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  • Dear Sean
    20.8K 1.5K 20

    Everything John has experienced with Paul, from their meeting to their first kiss to their devastating split is written in this bedtime story, one that John might never be brave enough to tell Sean.

  • #2 The Beatles In 2016
    29.3K 606 170

    This is the sequel of: #1 The Beatles In 2016. Drama.. one word drama. The band is splitting up in all different kind of ways.. paranormal ways.. Hopefully they will be okay.. hopefully. Through these issues they notice.. They have to survive. Please read #1 The Beatles In 2016 before reading this one. (I've noticed s...

  • OTP Prompts and Jokes
    1.1K 60 12

    Do you have an OTP? If so, this is the book for you! You'll find prompts and jokes in here that mainly involve OTPs!

  • Book Of My Cringy Drawings.
    2.9K 639 35

    Probably just gonna be my drawings I want people to see. Maybe some other stuff too. :/

  • All in her head
    769 124 29

    This a collection of short poems with 1 elegy and 1 free verse to summarize the feelings and experiences of battling mental illnesses. It is all based on my personal experience.

    Completed   Mature
  • Imaginary friend
    17.1K 756 30

    Erin is a 15 year old girl living in 2015 Scotland, Edinburgh. She has an imaginary friend that no one knows about apart from her. His name is John. John Lennon. But is he really imaginary?

  • #1 The Beatles In 2016
    126K 3K 200

    When The Beatles time travel and have no clue of what happened to them. They get separated and need to find themselves back together and try to survive here. Till they might... maybe.. come home. how will this turn out? Sequel: #2 The Beatles In 2016 The cover is made by this amazing person @XxRed-QueenxX She made a...

  • C'era Una Volta
    19 9 1

    Italy, 1667 Adele Lafayette has lived on the streets, or in a separate world, since the murder of both of her parents, and her abandonment by judgemental family members. One day, the little five years old is picked up by a mysterious, silk-draped mystery, also known as Aunt Irene. Her aunt is determined to raise this...

  • Dear Bully
    1.7K 503 29

    A series of short letters addressing anti-bullying. #EverlastAwards #risingstarswards2018 #AllGenreContest #FloSho2019 Highest ranking: #5 in dearbully on 11/14/18 & #1 in standupforyourself on 11/15/18 I was inspired by ThatGirl's story of the same name. I will not tolerate anybody being bullied. I feel like everybod...

  • poems by a teenage nobody
    106K 7.5K 81

    a collection of works I write at 2 am MOST IMPRESSIVE RANKING: #1 in POETRY love y'all thanks for the support

  • Handwritten Poems (Wattys 2019)
    1.2K 571 24

    Follow the story of a girl named Lexi as she goes on a journey through life, love and self-discovery. #creativeawards2019 Cover by @frjohnson Highest rankings: #62 in handwritten on 10/21/18, #13 in poetic justice 10/25/18, #8 poezie on 11/27/18, #2 in poezie 12/03/18 and #1 in poezie 12/22/18 Started: October 19th E...

  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 Stuff
    366 52 23

    You're probably gonna see just some random quotes from MST3K. I might add some random things I've done while quoting MST3K with my friends. ***Obviously, I don't own any of these characters, but you should know that.

  • I Love You [MobyTim]
    192 3 1

    After finishing every available Brainpop video, I knew my OTP was MobyTim, it was meant to be. This is a short story of their love and affection for eachother. The message is that even though things get hard, they can always get better.

  • The Irony ✨
    16K 5.8K 47

    ✨ I dread that split second which can split your entirety entirely. ❤️ ✨ Painted nails, Faces fake tanned, Wrapped up in extravagance, Welcome to Vanity's wonderland.❤️ ✨ Why do you chase perfection and flawlessness in mere specks of dust? Darling, even the moon has freckles.❤️ ✨ Don't blame the glass, if you fall fo...

  • Solo Travel
    23 1 1

    Shelby travels solo for the first time on an airplane, she encounters people on her daunting trip, some pleasant and some not so pleasant as she conquers her fear of traveling alone

  • John Lennon: Plugged In and Logged Out
    7.9K 279 19

    What if John Lennon wasn't dead? Just lonely... An old body meets an old soul.... And an old fan. Rated PG-13 for swearing and rude language.

  • ʜᴀʟғ ʙʀᴇᴇᴅ | (ναмριяєѕ)
    90 57 4

    The story of a stalker of a girl with another stalker: how secrets are never done unfolding. "You don't understand", she growled "You never did." Then she stormed off into the night

  • Post Script
    198 41 23

    ***Winner of the first ever Tiny Awards Poet Prize*** all the afterthoughts i never said in poetry form

  • From me, to you.
    289 84 1

    Feelings of heartbreak expressed through a simple letter, containing only 478 words. To that special person who I would've gave it all, to a person whose heart belongs to another. Yet, wishing for that person to be happy, even though I'm not. To love without being of the major forms of heartbreak. What is...

  • Broken Pieces (Completed)
    4.1K 677 41

    *BOOK ONE* Deep scars cut her skin after every lie. Tears build up after every broken promise. Her heart like glass, your words like bullets. Her hands reach out for help. But thanks to your ignorant words Her hands fall to her sides again. Everyday her heart breaks into pieces Her eyes act like windows When you loo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Absolutely Bullshit.
    573 96 15

    I started writing this book at 13. I was in a toxic group of friends and it was a horrible year. Depression was my only thought, I figured I could use that to do something productive. Now I'm 16 and I don't post all that much anymore. But I want to get back into writing. Try to do something productive again. So have a...

  • The Life Of A Pen
    8 4 1

    A short free-verse poem about a life of a pen from a quite perplexing yet unique perspective; revealing how human beings and pens are more similar than they may seem.

  • The Black Bird's Poetry
    5.1K 2.9K 25

    Poetry is when an emotion has found. Poetry is the formation of beauty in words. Poetry is very deep. Poetry filters the heart. Poetry doesn't need a complete sentence. ???It's all about poetry.???

  • Mixtape | Poetry
    2.8K 767 27

    My heart's a stereo, it beats for you. Listen to it closely. [ collection of poems, musings and more ] Cover by yours truly.

  • Drug of the Apocalypse
    11 0 10

    After a series of destructive wars across the world, the human race settled into a deep lull of depression. Until, a mysterious drug known as 3OMON is discovered and becomes widely used to somehow cure the symptoms of depression. 3OMON is distributed around the world. But upon further testing scientists found this dru...

  • The Golden Pen
    179 39 11

    It's the middle of the Great Depression, and Angela can't even afford to buy her daughter a good present. But when a mysterious woman offers her a golden pen, that she says is magic, it's the only thing Angela can afford. Angela's daughter, Cameron gets the pen, and draws away. When Cameron wakes up though, she discov...

  • In The World Of My Thoughts...❤❤
    1.6K 724 15

    Hello and welcome... These poems of mine are actually my thoughts whom I've tried to give words.... Some of the poems are deeply related to my life... Hope you all will enjoy reading them... Please let me know how are they through your precious votes and comments. Book cover credits @RashmiGadekar4 (the most talente...

  • The End of the World
    35 6 1

    A very short story about the end of the world

  • Poems
    18 1 1

    A collection of poems expressing my feelings

  • The Little Witch and the Dragon
    103 11 13

    Abby Babbet is the nicest of her entire species, and belongs to the most powerful family throughout history. Since the great human revolution, witches have been hiding in the shadows, and their children taught to hate humans. Her best friend, a boy named Benedict trapped in a small dragon gives her advice. The two hav...