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  • Alex's Sister (Johnnie Guilbert X Reader)
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    Hey I'm (Y/n) Dorame, Alex Dormae's sister. I'm younger than Alex and was born on April 17, 1998. Alex and I have a lot of similarities from fears to the same crush, Johnnie Guilbert. Alex doesn't know that I like him and I'd like to keep it that way since she's dating him. I guess we'll see how this turns out in the...

  • Johnnie Guilbert x Reader
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    "Thoughts on Bryan's sister: She's beautiful She's sweet She's perfect She's mine..."

  • How I fell in love with Johnnie Guilbert (a Johnnie Guilbert FanFic)
    36.1K 1.1K 29

    Lily Wright is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in the UK with her "loveable" family. Lily doesn't really see eye to eye with her family, they expect her to do things she doesn't want to do! But all Lily wants to do is travel the world and be who she truly is. She and her family go on a holiday every year and this...

  • You Girl | Johnnie Guilbert x Reader|
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  • Trisha paytas
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    Hey y'all

  • This New You - Shane Dawson X Reader
    26.8K 941 7

    "You've changed, Shane." You say as the Q&A starts to get boring. "Changed? How?" He asks, looking up from his phone with curiosity in his blue eyes. Oh, those eyes! "I don't know...You're more mature." You say, lost in his blue orbs once again. You both forget about the camera and lean in slightly. "Do you like it?"...

  • Hero (A Shane Dawson Story) *Completed*
    90.3K 2.8K 52

    Violet hates the idea of starting college. New people, new surroundings, and scary experiences. But when she meets her English professor all of those things seem better.

  • The Wrong Address - Adopted by Shane Dawson
    16.9K 554 30

    Jade and Mac have been best friend since birth, but one day Mac has to move because her mom got a new job. Jade promises to visit her every weekend, so the first weekend she visits, Mac accidentally gave her the wrong address, which happened to be Shane Dawson's. What happened next? You gotta read to find out....

  • I'll Be Your SuperLuv (Shane Dawson Love Story)
    13.4K 291 47

    Emily lives in a small town in pittsburgh living a simple life.while her long time friend Shane Dawson is living in California.but what happens when Emily decides to contact him again after a long time of not speaking to each other.Shane receives her letter and reads it only remembering a lot about their friendship.wi...