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  • The True Child Of Chaos (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)
    837K 13.4K 110

    This isn't your normal chaos story, what if Percy was a natural born son of chaos and adopted by her brother Order? Percy is born on another planet but is forced to go to earth the day he was born. What will happen to him when he is here? Will he ever Rated M: badass fight scenes, lemons, and harem. Percy/Hestia, Hera...

  • Nico Di Angelo and the Goblet of Fire •Book one of the Two Dark Lords series•
    183K 7.5K 24

    Camp half-blood is in chaos. Camp Jupiter just can't think straight anymore. Why? Because the only demigod son of Hades, Nico Di Angelo, is missing. No one knows where he went, why or how but they are determined to find him. The only person who seems to have an idea of his whereabouts is Hades but he has locked up the...

  • (Book 2) Cyber Pack (A Percy Jackson and Avengers Crossover)
    102K 5.4K 15

    Book 2 of Wolf Avenger Series Percy--the wolf dog--spent the time before 1970 wallowing for his missing friend. However days after May 29, his friend Howard Stark (and current owner of his wolf form) brought home a squirmy, fragile looking thing wrapped in blue. That thing just so happened to be Anthony Stark who Perc...

  • The Winged Warrior
    373K 10.1K 24

    Betrayed. Abandoned. Destroyed. Percy Jackson has been deserted by those he trusted. But can he rise again? When he is given the option of a new life, will he take it? And will the journey mend his shattered Heart? Percy Jackson rises from the dust as the winged warrior, a cold and emotionless fighter with no remorse...

  • Percy Jackson - His Mother's Side
    592K 21K 53

    When Percy is summoned home from camp to see some weird people on his couch, let's just say he's confused. When he finds out that he has another evil relation, he's not happy. Well, off to Hogwarts. Harry is astounded. Voldemort- the lowlife scum of the wizarding world- has a grandson. Now Dumbledore wants him, Herm...

  • The Black Serpent (Pjo/Avengers Crossover)
    70.3K 2.4K 17

    The hero will fall This could end it all Fire will ignite, Join together to use its light Or evil shall rule, It will end in the final duel. Save Perseus in life or death; And hope will once again rule till the final breath Percy Jackson is broken. The seven are dead and Tartarus will rise with the help of the Mad Ti...

  • Brother of the Hunt
    227K 7.3K 17

    What happens... When the hunters stumble upon a small, black haired, green eyed 8 year old boy in the middle of the woods? But instead of hatred, they feel sympathy. What has happened to Percy Jackson? I am open to all suggestions and criticism but be nice about it. Also please excuse the bad summary.

  • Gods and Demigods Read 'The Returning Legend'
    88.4K 2.5K 22

    This will be the reactions of the gods and demigods reading Arcticwolf22's story 'The Returning Legend'. I've always wanted to read one, but I could never find one, so I might as well write one :D This is also my first story that I've written, so I'm up for suggestions for the future. The Percy Jackson series belon...

  • Free Hunter (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)
    170K 4.8K 16

    In a world where the wars are over, the hero has disappeared. He was turned immortal by a gift he never wanted. He vanished. But are the wars truly over? Will he return? Can he be found? Where did he go? Disclaimer for entire story: Rick Riordan owns Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus, I do not.

  • Death's child at Hogwarts
    29.4K 778 7

    DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN HARRY POTTER OR PERCY JACKSON, I AM NOT RICK RIORDAN OR J.K. ROWLING! Hundreds of years ago, Hecate secretly created a new group of mythical beings. Wizards. There were three different types of Wizards, based on the purity of magic in their blood. Pure-blood, Half-blood and Mortal-born. But as...

  • Percy Jackson, the Dark Lord's Grandson
    73.9K 1.9K 13

    Read the Prologue

  • The Queen's Champion
    554K 12K 40

    Percy is betrayed by the person he trusted most. Not what you expect, you'll see. Lost, he vanished without a trace. He returns a different man with a close relationship with the least likely goddess. No HOO...yet. What will happen when new threats rise. Will he fight? No percabeth whatsoever in this fic. (This was th...

  • Chaos's Commander
    334K 10K 40

    There are 2 books in 1: Book one: Percy Jackson had been betrayed by everyone he knew. And it was all his fault. In a matter of weeks, Percy's life had turned upside down. Cheated,betrayed,hurt. That's all Percy felt as he looked back at camp for the last time. But what happens when Percy dies and meets Chaos? What h...

  • Percy Jackson the son of Chaos
    363K 8.8K 47

    He was a hero that was loved. He was a boy that had a good heart. But that person is gone. Now he is cold, sad and lonly and it was all their fault. That smiling guy is dead he is now only a shadow of what used to be. He is Chaos's son and only joy. He must go back and save the universe from Order, Chaos's brother. ...

  • Percy Jackson vs. Harry Potter
    250K 7.4K 39

    The Seven, Calypso, Nico, and Thalia are going to Hogwarts. What surprises lay in store when they have to defeat Voldemort? Again! Takes place after The Blood of Olympus and The Deathly Hallows. Disclaimer: I don't own anything, Rick Riordan and J. K. Rowling do. Highest Rank: #741 in Fanfiction

  • Nyx's Care (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)
    263K 7.7K 23

    Nyx is interested in a certain demigod. Who is that demigod and what will she do? Will she act on a whim or will she listen to her maternal nature and help this demigod? What about Thalia? She seems out of the loop and doesn't know what's going on. Much like Reyna. Reyna is extremely upset and completely vengeful, but...

