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  • Cover Gallery
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    They say 'Never judge a book by it's cover but we say judge a book by it's cover'. Need a cover for your book ? Well, come to us because this is the place where KHIDKITOD covers are made for your books. [Book status : OPEN]

  • Manan ff- ♡Dhadkan♡.
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    Highest Ranking #1 in fanfiction and #1 in Random. <><><><><> Hello friends, here I am writing my first ever fanfiction on manan. Now a days my favourite ff to read. And I wanna say that I never ever in my life watch Kaisi ye yaariyan. But after reading more than 60 Manan ff. I wanna write something about my favouri...

  • Humsafar ~ Arranged by Fate
    245K 36.5K 27

    An Unexpected Alliance.... A journey from Husband and Wife to Humsafar..... Manik and Nandini's Dastaan-e-Mohabaat...!!

  • A Twisted Tale [HUMOR]✔
    78K 11.6K 33

    Previously known as Humari Hatke Love Story. ~Unusual I Like You's and I Love you's~ Covercredits- heer❤

  • MaNan: Unadulterated Love|| Completed
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    " You only let go of things you have had in abundance, things you know will easily be yours again. But giving up someone you got after years of torturous draught in life, never!" He is broken! She is healer. His smile is charismatic but never reaches his eyes. Her smile is magnificent but she is also the 'maa' of her...

    Completed   Mature
  • Manan: lust & love (18+)✔
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    A manan love story. This is a story that anyone can read without knowing about the show or characters . It is a standalone book where everything is penned according to my imagination. I know you guys are huge fans of pani or should I say manan. Well , name doesn't matter because we love the chemistry between them. Th...

  • Cover Gallery [CLOSED]
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    CLOSED~No More Request !! Despite the Popular saying 'don't judge a book by it's cover',we all do the exact opposite-So in this book, I will Attempt to fulfil those cover needs✔

  • Blue Star Graphics
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  • A beat that matched mine ! A MaNan FF- Completed
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    A love story well tuned with perfect Music. #1 on 31st July 2016 ❤️ Cover credits: @shivu_05

  • MaNan- Forever and Always ✔️
    527K 32.5K 71

    "Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time" Nandini Murthy an optimistic girl with a secret motive.......sets out for the journey of college....where she will meet Manik Malhotra...a handsome hunk who is a professor at that college....what will happen when these two will me...

  • Manan: pregnancy....
    65.1K 4.8K 20

    All about pregnancy of Mrs Nandini Malhotra.... but a little different pregnancy.... a little rare A short story.... about 10 updates or so.... might become a FF if I get a good response....

  • Monster MANIK
    411K 25.8K 56

    #27 fanfiction on 15th May 2016 #19 fanfiction on 18th July 2016 #5 fanfiction on 26th July 2016 Written By Rashi

  • A Star-crossed Love
    266K 44.8K 45

    Note: Can be read as a general fiction! Sometimes life do not give you choices. He wasn't either when he had to marry her, Nandini Murthy and bring her home as Nandini Manik Malhotra. But would he able to give her the love and happiness she deserves? Sometimes life snatch away your choices in the nick of a moment. He...

  • MaNan- Married to you ✔
    243K 35.9K 37

    Arranged marriage, I hated to even hear about it. But my fate didn't favour me. Being from a conservative family I was forced into an arranged marriage. I was forced to see guys which my family chose for me. I persuaded them to reject me and luckily they did reject me too. But then he came. He was somehow different...

  • MaNan- Bad boy's girl✔
    96.3K 13.9K 23

    ~A possessive romantic love story~ Nandini Murthy, she is the bad boy's girl. Manik Malhotra, he is the good girl's choice. Two love sick teenagers. People judge them, criticize them and try to break them but their love is beyond all these criticisms and judgements. Click the button 'Read' and be a part of their poss...

  • Manan **it's only me** dark✅
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    Manik and nandini....Two friends.... Nandini a pure soul and Manik evil..... how will nandini Face this Manik who don't understand any thing other than this that **U belong to me...Only me **Will nandini be able to change him?? I am a fan of manan well inspired by a lot of stories so... yeah tried one....1st attempt...

