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  • Of Dwarves and Men {Boromir/LOTR}
    38.6K 2K 55

    "Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the lords my soul to keep See me safely through the night And wake me with the morning light" ...and though that morning light is but a ghost on the Eastern horizon, it is one onto which we cling. In this dark age of begotten Ringwraiths, rogue orcs, and Sauron's rise, it is a hope...

  • Fairies in Middle Earth
    51K 904 19

    Fairies are a beautiful race in middle earth. They are mostly unknown to any other race. Elves know they exist. Much like elves, fairies are immortal and beautiful. But they have wing. These fairies are not small like we would all think. They are the same size as men and elves. They live in hidden forests around middl...

  • The Hobbit: Modern Edition
    146 17 2

    The Hobbit is set back in another time, where there were no phones, there were no planes, there were no computers, no modern technology at all. But in this remake of J.R.R. Tolkien's brilliant story: the Hobbit, there was technology! Let us see what will happen...if the technology becomes one with the ways of Middle E...

  • Lord Of The Rings Memes **COMPLETED
    24.1K 578 110

    SEQUEL TO HOBBIT MEMES: Just a bunch of funny LOTR memes! **COMPLETED!!!

  • The Leaf in the Hood.
    967 134 12

    Many legends have been told about a man wearing a hood who robs the rich to feed the poor. But what if Middle Earth also had a Robin Hood? and one who was the son of a great king? {*Awards: 2nd place in the 2020 Broken Glass Fanfic awards . :) }

  • Legolas Imagines (The Hobbit)
    342K 6.8K 32

    Romance, betrayal, angst, and more! Be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions with this series of Legolas one shots based on imagines. For the purpose of making these short stories more entertaining, the characters will not be completely true to their book or movie versions.

  • Meanwhile in Middle Earth
    9.7K 881 17

    A collection of stories about what I think would happen if characters from The Lord of the rings and The Hobbit decided to open an online chat room - chaos ensues! It was inspired by my friend Lindir's story 'Middle Earth mayhem', which I highly recommend you check out if you like LoTR and The Hobbit. I hope you enjo...

  • Texting with Lord of the Rings
    2.9K 236 7

    A light-hearted book in which the famous characters use the modern form of sending messages - texting.

  • The Dragons Daughter || Legolas Love Story
    36.1K 1.3K 12

    The Dragons Daughter - A Legolas Love Story I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARACTERS BUT Ash, Talynn and Lariën. I DO OWN THE PLOT LINE. They all belong to J.R.Tolkien! :) You have all heard the tale of The Desolation of Smaug, yes but... Long ago before the battle of the five Armies took place, but after Smaug the Stupendous took...

  • LotR Pick Up Lines
    1.6K 43 14

    The good, the bad, the ultimately cheesy. The classic "I love you" in elvish. You will find them all here. Accompanied by commentary from yours truly and perfectly timed memes, this is sure to be a hobbit worthy adventure. Requests are welcome and very much appreciated, just make sure that they are placed in the righ...

  • Two Bows (A Legolas/OC fanfic)
    207K 5.2K 25

    Ryanne is a she-elf living in Rivendell. She was taken in by Lord Elrond when she was a small child due to her parents deaths in a warg attack. Instead of acting like all the other she-elfs, she trains with her bow and arrow and her throwing knives in case something were to happen. She refuses to let anyone else she l...

  • Little Legolas Stories
    81.4K 3.4K 24

    Follow Legolas through his childhood adventures and watch him grow before your eyes. Read some cute stories, read some funny stories and read some that will make you cry. -:-:-{The Original}-:-:-

  • Dabbles In Ink: Lord Of The Rings One-Shots
    1.1K 137 11

    Title self explanatory. Some of these are AUs. I am writing these for fun, but also because I want to become better in the art of creative writing. That being said, any constructive criticism is welcome and greatly appreciated! Side note: I probably won't do any romance but if I do, there won't be any mature content...

  • Lord Of The Rings Memes
    112K 6.3K 200

    Hobbit and Lord of the Ring Memes!!!!!! So funny!!!!!!

  • A Silver Lining (Lord of the Rings) [Legolas]
    173K 6K 26

    **Now featured on Wattpad's Official Lord of the Rings Fanfic Reading List!** The War of the Ring may be over, and Sauron may be defeated, but that does not mean that the very thought of evil has been erased from Middle-earth. Though they may not be as threatening as the Dark Lord had once been, evil beings still lurk...

  • The Ring of Love (Legolas fanfic) [COMPLETED]
    36.2K 1K 32

    (#23 in fantasy fiction #66 in LOTR) Emily finds a magic ring in an old vintage store which opens a portal to another world, she and her best friend Ellie are now stuck up on middle-earth, where she meets Legolas in her quest to go back to her own world will she ever fall for Legolas? All original characters & places...

  • The Truth Beneath The Rose (Legolas Love Story)
    441K 13.2K 45

    If you are reading this story on any other platform other than Wattpad you are very likely to be at risk of a malware attack. If you wish to read this story in its original, safe, form, please go to Wattpad. Thank you. "You may believe it, or you may not... you were born into darkness. All your life, you've lived a li...

  • A Promise- a LOTR Fanfiction (Legolas) ❤︎ ✓
    68.6K 2.2K 31

    A PROMISE- A LOTR FANFICTION (LEGOLAS) ❤︎ ✓ 2015 **half edited** A half elf, half human girl named Vivienne embarks on a journey to destroy the One Ring with her childhood friend, Legolas, and eight other companions. On their way to Mordor, Vivienne's foggy past clears up and she finds someone that she never expected...