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  • The Transformation [Undergoing Editing]
    441K 4.7K 26

    McKenzie has had a very troubled life, one that at the moment, she doesn't remember. She knows that her parents were murdered and she knows that she along with her brother have been adopted by a sweet young couple, and most of all she knows that she doesn't want this semi-perfect life to end. But there are faults in e...

  • Mark of the Moon
    2.3M 38.5K 33

    My first mistake had been re-noticing people in my classes, if I hadn’t done that; I wouldn’t have re-noticed Tristan Everdeen. I should have known that the moment I had become entranced in those eyes of his—silver, deep, contemplative—that things never would be the same. But of course, I didn’t. Because since when do...

  • Misery Company
    747K 10.9K 42

    He's her enemy and Mr. Popular at school, she learns something that could destroy him but instead she grows a heart and ends up helping him keep the secret; if she doesn't kill him first. Lots of angst and humor. These two aren't falling for each other easily.

  • Sanity Siphoned
    598K 12K 32

    Michael's favorite pass time is torturing Julienne, when their mothers become friends Julienne doesn't cope well having him close. He decides to use a new tactic to get under her skin and finds an attraction he never deemed possible.

    Completed   Mature
  • Life Bleeding in my Hands (FBI Series Book 1)
    755K 10.7K 31

    Nicholas and Sasha work for the FBI and can't seem to get along. Now to solve a case they have to pretend to be newlyweds in love, no matter their personal distaste. The danger rises as feelings are uncovered and truths are revealed. Can these two agents catch the bad guys and just maybe fall in love? Originally writt...

  • Deceptions (Evie Cortez Book 1)
    367K 3.9K 25

    Book 2 is posted titled: Anticipations. What is Evie? Well they call her a vampire and then later a witch but what about when she shifts into a wolf? What power has she been hiding all this time? When she is asked to help the alpha she's forced to answer those questions. Full sum inside. Apart of Celestin City series.

  • The Crave for Mistakes
    2.4M 24.2K 27

    Selene lives with her brother and his best friend, who she can't get along with. But a drunken mistake shows them maybe hate isn't the only thing between them, that is if they can get over the trials that stand in their way; namely each other.

  • As Hope and Promise Fade
    860K 13.4K 26

    Book 2 following Lies for Truth. Ariana and Jax struggle to make their love work, adding to that is the reveal of her father being a hunter and all the danger it means. When Ariana turns up pregnant alot of questions are asked. The hunters have plans and the Reed pack are right in the middle of it. Book 2 in the Arian...

  • Love Thy Wolf Mate (Book 1: Mated Midnight Series)
    99.5K 1.9K 10

    What would you do if you're twin sister's boyfriend mistakes you for her? If he kissed at midnight on your 18th birthday? What do you do when you know its wrong, but you find yourself falling in love with the boy your sister's been dating for over a year? Micah has that exact problem. Only her situation is a bit more...

  • The Witch & The Werewolf (The Royal Mate Series: Book One) (Complete)
    1M 18.4K 23

    Thousands of years ago a Witch fell in love. But this love was not ordinary. She fell in love with a wolf. No one knows how or even why but she had spent most of her life trying to find a way to turn the wolf into a man. But when she did he betrayed her and killed her family. She had sworn revenge on him. And on her d...

  • My Teacher is a Werewolf & I'm His Mate.[Book One: Part One] (Complete)
    6M 88.4K 32

    (Cover by: happybunnyx123) Lexi is a freak, at least that's what everyone tells her. She talks to the dead, has no friends and her own father is afraid of her. But when a new teacher arrives at school her life is shaken up more than she could ever imagine.

  • A Servant for a Mate (Book #1 of A Royal Secret Trilogy)
    22.7M 346K 44

    It all happened one night eight years ago. A few words spoken to shake a tiny heart with fear. Running and hiding became a natural for Claudia. Fear over took her heart at such a young age, making her stay away from the one boy who would be her everything. Now eight years has passed. Claudia continues to hide, but h...

  • 365 Days With You: Part 1 and 2 (Sample only)
    1.4M 5K 18

    (On here is about 70% of book one and two. I have the completed version on After a tragic accident Ali is forced to take care of her brother and sister. Her parents would rather drink and do anything to obtain money for that alcohol. Six years later she finally has her head above the pain and poverty by do...

  • Love Elevator
    2.8M 27K 28

    Libby was a human girl that's full of pranks. She's running from her arranged marriage using the elevator. Dominic was a werewolf. He was an alpha of a powerful pack and he was trying to find his mate. He was intrigued by Libby and he ran after her to the elevator. Then the elevator stopped working. They were st...

  • She-Wolf Chronicles: Magical Doubts (2)
    482K 7.9K 33

    After finding out how powerful and frightening her anger and pain had made her, Mitchie escapes to her Wiccan Aunt's Home with her Cousin and Witch Guardian Craig, to learn how to control her grief of being a newly made Orphan and to control her Witch side; leaving behind her mate, pack and her siblings. But though sh...

