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  • Gravity Rises (S1)
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    Things That Were Not on Mabel Pines' Bucket List: 1) Getting shipped up to Gravity Rises for the winter with her hyperactive twin brother 2) Working for a grumpy, poly-dactylic Great Uncle 3) Finding an old journal hidden in the forest (that six-fingered hand on the front is suspiciously familiar) 4) Being at...

  • Monster Falls: The Beast
    20.5K 735 14

    Dipper doesn't feel comfortable around his family after he turned into a prey animal so he takes a nature walk and discovers an unknown plant that has mysterious effects. P.S Wendigo Dipper is not my idea or design, that belongs to Winterbolt But this is my art just want to put that out there so no one thinks I'm stea...

  • Mabel and Dipper
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    Me and Mabel are brothers and sisters and if we are in arguments we are always going to be brothers and sisters no matter what Make sure you follow MabelPine_13 and the cover is from Emilia make sure you follow her

  • Dipper and Mabel save Santa (A Little Pines AU holiday special)
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    6 year old Dipper and Mabel help out Santa Claus when his sleigh crashes into their backyard on Christmas eve. 5 Chapter Holiday Special *Gravity Falls and Its characters are owned by Alex Hirsch and Disney.

  • Gravity Falls RP
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    Read. The. Title.

  • My Life In Gravity Falls (Work in Progress)
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    New Town. New Faces. New Life. I can't go back home. This is my home. Gravity Falls. I do not own Gravity Falls and I do not own any of the characters shown in the story. All rights belong to creator Alex Hirsch.

  • Gravity falls rp!
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    This is for gravity falls and reverse falls

  • I Would've Never Expected
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    What would you do if you suddenly ended up in a town where you knew no one? Meet Juniper Sunshine. She stumbles across an old shack, run by a man by the name of Stanford Pines. Two other 12-year-olds are staying with him during the summer, Dipper and Mabel Pines. Before Juniper knows, she forgets about her old life an...