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  • The Doomsday Mirror - Magicians Contest Entry
    169 5 1

    At Brakebills University, magic is very, very real. Only the most gifted magicians in the world are granted acceptance. Having spent an entire semester trying to stop and destroy The Beast - a mysterious, evil force - Quentin Coldwater discovers that it isn't his first run-in with it. Thanks to a powerful time spell...

  • Midnight's Embrace
    1.1K 62 1

    She was murdered on a cold wet road deep in the woods. When she wakes, she is nameless, without a past, and more than dead. Her heart no longer beats, but she's been changed forever. Only when a black Mercedes pulls up on the road, and a dark stranger comes to her rescue, does she understand what happened to her an...

  • Wicked Rivals (The League of Rogues book 4)
    582K 30.4K 29

    A LORD WITH LEGENDARY CONTROL... Merciless and powerful, Ashton Lennox is a wealthy man because he puts business before everything else, especially love. As a member of the infamous League of Rogues, he's no stranger to scandal. His bedroom conquests are as legendary as his fortune. As he searches for a way to bring...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rakehell's Seduction (The Seduction Series book 2)
    272K 13.6K 16

    Book 2 in the Seduction Series! HE'S MADE A DANGEROUS WAGER Ambrose Worthing is no gentleman. He's a proud cold-hearted rake who's determined to stay a bachelor forever. He enjoys bedding a different woman every night without the risk of falling in love. When he hears about a wager over the seduction and ruinatio...

    Completed   Mature