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  • Epsilon and his Army of Chaos (Watty's 2013) [COMPLETED]
    895K 21.7K 37

    I took one last, longing glance at my former home over my shoulder. I wished I could stay, but what was there to stay for? Annabeth deserted me, my father hated me and the campers no longer knew me as the hero who saved Olympus twice. This is the end, I thought. Taking a deep breath and blinking back tears in my eyes...

  • ☆ Breath of blossom ☆ ( ✗ )
    14.2K 504 14

    Tanjiro and Y/n have been best friends since childhood. After Tanjiro's family were murdered, his sister was turned into a demon. In order to cure her he must leave Y/n. They will meet again but will the love they harbor for each other remain? Or will time have changed them both? Tanjiro x Reader

  • DC Legends of Tomorrow: The Glitch: Glitching To Save Time
    33.7K 1.8K 36

    Everyone's favorite Glitch is back for book 2. With the Time masters now destroyed it is up to the legends to save time from all those who wish to destroy it in any way whether it be by causing aberrations or rewriting reality itself. The legends are the only thing that stands between the timeline and total chaos. If...

  • Tough, But Sweet Love
    384K 10.8K 60

    Aren Kuboyasu x Reader You are new to P.K Academy and happen to come across some interesting people. However, you catch the eye of a certain tough dude. Read more to find out about your interesting life in this school. (I don't own Saiki Kusuo or any of the characters) (Y/N belongs to (Y/N). Enjoyyyy! :) Unedited/Ext...

  • The New Girl
    59.2K 1.7K 30

    *Completed* What will happens when a new girl arrives at the same school as Sasuke's. A girl that is different then any other he has never met before. Someone with her own share of problems. Will Sasuke fall for her? Will she fall for him? Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters except my oc's. I also don't own...

  • When Love Blooms.... (ON HOLD)
    7.9K 296 9

    Nanase Emiko is Sunakawa Makoto's and Gouda Takeo's childhood friend. She is as naive as Takeo and is cheerful, finding the good things in everyone. When they meet Yamato Rinko at the train station, their love stories will begin. I do not own Reina Kousaka nor the Ore Monogatari series. I do not own any of the gifs, v...

  • My name? (Sasuke x oc)
    18.3K 526 11

    During his mission, sasuke encountered an unknown person, asking him to lead the way to the leaf village for an unexpected reason. But along the journey, sasuke starts a friendship with that person, but what awaits them when the truth is revealed?

  • Stolen Rose // Naruto Fanfiction
    85.5K 3.8K 19

    [COMPLETED; BOOK ONE OF THE ROSE TRIOLOGY] Ayame was a lost child, one who had no place left in the cold world. When she was found, she was close to dying. Her bones were showing, and she was as weak as a feather. That didn't stop her from trying to run, which only made matters worse. Now she's awoke in Konoha ho...

  • Trust (Sasuke fanfic) COMPLETED
    47.1K 821 45

    She didn't trust others; preferring to go solo rather than be in a team. Under the orders of Kakashi, she was forced to join one. Follow one girl's journey in Team Seven and later on Team Eleven as she start trusting her teammates and even finding love. But life isn't easy in the shinobi world... will she ever find tr...

  • I'm Just like You (A Naruto Fanfic)
    14.7K 327 47

    Amychan Hatake is Kakashi's "daughter". Kakashi started to take care of her when she was 4 years old, but she never speaks and stays quiet at all time. She also knows that Kakashi isn't her real father and struggles to reclaim her memory, but all of that stopped when she was became a teammate of Team 7.

  • Hellfire (The Flash - Book 2)
    14.6K 377 13

    15 years ago, Zoe Sparks almost died in a house fire that killed her parents, but she was saved by something impossible. She then spent the rest of her life trying to figure out how the fire started and who the man in yellow was. After the particle accelerator exploded and she became the Phoenix, she finally had a way...

  • DNA ↠ Barry Allen's Sister
    68.4K 1.7K 17

    "We're blood Barry, you're all I have left other than Dad" "I know, that's why I'm not going to die" "You better not die or I'll bring you back to life and kill you myself" ⚡️💫☀️ I do not own any characters from the CW's The Flash, and Arrow. I only own Brooklyn Allen and anyone who you don't recognize. ©2021|captai...

  • The flash's sister
    68.7K 1K 36

    My name is Bethany Nora Allen. When I was 6 weeks old my mother was murderd by a man in yellow lighting. Even though he killed my mum my dad got sent to jail for her death. I live with my adoptive father Joe, his daughter Iris and the best person in the world my older brother Barry. One night we were in his lab. The s...

  • Eccentric|| Yuri On Ice x reader
    484K 15.1K 30

    "The way she moves is astonishing!" "She's like a whimsical flower in the wind." "Her performance is truly...eccentric." ★彡 Korean figure skater Y/n Kim was used to amazing the crowd with her unique figure skating style. Growing up in Japan for most of her life, she became best friends with Yūri Katsuki. When things...

  • The Hydra Sin (SDS)
    538K 15.5K 42

    It's a well-known fact that The Seven Deadly Sins were once the most fearsome warriors in the kingdom of Liones. No one would have dared step in their way, but nothing good can ever last. A decade ago, the Sins vanished, and a decade ago, the guilt for the most heinous crime a sin could commit was pinned on the unknow...

