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  • SAVE - Charisk
    13.2K 396 15

    When the battle was finally over, Frisk broke the barrier, and the one last soul was saved, Frisk managed to bring back Asriels soul to his old body, humans and monsters finally lived in peace. Frisk became the ambassador of the monsters, it all worked out perfectly well. But little did they know that, someone was w...

  • Blossoming Angel
    4.5K 279 9

    One young girl, Chara, has been a diamond covered in dirt to her family. She's always being blamed and yelled at due to the poor state of her family. Her only escape is a secret garden of golden flowers. But when those are taken away from her, she sought an escape from Mt. Ebott, a place rumored to be the end of all t...

  • The True Ending
    13.3K 438 16

    After Frisk defeated Asriel and the barrier was destroyed, Chara was sure that was the end. Frisk would go on up to the surface, and they'd be left behind, or trapped in their mind forever. When Frisk has an idea and they travel back to the ruins and find a special someone, will their determination be enough to undo...

  • Ashes - Undertale (Charisk Fanfic/Completed)
    16.6K 693 54

    Chara feels for Frisk. Frisk feels for Chara. For Frisk went down such a familiar path, one Chara chose so long ago, pone that caused others to call her a "Demon" or "The 'real' monster", Frisk had reset, changing her path, but others have memory, and what both Frisk and Chara did is unforgettable.

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Has No Barrier (Charisk)
    23K 490 7

    *The sequel to Determined Love (Charisk)* *Please read that before this* Frisk and Chara have finally freed everyone in the Underground, and are trying to adjust to their new life on the Surface. What adventures will the Surface hold for them? (With plenty of fun stuff to come!) Enjoy~

  • Mercy
    129K 2.9K 29

    It's been four long years since Frisk saved Chara. Chara had tried to thank the child by helping them rid and keep away the Anti-Monster cult members, but it didn't seem enough. Frisk finds a way to thank them in return for not trying to kill anyone these past four years by giving them a gift they would never forget. ...

  • Chara X Frisk
    23.3K 659 34

    Frisk meets a mysterious girl named Chara. They hang out, and they develop crushes on each other. Little did Frisk know what secrets Chara might be hiding. Human AU Ask questions on my Tumblr! The username is: undertalesctuff I made this because I'm bored. :P

  • With You Here (An Undertale Charisk Story)
    13.8K 439 17

    "Stop!" Chara screamed at the young girl, tears crawling down her face. She covered her ears and clenched her eyes shut, stumbling back into the wall then sliding down it. Chara sobbed quietly. Frisk had tears at the corners of her eyes but tried her best to stay strong in front of Chara. Frisk reached her hand out bu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Forgotten: A Charisk story (HAITUS)
    3.3K 172 24

    Chara was woken up by Frisk's determination After traveling along with Frisk for a while, Chara starts to question whether it's really right to hate humanity

  • Undertale: Unchained- Chara x Frisk
    46.4K 1.5K 42

    Forgotten. Unloved. Abandoned. Everything Chara is. Everything Frisk was. Happy. Loved. Kind. Everything Frisk is. Everything Chara was. Fem x Fem ((Hey guys! So, this is a surprise story that I've been planing for a while! This is set where Frisk was abused on the surface, but Chara had a loving family and fell on ac...

  • Chara x Frisk
    36.4K 783 26

    D I S C O N T I N U E D

  • Lovesick ( A Charisk Fanfic )
    53.4K 1.4K 61

    Yeah. This is my first story I have EVER written. Emphasize EVER. But I have read a lot of Charisk before and love it. It is my favorite ship so don't hate me for this and if you can give me ideas and they could be implemented! BTW don't ask me to do sad things. BTW this has a lot of passion but no lemon. PLUS THEY AR...

  • Too Determined In Life (Charisk)
    25.7K 828 45

    Hey guys, Mari-chan here! I know, I know. The title sucks but hey! This is my first story! And yes I did draw the cover... Summary: Frisk had just saved everyone... everyone except for Chara and Asriel that is. But what happens when a certain someone appears right before his eyes? What happens if they learn the truth...

  • Chara x frisk
    42.8K 649 32

    there isn't enough of this ship so im helping out make more. maybe a lemon chapter but mostly fluff or limes (I stand corrected, their will be lots of lemons lots)

  • Best "Friends" Forever (Frisk X Chara)
    103K 3.1K 46

    Frisk finally got the ending they've always wanted, a happy ending. But it's so strange . . . . It doesn't feel the same anymore . . . Is it because They've done it a thousand times already? Perhaps They wanted something new? That was the moment when they remembered a certain someone They had to save . . . . . . "Ch...

  • The Confession
    322K 11.2K 163

    [Highest Rank: #369 in Fan Fiction, 2017-05-14] In a world filled with evil, this is my contribution to give life a little more love and happiness. The story begins right as Frisk escapes the Underground, freshly completing a True Pacifist run, and decides one last 'Chara'cter needs to be saved. Frisk didn't expect t...

  • Lost Souls (Chara x Frisk)
    20.8K 707 17

    Falling into a world, where monsters only care about killing all humans, Frisk has to try and escape. But with barely any friends, and with each death comes a new flower growing on them, they find that this wish is much more difficult than they thought. But, what happens when their determination becomes to much for on...

  • Determined Love (Charisk)
    108K 3K 32

    My first fan-fic about Charisk! I hope you enjoy. ~Little side note- The book cover does not belong to me, but rather hamvitita on DeviantArt. (I added the words with the Cover's app though.)