kmemerald's Reading List

  • The Debt I Pay (Completed)
    290K 6.2K

    This story is Unedited just let you all know that in case you catch something wrong with my writing and sorry for the confusing sometimes...... Thanks!!!! F...

  • He Told Me - slow updates
    32.4K 2.3K

    Sometimes escaping a hurtful past can lead to an even lonelier future. Escaping the past is never easy. Being judged for what your parents did is painful. What...

  • Alone Together [boyxboy]
    • SkeneKidz
    • 24 Parts
    • Updated Sep 12, 2015 11:44PM
    191K 12.5K

    Alexis was raised by a loving family- until he was disowned and abandoned at the age of 15 for being gay. Alexis and his 4 troubled friends live together in a...

  • Crimson(ON HOLD)
    85.4K 497

    He gave me his shirt. "Put this on." I snatched it from him. giving him the silent treatment. Once I slipped it on, Crimson started to button it up for me. "...

  • Even My Wolf Thinks I'm Ugly
    868K 32.3K

    Algophobia. The fear of being in pain. Athazagoraphobia. The fear of being forgotten, abandoned, ignored or forgetting. Cacophobia. The fear o...

  • Second Chances
    5.5M 95.4K

    Everything comes with a consequence.

  • It Must Be Her
    1M 22.9K

    Robert De Luca has everything a man could want in life. Lots of money, a fantastic job, fast cars and plenty of women and yet he feels incomplete. His best fr...

  • See You Later...[Sequel] (Teacher-Student Romance- Robert Downey Jr.)
    266K 3.9K

    (Sequel to 'I Want You...' If you haven't read 'I Want You...' then I suggest you do so if you want to understand anything in this story.) Is true love enoug...

  • I Want You...
    449K 7.7K

    (As you all probably know or SHOULD know Robert Downey Jr. is an actor, but in this story he's a teacher.) Can true love resist eachother? Amanda DeAngelo i...

  • Yes, Sir.
    180K 3.9K

    Warning: This is not your typical love story, but it does contain descriptive sexuel scenes, and a spice of Dom and Sub (not the bondage kind.) If you do not w...

  • The DILF (18+ Only) [COMPLETED]
    5.4M 121K

    [The Dad I'd Like to F*ck: Follow to Read the First 8 Chapters BEFORE You Add to Your Reading List] “You should be careful,” Devin said calmly, bending over to...

    Completed   Mature
  • When Rich Meets Poor (boyxboy)
    333K 13.4K

    (A short boyxboy romance.) What happens when two totally different social classes collide? What type of situations occur when one end of the cliche scale, bum...

  • Stuck in an Elevator
    2M 57.1K

    Ever been stuck on an elevator? Try being stuck in an elevator for 30 hours straight with nothing but a worn- out purse and a handsome stranger.

  • What You Don't See
    80.4K 2.5K

    Chase chuckled and nudged my shoulder with his fist. "Good one, Tanner." I could only imagine how horrified my facial expression was and even then it wasn...

  • NIRVANA (30 days to pay, and what?) (boyxboy)
    37.8K 689

    This story contains adult graphics of male making love with male. Please be guided accordingly. Sebastian – finding ways to have money to support your life...

  • His Wife (Interracial Adult Romance)
    105K 2.5K

    Gia and Nick have been together for a year officially. Their daughter has turned two and Gia has her own career working for a magazine she and her friend/ some...

  • His Mistress (Interracial Adult Romance) SAMPLE
    593K 1.2K

    Gia never had a privileged life she lived a life of struggle. She became a stripper at the age of eighteen and never looked back. One night when Nicholas (Nick...

  • Love Like This (Interracial Young Adult Romance) SAMPLE
    50.4K 417

    Kendra is an outgoing cheerleader secretly dating her brother Aaron’s best friend Clay. Everything was perfect until a secret of Clay’s gets exposed and an unp...

  • What We Had (Interracial Young Adult Romance) [Part 1]
    175K 3.6K

    Maci and Eric were your cliché high school couple. Eric was starting out on the football team and Maci was a new cheerleader. When they were freshmen they were...

  • Their Affair (Interracial Adult Romance)
    373K 6.9K

    Olivia is married to her high school sweetheart Tim. Things have been rocky lately so she has been leaning on his best friend Mitch for support in more ways th...

  • For the Love of Ethan
    • CatRyer
    • 52 Parts
    • Updated Jan 24, 2016 04:49AM
    9.8M 136K

    Berkley Roberts is a college student in an abusive relationship until one day BJ pushes her too far. Betrayed by Laura, Dane Knight is a single father, strugg...

  • Maid For Him
    9.6M 140K

    Angelo knew his mother was trying to play matchmaker when she suggested then paid for his maid service. The only problem was when he laid eyes on Francesca the...

  • a date to my daughter's funeral (editing/rewriting in process)
    8K 305

    All it took was seven minutes to change everything. In seven minutes, she was gone.

  • Mr. CEO
    2.5M 31.5K

    Anna never expected to be fired from her long-term job. And she never expected to walk in on her fiance with another woman. With everything going from bad to w...

  • Dude, I'm homeless! I can NOT be your... mate?
    • cheetoz19
    • 1 Part
    • Updated May 16, 2011 07:05PM
    3.3K 52

    Nakita Temp is a 17 year old girl who has been homeless along with her brother Neil since they were abandoned when Nakita was 5 and Neil was 13. Together, they...

  • Book of Aria
    399K 10.9K

    It was never in my plans to marry a vampire. My dream was to become a doctor, marry my boy-friend, and have little children running around by the time I'm thir...

  • Betrayed By My Own
    • Sabine305
    • 20 Parts
    • Updated Oct 14, 2014 09:17PM
    6.4K 239

    Sasha and her pack has been betrayed by none other than her sister who helped the neighboring pack take over theirs. Not only that, her family was taken as pri...

  • He's My Brother's Ex! [BoyxBoy] HBT Book 3
    • MissCris
    • 21 Parts
    • Updated Nov 10, 2015 10:38PM
    513K 15.8K

    [Book 3 in the Hughes Brothers Trilogy] Emmett wants to be normal. After a car accident leaves him blind Emmett Hughes only wants to see again. Maybe then he...

  • Just my luck [MAJOR EDITING]
    208K 4.5K

    Tia is your typical shy girl and she's not ashamed of it. William is your typical prep or so Tia assumed. After being placed in an advanced Placement class a...

  • Alpha Mate
    42.9K 621