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  • Step-Brother • e.d
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    "This is wrong, our parents are together," I said to him "This can be our dirty little secret baby girl," He winks at me "No one has to know about this," He goes on #4 in #ethandolan all rights reserved to @ikissedkian started- 11/13/17 finished- 3/7/18

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  • Roses | G.B.D.
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    "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, You're a Fuckboy, And I hate You" #61 in #dolantwinfanfic on 03/01/19

  • •Daddy Issues• Ethan Dolan
    7.1M 138K 64

    "What's my name?" "Daddy"

  • °MANIAC° G.D
    808K 20.4K 27

    He was just a hurt boy who needed love and affection. That's all he ever wanted, that's when I realized that's all I ever wanted. I just wanted to help him, but damn, I wasn't even supposed to know he exists. ___ ©simplydaani

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  • FAKE [ Ethan Dolan Fanfic ]
    3.4M 66.7K 53

    "I want you to be my fake girlfriend." Ethan said. "No" I said and rolled my eyes. "I'm not getting Involved in your stupid boy problems" I said. "I'll do anything please." Ethan begged. I sighed and looked around. "Only for a week."

  • blind ↠ e.g.d
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    "why are you staring at me" "because you're beautiful" "you must be blind" "i am" "then how would you know i'm beautiful?" "i just do" warning: this book is so so so so cringeworthy and cliche and poorly written ! written before i had any idea how to develop a story lmao. slowly editing