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  • Hide And Seek ~ Josh Dun
    892K 32.8K 93

    "Are you lost?" "I like to think of it as a horrible game of hide and seek." ~ |-/ Disclaimer : I do not own Tyler Joseph, Joshua Dun, Jenna Joseph or anyone related to Twenty One Pilots. I also do not own any of their songs or lyrics.

  • The Danish Delight (Mads Mikkelsen)
    72.8K 1.3K 41

    Elise Desmond is mere credits away from graduating with her Bachelor's in Film Production. Upon class assignment, she scours in search of the inspiration to create the film of a lifetime. Yet, all things take a drastic turn once she meets established actor, Mads Mikkelsen. Journey with Elise as she oversteps the fine...

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Body
    1.5M 62.8K 49

    WICHTIG: Das hier ist der zweite Teil von "Womans Body". 1. Womans Body 2. Her Body 3. Broken Body. 4. Lost Body 5. Spin-Off: Huntsman ...Nach langer Zeit, kommt Chloe's Entführer aus dem Gefängnis. Geplagt von Verfolgung und Angstzuständen, hofft Chloe, das er sie nicht wieder findet. Doch es kommt anders, als geda...

  • Never Say Never ✔️
    278K 17.1K 71

    [Harry Potter Fanfiction] Der Krieg endet, doch die gute Seite unterliegt. Als Anerkennung für ihre Dienste schenkt Voldemort seinen treuen Todessern einige der überlebenden Zauberer und Hexen von Harrys Seite als Sklaven. Und so findet sich Hermine in der Gewalt der Familie Malfoy, vollkommen alleine, ohne ihren Zaub...

    Completed   Mature
  • Work For Me (Mads Mikkelsen)
    46K 1.4K 42

    Katherine Edwards-Beckett is a hopeless wanderer, based on what she thinks about herself. She's smart but lazy, she's disoriented, and she doesn't know what to do with her life. One day, her friend, who owes her for something in the past, offered her a job she's never have thought about, a personal assistant of a cele...

    Completed   Mature
  • behind the screen
    17.5M 802K 90

    Tessas Leben ist alles andere als ein Traum. Ihr Vater trinkt und schlägt sie und ihre Stiefmutter behandelt sie auch wie das letzte Stück Dreck. Aber trotzdem behält sie nach außenhin immer eine perfekte Fassade aufrecht. Doch dann hilft sie der kleinen Schwester des Badboys an ihrer Schule, Dyan, der damit nach sein...

  • Delightful Insanity | Tate Langdon
    194K 4.8K 10

    UPDATE, A COUPLE OF YEARS LATER Hey guys, please read this bit before you read this story. This story contains descriptions of violence and needs an overall trigger warning for suicide. When I wrote the chapters for this story, I wasn't in the best state of mind and I projected that into my writing as some sort of the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Is More Than Just A Number//Josh Dun
    13.5K 367 21

    COMPLETED Mary-Ann always dreamed of this. Now, It was finally happening. But her parents would never understand. After all, Love is more than just a number.

  • Beware Brahms The Boy
    1.5K 32 2

    Once there was a little boy named Brahms. He was a strange little boy but a very well behaved child. On Brahms' eighth birthday a fire burned his house to the ground while his parents were away. Most thought it was Brahms who had set the fire and died in it, but some still don't know what happened or why it happened...

  • Fifty Shades Of Eric
    63.2K 1.2K 34

    All rights go to Veronica Roth. This is a 'book' for a love strory between two cold hearts. Will this love melt the ice or just make it colder...

  • Dirty Brother
    24.4K 209 2

    He's my dirty Brother

  • My heart goes One Direction || ①
    2.7M 91K 85

    ❝Tut mir Leid. Ich hätte besser aufpassen sollen!❝ ❝Es brauch dir nicht Leid tun. Ich hätte auch aufpassen können!❝ Es war wie in einem klassischen Liebesfilm, als Hannah James am Flughafen mit einem gut aussehenden Jungen zusammen stieß, der ihr später nicht mehr aus dem Kopf gehen wollte. Doch anders als in jedem Fi...

  • The Austrian Angel (Christoph Waltz)
    1.4K 27 2

    The Austrian Angel is a romance story about Christoph Waltz.

  • Now You're Being Rude
    5.6K 145 7

    Zakiah Allonach‚ a twenty seven year old hopeless romantic from Kirkaldy‚ Scotland‚ has finally got a job. And not just any job; she's the set designer slash celebrity photographer for the NBC TV series Hannibal‚ starring Mads Mikkelsen. Now Zakiah has been madly in love with the sexy Dane ever since she hit puberty...

