• The Transformation [Undergoing Editing]
    434K 4.3K

    McKenzie has had a very troubled life, one that at the moment, she doesn't remember. She knows that her parents were murdered and she knows that she along with...

  • Mark of the Moon
    2.1M 31.9K

    My first mistake had been re-noticing people in my classes, if I hadn’t done that; I wouldn’t have re-noticed Tristan Everdeen. I should have known that the mo...

  • Misery Company
    700K 9K

    He's her enemy and Mr. Popular at school, she learns something that could destroy him but instead she grows a heart and ends up helping him keep the secret; if...

  • Sanity Siphoned
    571K 11.2K

    Michael's favorite pass time is torturing Julienne, when their mothers become friends Julienne doesn't cope well having him close. He decides to use a new tact...

    Completed   Mature
  • Life Bleeding in my Hands (FBI Series Book 1)
    717K 9.1K

    Nicholas and Sasha work for the FBI and can't seem to get along. Now to solve a case they have to pretend to be newlyweds in love, no matter their personal dis...

  • Deceptions (Evie Cortez Book 1)
    363K 3.5K

    Book 2 is posted titled: Anticipations. What is Evie? Well they call her a vampire and then later a witch but what about when she shifts into a wolf? What pow...

  • The Crave for Mistakes
    2.3M 19.9K

    Selene lives with her brother and his best friend, who she can't get along with. But a drunken mistake shows them maybe hate isn't the only thing between them...

  • As Hope and Promise Fade
    841K 12.4K

    Book 2 following Lies for Truth. Ariana and Jax struggle to make their love work, adding to that is the reveal of her father being a hunter and all the danger...

  • Love Thy Wolf Mate (Book 1: Mated Midnight Series)
    96.6K 1.9K

    What would you do if you're twin sister's boyfriend mistakes you for her? If he kissed at midnight on your 18th birthday? What do you do when you know its wron...

  • The Witch & The Werewolf (The Royal Mate Series: Book One) (Complete)
    923K 16.1K

    Thousands of years ago a Witch fell in love. But this love was not ordinary. She fell in love with a wolf. No one knows how or even why but she had spent most...