• Made With Love
    • JulieQuinn
    • 20 parts
    4.2M 25.2K

    My name is Julie Quinn and I've been a New Yorker all my life. Life was good. I was swamped with work doing a job that I loved and I was dating the best boyfri...

  • Distracted
    • RobinVanAuken
    • 22 parts
    1.9M 23.6K

    Erin Andersen specializes in motivation. When Stephen Spence misses one too many deadlines, the publisher sends Erin to salvage the book. He blames writer’s bl...

  • Love and Cool Water
    • Shylee
    • 28 parts
    1.3M 10.7K

    Rhylee Cameron unwillingly finds herself sucked into the world of swimmers, swim meets and trials, all under the watchful eye of a hotheaded Coach. But when Rh...

  • Werewolf Love Dramas(Rated R)
    • Blue_Flame24
    • 34 parts
    • Updated 3 months ago
    469K 6.3K

  • Here Without You.
    • Maroon1479
    • 33 parts
    344K 4.7K

    When Cam was fourteen, her first boyfriend and best friend, Nat, went off to live his dream with his three friends in a music career and known to the world as...

  • Im Having an Affair With My Teacher.
    • BonnieEdwards
    • 72 parts
    2.3M 26.6K

    Jasmin Blane and Jackson Ryan are a perfect match. Minus the fact that their relationship is illegal. Jackson is Jasmin's teacher and both are struggling to ke...

    Completed   Mature
  • Trapped
    • writerwithin
    • 29 parts
    444K 4.8K

    Completed   Mature