  • Percy Jackson The Dark Angel
    360K 8.4K 25

    Percy felt useless at Camp Half Blood. After David Roberts son of Zeus arrived at Camp Half Blood everyone started to ignore Percy. Even the Gods did. Poseidon himself was ignoring Percy. His own son! He didn't know why at first but then he figured it out. David had told everyone at Camp Half Blood that Percy left him...

  • Second Chance (Percy Jackson Chaos Theory Fanfic)
    215K 5.8K 55

    Betrayed. Forgotten. Humiliated. Percy Jackson's life turns upside down when a new son of Poseidon comes to Camp Half-Blood. After a series of lies, Percy is despised and hated, even disclaimed by his father. His hero status is stripped from him. When Annabeth betrays him, that is the last straw. Percy Jackson commits...

    Completed   Mature
  • Forged Destinies
    104K 3.2K 21

    Third Book of Destinies Series. A fall into the endless abyss. A journey never taken by the heroes of old. Percy Jackson and Zoë Nightshade embark on a quest to do the impossible. A race against time through the worst place in the mythical world. Can they reach the heart of Tartarus and close the Doors of Death or wil...

  • Hero-PJ Avengers crossover
    244K 8K 21

    [Completed] [Under editing...somewhat.] [Ranked in Fanfiction] Percy Jackson is broken. He is now alone, has flashbacks, and has to stay strong for everyone around him. The avengers have assembled for a very important reason. To... find a kid?

  • ✅Son of Lupa - A Percy Jackson Fanfiction
    219K 6.5K 36

    || God AU || Fanfiction || Completed ✅ || What if Percy Jackson was never a child of Poseidon, but a child of Rome, one with the power to guide the power hungry to salvation? What if he was the only hope for the Olympian Gods when a new threat arises? Gods and goddesses unite in girth, To defeat the one who is the ear...

  • Percy Jackson and the Army of Chaos
    255K 7.6K 25

    He is Omega, the second most powerful being in the entire universe only bested by Chaos himself. The group of people he saved countless times--The people he loved--turned their backs on him. Even his girlfriend, Annabeth, left him to be with Bryce, his half-brother. He created a new life. A better one... But he was gi...

  • A Prophecy of Two Boys
    749K 25.4K 66

    People who are born with two souls in their body are rare. But since when did Harry and Percy obey the rules? Follow them as they try to survive after their brother was mistaken for being the Boy-Who-Lived. AU. Wrong BWL

  • Black Magic: Nico visits Hogwarts
    87.5K 3.1K 17

    Nico Di Angelo is summoned away from Camp Halfblood to a magical world that even a war hardened hero like him couldn't dream of. He is there with a mission, but will a couple of meddling witches and wizards get in the way? THE AUTHOR CHAPTERS ARE PART OF THE STORY!

  • My Uncle the Avenger
    172K 5.7K 17

    After the Giant War, you'd think Percy Jackson would be the most popular demigod around. Not accused of murder and shunned from the world of mythology, only trusted by Annabeth, Tyson and Grover. Scared and alone, he flees from Camp Half-Blood. _.-._.-._.-._.-._ After fighting the Chitauri, all Tony Stark wants is p...

  • Percy Jackson: Hunter of Artemis
    248K 6.2K 25

    What if Percy was cheated on by Annabeth? What if he had dated other girls before that, all who had hurt him in some way? What if he swore of dating for eternity? What if Percy was aloud to join the Hunt? Percy Jackson had gone through three different relationships; all of them ending in pain. He finally has enough w...

  • Percy Jackson, The Wizard?
    49K 1.4K 19

    What if Percy Jackson had known all along about his heritage. No not the demigod stuff, no. He's a wizard, grandson of the villainous Voldemort. What happens as he grows up as a wizard kid, trying not to let others know who his grandfather is. Then finally, at age eleven he goes to Hogwarts. There he meets Harry and t...

  • The Avengers and Percy Jackson
    973K 28.7K 26

    "So what's happening, is that you randomly pick up poor, pitiful teenagers, like myself, I must mention, off the streets from New York and say, 'Hey, I want you...Join us or die.' Can we just talk about how utterly rude that is? Is that how you guys started off?" "Percy Jackson, we know all about you. Who you are, whe...

  • Son of the Rivers (Wattys 2015 Entry)
    596K 22.2K 23

    A being born from the Five Rivers of the Underworld, stronger than most gods, Feared by many. Always hiding, always there. An immortal being that carries out the will of the Rivers. Stronger than a First-Born of a god. Much stronger. He is made of the Essence of the rivers. But he was not always like this. He was once...

  • Intertwined Destinies
    214K 5.5K 20

    Sequel to Altered Destinies. A new threat is on the rise. This time a Primordial Goddess and her children are preparing for their own war against Olympus. Zeus has closed Olympus off from all contact with mortals. Two goddesses decide to put their own plan into action. My version of Heroes of Olympus. I do not own Per...