    Completed   Mature
  • My FanGirl [HUMOR]✔
    256K 30.9K 70

    #1 in humor on 24.01.2018 Picture this- You are a huge fan of a singer from your favourite band. Your day starts looking at his picture on the wall of the bedroom and ends with the same. One day you are standing near the window of your room and what you see next makes you freeze.... You see your favourite singer ,your...

  • Manan- The Monster's Innocent Girl
    139K 12.2K 40

    The story is about a mafia leader and an innocent girl how they both found solace in each other!!

  • Furqat (MaNan FF)
    120K 16.7K 19

    Copyright © 2018 MaNanlicious_Angel Two people met, Two people hated each other, those same two people got united for their loved ones and when... when they fell for each other fireflies glow for them... for their true love! ♥️ It was going all good... Until that one day when Manik had to choose... And Nandini left s...

  • Innocent love - TS (Completed)
    7.2K 503 6

    read yar?? #126 in short story @5/3/2018 #63 in short story @8/3/2018 #57 in short story @13/3/2018 #35 in short story @14/3/2018 #30 in short story @15/3/2018 #21 in short story @27/3/2018 #30 in short story @ 29/3/2018

  • You And Me make a Wonderful We (Completed) (Unedited)
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    #18 in Fanfiction 23/03/2016 #13 in Fanfiction 28/03/2016 #12 in Fanfiction 30/02/2016 #6 in Fanfiction 16/04/2016 This is a mananff not related to current plot. it shows that how because of circumstances manan come together and find their love.... Cover by: mananhamesha All rights reserved @iluvpani_xoxo Don't try t...

    2.8K 283 3

    He hugged me from behind and I knew it's him! I held his hand and kissed his palm as it's been a month since he is here with me! "do you know how much I miss you manik ?" " I know sweetheart! I know you more than myself! And that's why I am here with you now!" He kissed my back and carried me and placed me gently on...

  • MaNan- You Are My Everything (OS)
    3.9K 500 1

    For her he was her world. For him she was his everything. From his young age till now she was his only friend. She was his solace, his only love and his everything. She was his shining star in the dark night. She was the angel who saw the good inside him. She saw the scars that he hid and felt the pain that he felt...

  • MaNan: We Aren't Meant To Be Together
    27.1K 3K 17

    He left me. He never called. He never came back. And now, he claims me. But, I'm not going to give in. Not now. Not ever. . . . Cover Credits - @StarsAndFireflies_

  • MaNan FF ~ Stars
    86K 14.4K 28

    When Nandini met Manik for the first time, she never wanted him to be 'the one'; or actually, that thought didn't even cross her mind. And for Manik, it was no different. She was a potato faced annoying girl whom he just couldn't stand. He was the player. She was the girl next door. She was a gorgeous geek. He was a h...

  • MaNan - One Night With An Stranger... Changed It All.
    417K 25.6K 29

    That one night.. It was beautiful but.. One fine day when everything was going good.. I met him again, and everything changed - for good and forever. A story of a girl named nandini who falls in love with the father of her baby. Cover by: @adarart ❤

    Completed   Mature
  • Lascivious Desire
    158K 11.1K 41

    {Rankings} #1 in dreamers, 04/06/2018 #6 in hitman, 02/062018 She was like his possession when he first saw her. She had no idea that someone can take interest in her but eventually it happened. He observed her, and made a picture of her in his mind and soul.. and day by day his urge escalated for her. He...

  • An Unexpected Fate(AUF)
    574K 28.9K 75

    #14/10/2018__romance fanfiction #32 He always wanted more and when he wanted something he will have it by any means. Nothing could stop him when he set his mind. Legally or Illegally; Everyone feared him but he feared himself. His demons. But all demon needed an angel. And Manik Malhotra wasn't different. He met Nan...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mohabbat Ho Na Jaaye{Completed}
    58K 2.9K 20

    #17 in humor 16/11/16 #37 in fanfiction 29/09716 Editing & Written by@angelecutiee Concept & Dialogue - Purna Chatterjee

  • Manan ff : Dil se Dil tak !
    80.1K 4.9K 42

    Story of her skyscraper and his chudail ... They don't fall in love they rise in love together ..... ♥️♥️♥️ To know more peep in ... I am sure u won't be disappointed ♥️♥️♥️