  • Victim of Lust
    386 11 1

    WARNING: this fanfiction is based on a rape fantasy and contains very slight blood play

    Completed   Mature
  • Mads Mikkelsen One-Shots
    13.1K 204 5

    DISCLAIMER: This is a collection of Mads Mikkelsen one-shots. Mads will appear as a different person (role) in each part of the book. The stories are intentionally made for the purpose of fun. [Rated-R for strong sexual content]

  • The Truth Behind The Boy ( Will Not Be Continued )
    1.3K 17 2

    This is a short story inspired by What Do You Think Happened To Him? By TheBoyMovie They have a comment challenge that I partook in. This short story was asked for by Elissar_M Now, let's begin the story of Brahms. Notice: THIS BOOK WILL NOT BE UPDATED ANYMORE!!!! I WILL NOT TAKE IT DOWN THOUGH.... :p 2: One day the...

  • Smile (A Tom Hiddleston Fan-Fiction)
    200K 5.9K 21

    Alexis Ramirez is not exactly the best student in her school. She has no friends to help her out, except for her teacher, Ms. Hadsell. Worst of all, she has no home to live in while she lives out her life. She is a highly-intelligent girl who ran away from her house when she was seven. She's been hiding ever since, la...

  • Captain Boomerang
    35.7K 1.1K 10

    "What's a gorgeous girl like you, doing in a group of crazies like this?" Victoria Connors, well known thief who has stolen so much jewls and money you can't even imagine, has been transferred to Task Force X with the rest of the crew to save... possibly the world. But when Victoria and Boomerang meet, things won't b...

  • Hannibal- Shes mine
    34K 949 13

    After being found in a cabin with blood, bodies and no memories Alexandra has to start over again. With the help of Will Graham it looks just possible until she meets Hannibal Lecter. How her mind only sees pain and darkness is what makes Will need to be there for her, but at the same time its what attracts Hannibal...

  • Womans Body
    2.3M 87.6K 53

    DAS IST DER ALLER ERSTE TEIL VON VIER BÜCHERN. Haters gonna Hate 😝🤘🏻 1. Womans Body 2. Her Body 3. Broken Body 4.Lost Body 5. Spin-Off: Huntsman Was macht Mann, wenn er zu viel Geld und Zeit hat?... Genau, er sucht sich ein außergewöhnliches Hobby... Alle Inhalte sind rechtlich Geschütz.

    Completed   Mature
  • Before You Start Your Day
    89.5K 3K 27

    Bri is a shy but kind heart girl who loves to help others, even though she never had much help herself. She recently started volunteering at the hospital her mother works at to help with troubled patients. She meets a kind boy who she thinks is too "normal" to be there. She then finds out more than she thought about t...

  • Unexpecting birthday with Mads Mikkelsen
    3K 53 6

    Charlotte just turned 30 and decided to celebrate by her own. Unexpectedly she meets a very intriguing man who seems to be a famous actor. Luckily for her she doesn't recognize him immediately which makes her even more interesting for him.

  • next door » joshler [book #1]
    1.6M 78.9K 64

    at two in the morning one tuesday, a boy runs into tyler's apartment without even knocking or anything and just starts begging to sleep there for the night. not that tyler's complaining, because a) he wasn't sleeping anyway and b) this boy was very cute. so naturally he lets him. in the morning they find out theyve s...

  • Push. //Jai Courtney Fanfiction
    52.9K 1.8K 49

    Forgetting their pasts and craving their futures, two people are pushed together into a cherishing bond.

    Completed   Mature
  • Before
    12.3M 316K 20

    He never knew life could be this way, but truly if he did, he wouldn't have cared. He cared about nothing, not even himself until her. Before her, he was empty/ Before her he knew nothing of joy or completion, and this is his journey to his life After her.

  • Danger is Near
    286K 6.5K 43

    He was menacing. He was cold. He was horribly intimidating. And yet he was the kind of person you are instinctively drawn to. Like a moth to a flame. Also I am very sorry but chapter 33 has somehow been deleted. But don't worry. In chapter 32 I give a brief explanation of what is meant to happen in 33 so chapter 34 c...

  • My new, hot Brother (Larry Stylinson, AU)
    256K 14.9K 37

    [Warning: Auftreten von sexuellen inhalten und Smut] Harry Styles wird bald sein ertes Mal haben und ist glücklich. Doch er hat die Rechnung ohne seinen attraktiven, verdammt heißen, neuen, schwulen Stiefbruder Louis Tomlinson gemacht. Die beiden hatten keinen guten Start und Freundinnen, beste Freunde und homophobe E...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dirty Daddy- A Harry Styles Story
    29.3K 356 7

    Was ist wenn deine Freundin dich auf ein One-Direction Konzert mitnimmt, obwohl du nichts über die Jungs weist. Geschockt von den schreienden Fans willst du nach Hause fahren, aber jemand hält dich auf, von dem wohl jeder gerne aufgehalten werden würde. - Verträumt darfst du direkt in Harrys Augen sehen

  • Two sentence stories
    7.5K 603 11

    Kurze Geschichten die einem eine Gänsehaut einjagen...