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  • Kanato x male! reader [diabolik lovers fanfic]
    29.5K 646 15

    You got send to the Sakamaki mansion. You don't know what are you suposted to do there, but you got to know it soon enough. A girl named Yui seemed to be your friend, but you don't see her much arount, because Ayato claimed her as his. One of the other brothers, claims you as his when you did something unforcavible...

  • Diabolik lovers Yaoi one-shots [requests open]
    2.3K 45 12

    This will be a one-shots book about diabolik lovers. Requests for ships are open! (Yui doesn't exist in this book ,so......) please tell me which ship you want to read ^^.

  • Piano Shuu x Reader
    35.2K 1K 11


  • Shuu x reader lemon
    66.3K 600 6

    Hope you love it