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  • Different Worlds
    9.9K 283 7

    In the world of Fiore, there are two people in Team Natsu. A blondie named Lucy, and a pinkette named Natsu. The world desires them to separate,((a.k.a: NaLi fans)) which makes them die. One mysterious person helps the two, because that person knows, they were meant to be. The person helps the two by switching them in...

  • The Adventures of Fairy Tail Academy
    58.7K 1.8K 37

    Lucy, a junior of Fairy Tail Academy, starts her 3rd year in high school. She learns more facts about fish, talk to her friends, and becomes a close friend of Natsu, who secretly does something at night. Will they ever find out that they love each other?

    Completed   Mature
  • College Days - NaLu fanfic
    46K 1K 25

    Lucy Heartifilla, the princess of Fiore, suddenly gets evicted from her mansion! Her popularity ratings drop, but her dreams of going to Fairy Tail University are high! Once she gets a scholarship to her dream school, how will she handle it? Will she find love? Will she make friends who don't treat her like shit? (A...

    Completed   Mature