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  • Potential ✯ Peter Quill
    36.4K 1.2K 12

    One word was all it took for Princess Karmalia to grow curious. Men. She didn't understand them, seeing as she grew up on a planet of women where men were banned from even entering the atmosphere. After going on a mission to retrieve the orb from Morag, Karma found herself teaming up with the first man she had ever m...

  • voices ✓ Peter Quill
    354 17 2

    "Peter, I just have voices in my head." Peter's only love is his only true friend, Amelia Evans.

  • celestial ☆ quill
    3.2K 149 4

    O N H O L D "It's a never ending galaxy and I just get the greatest pleasure to run into you again, Quill." "The pleasure's all mine." ~ in which a girl raised by ravagers befriends a music loving boy only to run away and meet up again years later in a burlap sack DISCLAIMER: I do not own any Guardians of the Galax...

  • Nova ▹ Peter Quill
    12.7K 487 4

    In which a mutant gets stuck with a ravenger, a raccoon, an overgrown tree, and an assassin and tries not die when they protect outer space from a homicidal overlord. [ oc x peter quill ] NOVA - [© 2017 | leia universe ]