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    Hey~ [REQUESTS CLOSED] (For the mean time) Mostly this book is Gender neutral. Please be reminded that I don't own the pictures that I've been using, except for the story cover. That's all, thank you for reading. Hope you enjoy.🐱 Highest Ranking (so far): #165 Fanfiction 07/17/18

  • The Lazy Demon & The Scarlet Knight : Erza x Male Reader : A Fairy Tail Story
    29.5K 665 14

    In the kingdom of Fiore, there lies a wizards' guild in the town of Magnolia. It is called Fairy Tail. Home to the most powerful wizards in the area. You have members like the Great Erza, who uses requip magic. Natsu Dragoneel, who uses dragon slayer magic. Gray Fullbuster, who uses ice magic. Lucy Heartfilia, who use...

  • Male Readers x various female characters (one shot)
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    Request a character you want in it can be from a game, anime, movies, or other fetishes you have either a furry or something else. (Tags would be added)

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  • A Healing Smile : Lucy x Male Reader : A Fairy Tail Story
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    Who is Fairy Tail's ultimate swordsman? The undisputed answer is Erza Scarlet. She is the top dog, but who falls short of her? Well, it's a requip mage named (Y/n) (L/n). He started as the weakest wizard in Fairy Tail. However, (Y/n) was determined to make his way up the guild's ranks. From a short, feeble blade to th...

  • Complicated Love~ Minatozaki Sana x Male reader
    9.7K 410 14

    "There's always two sides to every story" (P.S. In this story, Sana and the other K-pop idols haven't debuted yet, they are normal and average College Students)

  • My Beloved Sana [Book 1]✔COMPLETED
    18.9K 440 30

    #KpopRainbowAwards2018 Y/n and Sana were best friend since their trainee day. They will always be by each other sides. But things get different when they debuted. "1 cm! The pocky is 1 cm! Y/n and Sana is the winner!!" shouted Dahyun. "There's no use of the 1 cm. The important is I've touched her lips.." Y/n thinking...

  • Princess In Training , Tzuyu (18+)
    11.6K 443 18

    You are a bodyguard of the royal family in your country , it's your duty to protect the princess named Tzuyu , your journey with her begins...

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  • I Can Be Your Oppa ✔On Going✔
    18.5K 743 23

    Nayeon x Male Reader Park Y/N is a 16 years old boy. His parents and brother died for being involved in a car accident. Since then, he lives alone and nobody cares about him except for his uncle and his friends. His uncle always paid for his schooling and gave him some money. Sometimes, he makes part-time work to...

  • Her wish, His command
    13.9K 621 17

    Tzuyu x Male Reader! Her family hires a butler. Butler turns out to be childhood friend, Y/N. He didn't remember her, but she could. He goes follows her around, assisting her whenever he could. What does TWICE think? Y/N the butler? combat butler? Tzuyu wouldn't know. Well, until now.

  • My Darling
    27.9K 746 19

    Zero Two, 'Partner Killer', though it is all rumors. This will not stop one individual from finding refuge in her heart. Even the infamous Code 002 finds something else to fight for in the world. Yet, Zero Two's new partner may be able to pilot with her there is something more deeper to him that makes even her heart...

  • The Dragoon's Love
    4.1K 109 16

    *Under Revision* The high flying Dragoon herself encounters a person on her travels. Though complications arise and the occasional hazard, nothing will stop the two from being together. The two come to call each other partners but it turns into something deeper. However, The Imperial Chancellor himself appears to tak...

  • KPOP Female X Reader Inserts
    21.7K 823 17

    Our KPOP girls being paired with the reader! Which is you, Y/N. I'll attempt to write this as gender neutral as possible, but I'll indicate if it's not. NOTE ; Used to be a TWICE only, but decided it'll be better if there were more

  • King's Resolve(Senran Kagura Girls X King Lucis Male Reader)(Discontinued)
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    Y/N Lucis Caelum was the new King of Insomnia after Noctis had sacrificed himself to destroy The Scourge and returned the light to the world.Y/N travelled the world and harnessed the power of the Armiger and the ring of Lucii and sits the throne but one day while getting ready for the day a white light came in and too...

