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  • Big Hearted
    312 6 2

    Cosima and Delphine had been dating for a while and had been through a lot of crap, this story will have everything from romance, sex and unconditional love. Rated S for sexual content. Don't read if you don't like reading about sex. :)

  • puppy eyes
    2.4K 47 3

    cophine (Cosima+delphine fanfic) the inside story. All the thing that happen between the episodes I don't own any of the characters the belong to the creators of orphan black

  • Enchanté the aftermath
    4.3K 87 9

    cosima has settled down in an apartment and so have the rest of the #cloneclub. The most exciting thing in her life now is probably when she finds a new virus or something. Her live to Delphine has onto grown over the years and now they're starting to get adventurous again.

  • The 'Guest' Teacher
    2.9K 86 4

    Cosima, a teacher. Delphine, almost a teacher. They learn to know each other cause Delphine is sent from her University to watch Cosima teaching. You're confused? Just read it.

  • Crazy Science
    11.2K 262 14

    A Cophine story. Two scientists fall in love and the future brings great things to them. But could one huge secret change everything?

  • The Waitress in Cafe le Voltaire (Cophine Fanfiction)
    126 3 2

    AU - After three long years of reeling with grief, pain and guilt, Delphine finally comes to terms about Danielle Fournier, her girlfriend, who passed away. The same day, Delphine finds herself in Cafe le Voltaire in southern Lille, France and catches her eye on an Canadian waitress with maroon dreadlocks. The pair s...

  • Cophine
    866 16 3

    All that you want to know and feel. Carry on this journey.