steel screeches took over the scarlet sky. Death is the only sou...