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  • The Gray
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    Y/N's life was pretty great until her little brother died...then when her best friend Stan dies..she thought things couldn't get worse. That young woman is you. You arrive in a little place called Derry, an old home from where you were born and raised. Things of the past begin to form in your mind again..unknowing the...

  • Pennywise x Reader
    291K 9.7K 24

    As a young, naive child, you once came across a small gutter on the side of the road. Being only a young child, you didn't think twice when you were greeted by the thin grin of a clown from within. But even back then, you were not as gullible as he had presumed you to be, and you didn't fall for his flattery. And as y...

  • Marvel imagines and preferences
    1.2M 21.9K 111

    A collection of Marvel imagines and preferences. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED! Avengers Agents of SHIELD Guardians of the galaxy Fantastic Four Xmen & basically all of Marvel Smut & fluff are accepted. Completed because it's very bad. GO READ TERRIUS // AVENGERS HEADCANONS! DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING BUT CRINGE HERE

    Completed   Mature
  • PAYBACK » Zarry ✔
    218K 12.3K 29

    Dear Harry Styles, 1) Don't cheat on Zayn Malik. 2) It only makes him angry. 3) You don't want to make Zayn angry. Warnings: ⊙ Some Language ⊙ A few instances of abuse(verbal+physical) 10k+ comments

    Completed   Mature
  • -; mah nigga 👻
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