    Completed   Mature
  • Comrades(Senran Kagura Girls X Kingsglaive Reader)
    6.9K 189 6

    Who am I?Well let's see,I was originally apart of King Regis's security detail because of my ability to wield multiple weapons like his majesty's prince along with having stronger magical feats than other Kingsglaive soldiers.But enough of me for now.You wanna tell me where the hell am I?

  • Dirty Secret(Male Reader X High school Harem)
    33.4K 690 9

    Everyone has secrets.Some worse than others.Some don't see the light of day and are taken to the grave.Will yours be one that you take to the grave as well?

  • Broken Game (Cheater Doki Doki Literature Club X Male Reader)
    12.8K 177 4

    Y/N L/N did play Doki Doki for a while but was sick and tired of all the sad endings revolving around the girls' deaths or disappearances. So he downloaded a mod that saved them, and it did. But he did find out that the girls are more than just a normal program.

  • Krul Tepes X Male Reader
    23.1K 342 24

    My first story so please don't give me crap and I don't own anything

    Completed   Mature
  • The Dual Bender
    81K 1.7K 65

    Korra x Male Reader. There is a prophecy that came to be whilst the first Avatar, Wan was traveling the globe learning new elements. That one day a brother and sister would be born on the same day exactly one year apart. Each of these two benders, however, would be able to bend 2 of the 4 elements and have unlocked a...

  • Infinite Stratos:Ace (X Male Reader)
    131K 1.7K 36

    Note: this is a Infinite Stratos x male reader story. You are 15 and your best friend is Ichka Orimora and has been since both of your older Sister are best friends. You are both third years in middle school then some how you both end up at a school that is nothing but girls. How will this turn out? Little reference...

  • Knight in Shining Armor
    7.4K 127 11

    A sequel to Error 121, Y/N comes to the city to be with his cousins​, only to become apart of the beta testing program for a popular VRMMORPG game called Avalon Online. Little did he know he'll be apart of a war between rivaling factions, and hackers. There's two wars, one in real life, one in virtually​.

  • City of Devils (Male Reader X Female Superhumans)
    7.8K 189 7

    Akuma no Machi, Known to the English as the City of Devils and the Spanish as the Ciudad de diablos. This city is insignificant apart from the extraordinary individuals residing within it. Normal crime rates are low but superhuman crime is the highest in the world. Meet Y/N L/N a normal human if it weren't for his ext...

  • A Normal Day
    38.8K 808 38

    17 in paranormal 03/01/18 Different is an understandable to many people. That's what you tend to tell yourself a lot lately. But that's Ok. When you move to a new school you just want a fresh start. A new beginning. Never did you think you would receive your own Harem. For some odd reason many of the girls seem to ...

  • Male reader x Belarus
    4.2K 110 15

    I only own the story not the character or you. Alicia,Toma, and Sora belongs to MegaMegu. And Johnnie is Johnniethehunter.

    Completed   Mature
  • God To Human
    11.7K 239 5

    What happens when a literal god gives up everything she has for a human? There's only one way to find out.

  • Male Reader Instert Stories
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    These are all the one shots that I've written and I'll keep on adding more to it. They are all Male Reader but I am not Gender discriminate so no matter what Gender you are just enjoy them.

  • Male Reader x Various Females (ONE SHOT LEMONS)
    86.7K 279 6

    A group of stories that each contain the reader indulging in, sexual activities, with various females from games, anime, books, and my own OC's ENJOY!!!

  • Male Reader x Yandere Female Various
    2.3M 13.8K 210

    this book I going to be about male readers dealing with female yanderes, thats right, no yaoi or Yuri, Females can imagine themselves as boys here. so enjoy the stories Characters by their owners images by their owners I'll always do specials for certain events and holidays. applications used for editing: Paint(PC)

  • Yandere Female various x male reader
    29.7K 137 8

    Lemony freshness with tons of yanderes

  • Yandere Fem Various x Male Reader (ONE SHOTS)
    238K 1.5K 49

    This story will be about you dealing with tons of yandere girls and I do take requests. Disclaimer: I do not own any characters shown in this book

  • My Kitsune Girls
    4.5K 94 2

    After failing to get into college and being disowned by his parents, Y/N has nothing left to live for. Until, he meets a woman with the ears a and nine tails of a fox. This was the moment his life changed...