  • She-Wolf Chronicles: Vengeful Hunting (3)
    57.5K 1.2K 14

    It had been a year since that fateful day, and now 18 years old Mitchie Oaken is still nowhere near close to finding the monster behind all of her evils and pain in life. And equipped with her instruction from the only Aunt on her side, her quest for justice seems just that harder. Even with help from her Mate Derek...

  • She-Wolf Chronicles: United Forces (1)
    937K 6.9K 26

    The Alpha’s youngest daughter, Mitchie Oaken, has always known she was different to the rest of her broken family. Where her older siblings had already shifted into their Werewolf forms by the time they were of her age, because she had been the only one to inherit her dead mother’s lack of abilities, she is stuck in h...

  • It's Complicated...
    1.9M 25.3K 18

    Growing up isn't easy. Growing up (human) in a house full of werewolves makes it even harder. Casey's parents died and left her with her older brother. Werewolves are moody and tempermental. They're possessive and mean. But they love their pack and protect what's theirs. This is how Casey grows up in a house full of w...

  • Bitter Kisses
    7.2M 120K 39

    Cadrian has faced rejection over and over again. Rejection from her mate, Xavier. Rejection from her sister, Holly. Rejection from her brother, Parker. And rejection from every single member of her pack. She has no parents, so love was rare to her. The only one who cared for her was her old Alpha, Xavier's father, but...

  • Lies for Truth
    5.7M 44.4K 45

    Ariana's mother just got remarried. Jax, her new step brother isn't shy about his attraction and on top of that there's something awfully strange about him. Full summary inside. Book 1 in the Ariana Ellis series Book 2 now posted. Title: As Hope and Promise Fade

  • The Other Pack (completed)
    1.2M 9.8K 27

    This is a sample. The whole book can be found on Amazon. Thank you! Whitney has the perfect life. She's dating the quarterback of the football, her grades are through the roof, she has amazing friends, her popularity is skyrocketing and, oh yeah, she can now shift into the rare white wolf. Her life really couldn't ge...

  • Slaves of the Night
    111K 3.4K 17

    {Mark of the Moon Sequel} I can feel my resolve slipping, inch by inch, as the monster inside me is fighting to control my every move. The world doesn't seem right anymore, not when all those fairy tales and nightmares from my childhood turned out to be real. My instincts are telling me that I should give in, but how...

  • Alpha Arranged (UNDER MAJOR EDITING)
    2.1M 18.4K 23

    This is the same arranged marriage story. I wast sure the exact name, so I put that. UNDER MAJOR EDITING (Originally known:Arranged marriage to the alpha werewolf? WHAT?) Marriage. It was the one word in Claire Morgans world that stayed sacred, the one thing that she never thought could go wrong in her life, until...

  • The Alpha's Dirty Little Secret...[A Werewolf Romance]
    8.9M 142K 40

    Lucas Walters has a beautiful girlfriend that he loves and cherishes who he is sure is his mate. So what happens when she isn't his mate? And what happens when his mate, Teagan Landers, is his long-time childhood enemy? But how do you choose between the one you are meant to be with, yet hate and the one you have alway...

  • I'll Love You Forever(Completed)
    2M 11.5K 36

    Charlotte (Charlie) Zander and her brother Weston(Wes) are rogues. Their parents died when they were young. Charlie and Wes move into this small town. On the first day they meet up with Treyton (Trey) Pierce, the alpha's soon. As soon as they shake hands, there's a spark. They soon fall in love. But a tragedy happens...

  • The Werewolf On My Doorstep
    2.4M 55K 19

    Finding an insanely hot, absolutely naked guy unconscious on your back porch on your 18th birthday would seem like a gift from heaven, wouldn't it?

  • SHE'S All MINE!!! (Book 1 of the werewolf series - Logan and Serenity's story)
    829K 7.2K 15

    Eons ago a war between good and evil was fought over Earth and its people. The Original Alpha banished his Beta, the dark one, to middle earth along with his army of minions. An impenetrable shield was then erected over the entrance in order to keep him locked away forever, or so they thought. The growing corruption o...

  • MINE!!!! (Book 2 of Werewolf series Kevin's story)
    322K 2.9K 12

    Kevin Forman is Logan's best friend. He died and was brought back to life. He's a funny smart ass werewolf, but loyal to his friends. Everything is good for him all he needs now, is his mate...   Alexandria Tomas is a white magic wolf sent to help a pack find their way back. She has been tortured and beat and treate...

  • WHY ARE YOU MINE???? (Book 3 of Werewolf Series: RICKY and SOFIA's story)
    259K 2.6K 12

    Poor Ricky, was waiting to find his mate. There was an image in his mind, of how she would look and how she would behave. Yes, he fancied a homemaker, demure and soft spoken. Guess he was watching to many old sitcoms Into his life came a fireball, full of sass and with a body to die for. To his horror she's not afra...

  • You Don't Want To Be MINE!!!! (Book 4 of werewolf series:Rene/Katrina's story)
    371K 2.8K 12

    Rene is the sexy Bad boy of the group. Every one of his friends has found their mate. Rene is to into women to settle for one. He likes to play the field. His Pack believes in celibacy until you meet your mate. But hey it's all logistics. Oral isn't sex. He wishes he never finds her so he can keep having fun. But if h...