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  • And I Love Her (P.M)
    5.6K 123 20

    In March 1964, The Beatles were in London to start shooting their first movie A Hard Day's Night. It was then, in a hotel room, that a 21 year old Paul McCartney met a 19 year old American hotel employee and struggling musician, Demi Lovato. After much encouragement from his band mates, Paul quickly struck up a conver...

  • Something More {Mclennon Oneshots}
    18.6K 375 14

    Cute short stories of John and Paul as they begin to realize how much they truly love each other despite the obstacles in life. None of the events in this story are real and the characters are fictional but based off of people in real life. Most stories are 18+ for one reason or another, do not read if you're sensiti...

  • I'm A Dark Horse
    3.6K 698 79

    This story is basically where I put all my rants, tags, and other Beatles stuff. You'll find all the latest Beatles or music related news here. Plus random memes and pictures. Thanks @LucyInTheSky04 for making the cover! You're the best!

  • Four Arms to Hold You
    1.3K 84 14

    Halli Hallo, Das hier ist meine erste Fan Fiction... Ich hoffe sie gefällt euch🙈 Es geht um Paul McCartney und John Lennon, die unabhängig von einander das selbe Mädchen kennen lernen und sich auch noch beide in sie verlieben. Ob sie einen der beiden auch liebt? Und wenn Ja, wen? Findet es heraus...😉 Ich habe mich...

  • Yesterday
    2.6K 226 20

    How I long for Yesterday.

  • A Beatley Christmas
    2.5K 231 11

    WARNING! THIS BOOK CONSISTS OF: ⚫️ Weird, senseless text messages ⚫️ Christmas chaos ⚫️ Beatley goodness

  • The Beatles: And their thoughts
    2.7K 169 22

    A book filled with Pictures of the fab four and what (I) think their thoughts are in the pictures! Updates will be based on consistency.

  • His Majesty
    1.1K 104 9

    A cool medieval fantasy AU where each Beatle plays a different role in this world full of Knights, Kings, queens and most importantly; DRAGONS! Now the four of them will soon meet and go on one hell of an adventure. Just wait and see what will happen next. I'd also like to thank @LonelyPretzel6 for making this awesome...

  • Thanks for the Pepperoni
    7.3K 1.1K 92

    This book will include: ❁ Tags ❁ Random stories ❁ Memes of any sort

  • Don't Pass Me By
    4.2K 344 36

    Elise is a very strong willed girl who just moved to Liverpool, England to start a new life. On the way she meets a fine lad named Ringo Starr. Instantly it is love at first sight. Everything is wonderful until her past comes back to haunt her. Will everything work out between her and Ringo in the end?

  • Fifty shades of McLennon
    600 17 2

    Paul is delighted to finally get some alone time with John when he books them a little room, but nothing can be simple. Who will be the one to let slip on their whereabouts and have their time together foiled?

    8.6K 994 71


  • Beatlemaniacs ONLY! 3
    21.4K 2.2K 162

    The third book in Beatlemaniacs Only! Only beatlemaniacs are allowed! Enjoy everyone!!!

  • Gif Of The Day (2)
    10K 2.2K 201

    I'll be posting a gif everyday!

  • Tell Me What You See
    5K 216 14

    After being referred to as 'fat' on more than one occasion, a miserable and insecure John reacts with a drastic form of self-punishment. What happens when discreet not to mention harmful antics blatantly unfold in the open and things fail to turn out as planned? Set in 1965. Rated M for language and general darkness.

  • And I love him
    784 29 3

  • All My Loving
    1.5K 42 20

  • Love Is You
    855 10 2

  • 50 Facts About Paul McCartney❌
    1.5K 293 25

    Facts about Paul McCartney

  • Come Together- McLennon
    27.6K 1.3K 30

    The relationship between John Lennon and his songwriting partner, Paul McCartney had been kept under tight wraps for years. After struggling to come to terms with the breakup of The Beatles, he starts to lash out and struggle with day-to-day tasks. His only comfort can be found in his beloved dog, Martha. Linda batt...

  • You like me too much ( Deutscher Beatles FF McLennon)
    1.7K 62 3

    " ich bin keine verdammte schwuchtel" schrie Paul in die Nacht hinein, und trat nach einer Mülltonne .

  • Honeypie
    16.2K 836 95

    Hallo erstmal, das ist die erste Geschichte die ich schreibe, und deshalb schreibt ruhig Kritik in die Kommentare wenn irgendwas keinen Sinn macht oder so. Es ist eine (deutsche!) Beatles FF. Weil es davon irgendwie kaum welche gibt, habe ich einfach mal angefangen eine zu schreiben. Ich hoffe sie gefällt euch. Schonm...

  • °°Beatles Facts And Pics °°
    9.9K 793 39

    Here are some true facts about the beatles and their songs. Funny pics , problems beatlemaniacs have to deal with aso. (Still my old username on the cover, I change my name like 5 times a week xD)

  • Beatlemaniacs ONLY! 2
    26.8K 2.2K 200

    Enjoy the second book in Beatlemaniacs Only! Again, only beatlemaniacs are allowed! (Hence the whole purpose of the title.)

  • Break Me One More Time [McLennon]
    161K 8.4K 87

    Paul McCartney has got a chance to change John Lennon's fate. There's a man with magic powers who somehow becomes Paul's friend along the way. There are a handful of time traveling organizations, none of which are exactly what they appear to be. Oh, and something really needs to be done about the fact that John seems...

    311 43 7

    SEQUEL to "to the toppermost of the poppermost!" They make it to Germany, and times get a bit rough. Who would've thought they would be a nationwide phenomenon in only a matter of time?

    7.7K 348 19

    When the teddy boy from school starts a band, everyone including his aunt thinks it will fail. He goes through flings and tragedy, he can't ever imagine a world where he will fail at being a rockstar.

    12.8K 947 38

    To: From: Subject: Biscuits!!!!!!!!!!!!! John, your wife stole my biscuits. To: From: Re Subject: Biscuits!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm afraid I don't know what you mean. To: From: sammichesforever@gmail.c...

  • A Book Filled With Beatles
    4K 445 82

    So because I'm Beatles trash I'm making this book to share my photo album (basically Beatles photos mind you) and other things I come across that are Beatle related. Feel free to take anything from this little book, because I've basically gotten most of my stuff from the internet and you all. Enjoy! :)

  • Confessions of John Winston Lennon
    4.8K 239 4

    "Between the years of 1957 and 1968, I was Paul McCartney’s lover." John's bold, sensational last words to the press send fans into a frenzy. But when Paul is interviewed in turn, John's story may not have been just as it seems...