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  • Conflicted (Boyxboy)
    3.4M 130K 147

    ~ "When I first met you I had no idea how much you would end up meaning to me." ~ When Riley is once again hurled into a new life thanks to his mother's promiscuous lifestyle, he prepares himself for a year of building walls and isolation. However, nothing could have prepared him for the eccentric and captivating...

  • LGBT Competitions
    2.2K 44 4

    This is where you'll find all the latest competitions LGBT_HeadQuarters has in store for you. Just read and follow all the rules to participate in the competitions.

  • Animagus (BoyxBoy)
    19.9K 1.1K 13

    With a human mind comes human feeling. A fact that I have grown to be familiar with. I'm an animagus, only problem is I haven't shifted to a human more than once before, and that was only for a few seconds. The reason for this is because I grew up being somebodies pet, yep, a pet. Well, a guard companion, but sometim...