  • Angel Unknown ~ Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Fanfic
    168K 6.5K 28

    A girl is sent to Earth. The first to find her in a forest should take care of her. Not aware of what love is or any feeling. She holds onto her wings from heaven with hope to return. Could someone change her mind to stay with those she doesn't know she loves but loves her all the same? Who will it be? Who will do it...

  • Won't You Stay This Time?
    8.5K 169 22

    [Ciel x OC] Book 3 (of 3 currently) This is the 3rd book in the You Can't Hide Forever series! If you have not read the first book (You Can't Hide Forever) and the second book (Those Painful Memories), then please DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!! ------------------- "You're not going to leave or disappear again... are you...

  • Those Painful Memories
    12K 263 24

    [Ciel × OC] Book 2 (of 3 currently) The You Can't Hide Forever SEQUEL!!! If you haven't read You Can't Hide Forever, which is book 1, please read it before you read any further. After what happened at the end of You Can't Hide Forever, Claire is off to find herself a new job to try and forget what happened. However, a...

  • You Can't Hide Forever
    110K 2.7K 55

    [CIEL × OC] Book 1 (of 3 currently) Claire was a young girl when a tragic event changed her life forever. She is put through many things that scar her for life, inside and out. While running from those things, she comes to the Phantomhive manor and begins as a maid. However, the peaceful and routine days won't last f...

  • The Female Butler ➡ Sebastian X OC
    94K 3K 21

    *going through the editing process* Black butler fan fic ~ As Rose loses her family in a fire which leaves her hungry for revenge, the young girl summons a demon to do her bidding. She names this she demon Annabel, her second name Sam. Now made a contract with a human, but this human wanted her to become a butler, not...

  • Yes, My Love (Sequel to Yes, My Lady) (Black Butler Fanfic) COMPLETE
    5.3K 307 69

    (Sequel to Yes, My Lady) Chrystal Foster has seen it all. She has witnessed the death of her parents, the kidnapping of her servants, and nearly lost her life in order to help save them. She even has a contract with a certain demon named Sebastian that should have already expired. But when Sebastian finally confessed...

  • The Queens samurai (black butler/kuroshitsuji)
    62.7K 2.2K 6

    Katerina May also known a kat for cat like reflexes is the Queens samurai. Which means she's good with a sword. Her parents and sister were murdered at her sisters birthday party the same night Ciels parents died in the fire, she was kidnapped and was sold as a slave now she's back with a new maid. I DONT OWN BLAKE BU...

  • The Gods Panther
    13.4K 361 10

    Pansa Sohma, the older sibling of Kisa the Tiger Sohma. What people don't realize about Pansa is that she is cursed too. The Panther of the Zodiac, is to be known as the peace maker and happiness for the God of the Zodiac. Except she never met them. She only knows her baby sister. What happens when she gets a call fr...

  • The Deserter (The Assassin Series Book #3)
    36.7K 2K 20

    Reapers that have resigned are then Deserters, having all their duties as a Reaper terminated. Willow decided it was the only way to be with Sebastian, and now, she's traveling with him and Ciel. Still, it seems like Sebastian is keeping something from her, and let's face it: quitting is never easy for her. What's mak...

  • The Reaper (The Assassin Series Book #2)
    72.4K 3.3K 25

    After Willow died of a tragic accident, something amazing happened to her. She woke up, breathing and her heart beating, in an unknown place by herself. It's obvious that something about her had changed, but was it good or bad? And where did Sebastian go? Will it keep her from being with him?

  • The Assassin (Black Butler/Sebastian Love Story)
    155K 6.1K 28

    The Widow was the most feared assassin in all of the noble world. No one ever knew who she was to strike next. Sneakier than a fox, quieter than a mouse, and faster than a cheetah. When her next mission is to become a maid for a well known Earl with an amazing butler, will she be able to kill them, or will something s...

  • Letters From Iroh
    35.2K 1K 25

    "As our ship sailed on past the horizon, where the ocean meets the sky, I drifted off to sleep, and for the first time, I didn't dream, because reality was better than I could have ever imagined." • • • The perfect storm brings Bao, an kind-hearted, talented, yet unconfident waterbender from Republic City and Iroh II...

  • The Fate of Mulan (LOK Fanfiction)
    53K 1.7K 11

    Mulan Beifong. Daughter of Baatar Sr. and Suyin Beifong. Granddaughter of Master Toph Beifong. Earthbending and Metalbending Master. Second-in-Command of the United Forces' First Division. Mulan is what everyone calls a "prodigy". Mastering both earthbending and metalbending by the age of 10. However, she believes tha...

  • Momenta - The Flash
    91.3K 2.2K 57

    I didn't ask for this power. I still don't know the extent of what I can do. All I know is that I have been given a gift. A gift to do good. For the people of this city -- Central City. This is the story of Kate Daniel. With her best friend Amanda King by her side, she will find out what it truly means to be a her...

  • Fire Meets Fire (Mako x Reader)
    241K 6.7K 37

    (Y/N) never imagined that she would be allowed to leave the Fire Nation to see the world. She CERTAINLY never imagined that it would lead her to Republic City, where she would meet the Avatar and experience the journey of a lifetime, alongside a certain firebender...