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  • Homestsuck Sexcanons
    408K 7.3K 200

    Okay so I have a few of these in my random book but I wanna make an actual book so here you fucking go. ThIs mAy AlSo HaVe LeMoNs On It If Im In ThAt MoOd

  • Gamzee x Reader
    8.9K 194 5

    Hey, so this is my first story so pls don't judge :T it has some inappropriate things and a lot of cussing. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK :0)

  • Kankri x Reader x Karkat
    43.6K 1.1K 11

    You loved Kankri although you seemed to trigger him very much and he would never let you even hug him. Then you saw Karkat, and soon your life turned upside down.

  • Sexualities? Cronus x Reader
    27.6K 867 3

    Oooh shiz just got serious yo. Just kidding, I cant be serious.

  • Cronus x Reader {Secrets}
    22.8K 585 6

    Moving into a strange area where trolls and humans thrive together is out of your league. You meet nice ones, quiet ones, sassy ones, and the bitchy ones.... And then you meet him, but you don't know how to feel, for your emotions are keeping the secret from you.

  • Striders (Dirk x Reader x Dave x Bro)
    71.5K 1.8K 15

    This is what happens when you go yell at the neighbors, You fall in love with them. Oh why does life have to be stressful? This is my first Story/ reader x person/s so enjoy :3

  • Dave Strider X Reader
    18.7K 412 11

    You of corse have a crush on the one and only Dave Strider, just like every other girl in your school. He's just so mysterious and perfect. Your best friend Kanya desides to throw a party , she invited him. What happens next? *wonk* I do not own Homestuck or any of the characters, they all belong to Master Hussie. I a...

  • Seven Minutes in Homestuck Heaven
    42.9K 697 8

    Yayyyyyyy! I'd been wanting to do this for a while, and I'm finally off my lazy ass. So, there may be lemons, but I'm not sure yet. If anybody has suggestions, feel free to say so! Obviously, I did not create Homestuck. Satan, I mean Hussie, did. *Nervous Laughter*

  • homestuck lemons
    134K 1.4K 16

    Title speaks for itself