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  • Someone Like Her
    86.7K 5.5K 36

    Word has it that opposites attract. Jessica Keith would give the pithy expression two middle fingers because a wild party girl like her and the prim do-gooder, Matthew Parkinson are opposites hopeless to attract, let alone breathe the same air. However, their case as "mismatched shoes" rendered them both attentions. W...

  • About Kylie
    374K 19K 56

    Christian Parkinson's playboy lifestyle has taken an interesting turn when he met the sharp and witty Kylie Preston. She has something in her that other women lack - the guts to call him on his bullshit. She's not the type he dates but Christian finds pleasure annoying the life out of her. It was obvious the feelings...

  • Her Right Mistake
    1.2M 46.2K 51

    Audrey Danler was pretty sure she could forget all memories of Vren Parkinson and that one drunken night they shared on her best friend's wedding. It was a mistake to let her guard down. It was a mistake to go through that wedding. It was a mistake to drink way past her alcohol limit. In fact, it was a mistake to even...

  • Sweet As You
    663K 29.3K 53

    Cade Parkinson preferred his life in black and white. And when a spoiled heiress barged in and started spreading colors to it, he didn't like it one bit. He doesn't want anything to do with her. Especially after catching their partners cheating on them together. Even with his efforts of fending her off, she seems to b...

  • Happily Divorced
    2M 44.4K 54

    A firm believer of "Exes can be friends," Chassie Lewis has proven everyone thinking otherwise wrong. For almost four years now, she's been happily divorced with ex-husband, Nathaniel Forester. The sparks had flown and crashed between them a long time ago. It is never capable of flight again for sure. Or at least that...