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  • the soft
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    they say to be soft is to be powerful but it gets harder to believe that every passing day

  • Forgetting Billions | ✓
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    A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY ❝Love pays no attention to color❞ Jasmine Karesh never thought she'd spend her senior year of high school struggling to accept her Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnosis, a disease that forbids her from forgetting the school shooting that led to her uncle's murder. She never expected that he...

  • pal·pi·ta·tions
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    "and in the end, we were all just humans...drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness" -f. scott fitzgerald

  • intrusive thoughts #wattys2017
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    {all excerpts are mine unless stated otherwise}

  • Regeneration
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    #13 In Action (03/04/2018) {The old ranking system} . . . Hailey Rivera is plunged into a world of chaos, she is confused and scared until she crosses paths with a handsome and mysterious stranger with an enigmatic past. As they fight to stay alive they uncover dark secrets that were not meant to be uncovered. ...

  • The Blind Date
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    - Whoever said first is the worst, second is the best. Well..... let's just say that my life speaks otherwise. Katarina Giovanni is known as the girl who's always the second choice, second best, second desire, second everything; heck you name it. What happens when someone--Nicholas Scott-- finally chooses her as his...

  • Secret Agents: My Bodyguard (SAMPLE: PUBLISHED ON AMAZON)
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    NOW PUBLISHED ON AMAZON! Link in bio! You never know what's going on, even under the same roof. Elena Johnson lives the normal life of every seventeen-year-old girl. It remains that way until she gets involved in a job whose nature has been kept hidden from her and her siblings by her parents. As secret agents, bot...

  • The Art Of Becoming Fearless
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    Short poems written by a girl who loves to live fearlessly but is petrified of everything