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  • TARO | ᵖᵃᵗᶦˡ ᵗʷᶦⁿˢ
    955 137 2

    "painless with immense distance from medic, from colleague, friend, enemy, foe, him five yards from his leg from you taro" [parvati + padma patil] [one shot]

  • Daddies Who Cry [Harry Potter Fanfiction]
    1.7K 98 1

    After the war, 5-year-old Molly Weasley finds her father Percy crying. Why is he crying? Daddies don't cry, Daddies are supposed to be strong. What happens when Percy shares the root of his sadness with his daughter? How will it change her and what will she do to help? (Featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic Harry...

  • PAPER AIRPLANES. ( ginny weasley )
    2.4K 203 4

    ❝We're all made out of paper, bendable. If you're not careful, we begin to tear.❞ Allonia Adams was afraid of nearly everything. Perhaps that's why she admired Ginny Weasley more than anyone else; she was fearless, untouchable in Allonia's eyes. When the two start to form a relationship, Allonia finds herself opening...

  • DEAR OL' BROTHER ☞ fred weasley
    257 27 5

    After her older brother has been taken to Azkaban, Leslie starts writing letters to him about her life without him... She was born late, unexpected and was soon sent to Hogwarts.

  • The Haunting of Judith Wagner{George Weasley}
    1M 83.1K 62

    Judith Wagner didn't want to talk to the dead, but the dead didn't really give her a say in the matter.

  • living with them, ginny weasley & the marauders
    26.7K 1.9K 28

    it was an accident, she swears. she didn't mean to travel back in time. © lani 2018! ginny weasley time travel fanfic marauders era oct. 2016 - TBD

    151K 6.7K 79

    • ❝ SHE IS A M E R M A I D , HE IS A C H A M P I O N SHE IS A W A R R I O R , HE IS IN D A N G E R ❞ Esmraldia Seapixi is a mermaid with very special powers who hides in the shadows of the Black Lake. Every night, she gazes up at the mysterious castle, wondering what i...

  • enigmatic || potter
    16K 811 9

    en•ig•mat•ic: [adj.] difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious. {extended summary inside} all rights reserved to jk rowling. © copyright 2015-2019 | sophie

  • immortality [wizarding world] | ⚐
    38K 2.6K 29

    ambrose natte littleray is just a typical four-year-old living in the early middle ages, occasionally working with her parents on their small farm and chasing her cat, wilma, around the house. all of this changes when she is introduced into a new world - one with magic. however, this beautiful concept comes with a pr...

  • the festivity of true love [jily/hinny] | ⚑
    979 86 3

    "And I love you, Lily Potter, and I will continue to love you until the day I perish." They kissed again, and their hearts beat as one. ☆ James Potter wanted to surprise his loving wife, Lily, on Christmas Eve. Without he...

  • Tightly Knit{ Fred Weasley}
    13M 799K 203

    Life was complicated for Eleanor Ross from the moment she was born to a Muggle mother. With her father nowhere in the picture and her magic appearing, Eleanor grows up in a household where her mother, Maggie, is convinced she's gone mental one day and the next is set on hiding her daughter's secret from everyone outsi...

  • Secret [ HARRY POTTER ] [ ON HOLD ]
    316 23 7

    "CAUSE TWO CAN KEEP A SECRET, IF ONE OF THEM IS DEAD" In a world that's been hidden for so long, who knows how many secrets are out there? Hers was just one big mystery itself, and she's ready to discover them. [ Set in Order of the Phoenix ] [ Slow Updates ]

    218K 11.4K 15

    ❝ YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A HERO TO BE BRAVE. ❞ Evelyn Fields and Harry Potter were as different as two people could be. Harry Potter was The Boy Who Lived. He'd survived the Killing Curse when he was just a baby, a curse that had killed countless numbers of other people. But it did not kill him. Evelyn Fields was not fa...

  • Hermione's Twin ⇒ Fred Weasley
    2.1M 63.1K 47

    [Book 1 of HT Series] ❝you don't fall in love with people because they're fun. it just happens.❞ Sometimes, all you need is a bit of firepower and sweets. [NEEDS SERIOUS EDITING] #81 Fan-Fiction | 1/08/16 cover by @lyrabarnes