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  • yearbook ✂ c.h.
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    "They're for the yearbook, I promise." ---------------- Just a girl named Ester Murphy who was pushed into a world she was too shy to walk into herself. © Copyright 2014 hemmingslaugh •• IDEA - LUKEGUITARS. I GIVE HER ALL CREDIT! (A/N 6/12/2016:: I am really sorry to anyone who reads this its quite horrific. That's al...

  • calum & thomas // cth
    250K 13K 68

    "Calum and Thomas are the same person." "You've got to be kidding me." In which a girl falls inlove with two different people but little did she know that it's just one person [updated info]

  • tumblr anon. ◆ calum hood
    447K 29.5K 13

    he didn't want her to commit suicide, she wanted to know who he was [highest rankings #54 FanFiction / #24 Short Story]

  • instagram :: calum hood
    395K 14.2K 27

    this is a story about a girl meeting a boy on Instagram where they both have 5sos fan accounts

  • Saudade // c.h.
    617K 19.4K 38

    "A story in which a young girl who fears the world meets a young boy who fears loosing his world." 2013 © All rights reserved

  • friday, i'm in love · calum hood [au]
    304K 12.6K 12

    friday, never hesitate