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    In Ishqbaaz..I really didn't like the Bareilly track they show when Oberoi squad went to bring Gauri back, Richa and Ajay, all that useless was like saat khoon maaf for the bigda hua nawab ke chhote bhai Omkara with a tag of Oberoi surname...Lets visit the same story with pain and love, together... Peep in t...

  • Vo Humsafar Tha [COMPLETED✔]
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    Adawatain Then, taghaful tha, Ranjishain Then mgr.. Bicharny valy mai sb Kch tha .. bewafai naa thi

  • I Am Here For U..
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    its a different story from ishqbaaaz bt revolves around rikara..hope u will like this...

  • Ishqbaaz-YAKIN WALA LOVE...!!-A Rikara story
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    This story is based on My fav couple Omkara and Gauri..!! (Rikara)... story starts from same sequence of IB..Let's see hw Om and Gauri mends their Misunderstandings...??

  • The boss and his baby #ishqbaaaz
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    #6 IN FANFICTION !! (ON HOLD) A journey of two couples who meet as a boss and employees and end up being life partners ! (Here Baby means a slang word for their lady love )

  • Scared to be lonely ( On Hiatus)
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    its Basically after the 2 week leap.. there's no mysterious girl and yes Shivay is still missing.. and Ri hasn't returned yet..and Om's doubts have just deepened with time.. PS- KT will be back and yes it is basically written in Hindi because I get the feel in Hindi( in bold) but there are eng subs( in italics) in bra...

  • RiKara SS : Guardian Angel
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    When his brother falls into a coma, it is up to Omkara to take care of all of his responsibilities.

  • The case (Completed✔)
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    A rikara ff with an unique story. #8 in case #154 in fanfiction. #163 in fanfiction. #170 in fanfiction. #174 in fanfiction.

  • My Prince Charming In Disguise
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    Just go and read Only if u like or LOVE Rikara :-) :-)

  • Rikara- Ishq pe hoga yakeen, Ishq ho jaane ki baad (Weekend Shots)
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    Give a try If u r new reader to me and this story pls follow me and add this book to ur library. Because there are some PRIVATE updates in this book. If u don't follow me then u can't read those parts. If u already added this book to ur library and don't follow me then do as instructed in "Announcement" part of this...

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    Gauri left Om after exposing bua maa. What will happen when they meet after three months??. New characters is added.My First ever fan fiction.

  • Kyun teri yaadon me mujhe rula diya
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    Gauri Kumari Sharma was a sweet, innocent and positive small down girl. The key word is she "was". After her only family, her grandmother died, she became stronger. She then met Rudra Singh Oberoi and they became buddies, or more than that. But after an unfortunate accident, Gauri wakes up after almost a year of coma...

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    #11 on 26 Sept 2017 #4 on 18 June 2018 #1 on 12 Aug 2018 Story of rikara and second season of O SAATHIYA.

  • In Search Of Love
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    Friends I'm vini, I'm a huge fan of Shrenu Parikh in iPkknd.... I love her Astha character so much..😍 .. I never watched ishqbas but when I saw Srenu, in this show I started watching Dil bole Oberoi... and I loved it I thought to start my own fanfic story with this couple.. plz encourage me Coming to the sto...

  • Lost Chances - A Rikara SS
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    A look into the future of our beloved Oberoi family, focusing on Gauri and Omkara, through the eyes of someone from Omkara's past. Will she succeed in making a rift between Gauri and Om? Or will their relationship withstand this test too like it has so many others...