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  • Opposite Sides
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    Johanna and Jose are from two different sides of the track, during the time of a power war between the Blacks and the Latinx's the two cross paths in more ways than one. How far are you willing to go to defend who you are? How far are you willing to go for love? What do you do when the two pull you to opposite sides?

  • Ichor
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    you're not a part of ichor; you're a m o n s t e r. [#145 in Poetry 1.2.17]

  • Torn Apart
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    Two girls, polar opposites, a mirror image of one another. Everything seems to be fighting against them. The closer they become the more danger they're in. Is someone targeting them? Could their friendship possibly lead them both to answers about their unclear history? A story of friendship, family, and betrayal.

  • dirty laundry.
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    i don't care about what you did all i care about is what we do

  • Call Of Duty: World At War
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    The most gruesome GAM rewritten by a person who played it