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  • I Slapped Mr. Popular
    1.6M 64.2K 74

    Braelyn Sawyer is the invisible little sister of Nick, Nathan, and Kyle Sawyer. Each of her brothers are popular, handsome, and players. Braelyn always hid in their shadow. A year ago Braelyn had her heart broken by her long time boyfriend Jared Harmon, and ever since then, she has stayed away from boys. She sticks to...

  • DEMIGODS: Within The Myths
    2.4M 76.9K 69

    DEMIGODS SERIES #1 Artemis is known as the Goddess of the Moon, Hunt and Childbirth... Specially she is the Goddess of Virginity. But Aicelyn Hailey-A new student in Demigod's Academy and new part of the Primus Section claimed that she is the Daughter of the Goddess of the Moon. How is it possible? Let's find out... A...

  • That Nerd has a Secret
    9.8M 368K 64

    She's no gangster nor a mafia. Neither a lost princess or a goddess or whatever. She's not a wizard or a guardian or other magical stuffs that exist in fantasies. Not an assassin or a model or a spy and whatever. Powerful? Well, why don't you see for yourself? Another nerd story? Why don't you read it first before yo...