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  • ImHappySee? (FairyTail x Reader)
    99.9K 2.4K 40

    On hold, I guess;;ˢᵒʳʳʸ Ever since a new girl named Lucy joined the guild Y/N became forgotten her 'so called' team also ignored her.She always sits in the darkest corners in the guild no one even says a simple 'Hello' to her.But Master Makarov always supported her she was actually happy that somebody noticed her. -N...

  • Pokèmon Super Mystery Dungeon Roleplay
    2.6K 36 18

    Journey to the Pokèmon world and BECOME a Pokèmon as you go about daily life.

  • Lab Rats Chase X Reader
    171K 5.7K 42

    Lab rat's is a great show on disney channel and i love chase davenport, so i thought a reader love story was a great idea. So enjoy fellow reader's!

  • Destiny Doesn't Tell Who You Are: Neji x Reader
    41.1K 1.6K 15

    (f/n) (l/n), of the Hidden Leaf isn't just any ordinary person. She is a part of one of the most evil clans known to mankind. So when she finally becomes a genin, she gets her own personal teacher. And that teacher is no other than Might Guy!! She gets to know Guy's team, and warms up to one specific team member: Neji...

  • •❤•The broken arrow•❤•(Gladion x reader)
    46.4K 1.1K 21

    ❤nσ α/n❤❤αll chαptєrѕ αrє 1000+ wσrdѕ❤❤cσmplєtєd❤ (y/n)-I had a great journey.. Taking my last breaths I was ready to call upon my own death. And with a few words all my memories seemed to be flooding away from me. Losing my self more and more... I sacrifice myself for my Pokemon.. Friends... And family. I will be...

  • i'm only human (adam davenport)
    1.1K 36 7

    -ON HOLD- If you are new to the fanfic language, here are some things you'll need to learn or look back on. Y/n - your name L/n - last name F/c - favorite colour N/n - nickname H/c - hair colour E/c - eye colour S/c - skin colour (I don't use that one much) And if I find new ones to put in I will make sure to do that.

  • Can't catch? (Hugh X Reader)
    8.8K 333 13

    A Hugh X Reader from Pokemon Black 2!

  • She's Mine! (Sasuke x Reader x Gaara)
    131K 3.4K 47

    "She's mine!" -Uchiha Sasuke and Gaara [Chapter Four] >>> (Y/N) (L/N) is the survivor of the (L/N) clan. The clan has the most powerful Kekkei genkai in the entire ninja land. She and Sasuke were best friends until the Uchiha Massacre. She was there when Sasuke's parents got murdered. She left the Hidden Leaf Villag...

  • Destiny Chose Us ↠ Adrien Agreste
    174K 6K 27

    •D E S T I N Y C H O S E U S• Adrien Agreste × Reader You, Y/N L/N, were a widely known model from New York, also known as the 'Big Apple', and has a Mom, who was a well-known top designer who designed most of the clothing you wore when modelling, and a father who is a busy businessman who sponsors most of the...

  • To Shine a Light and Shock My Heart [Laxus x Reader x Sting]
    78.9K 2.6K 58

    (Y/N) (L/N) was once Laxus Dreyar's girlfriend, but after he was expelled from Fairy Tail, the two wizards went on a break from each other. During this break, right after the Grand Magic Games, the White Dragon Slayer developed a strong crush on (Y/N). Sting starts to hang around (Y/N) too much for Laxus' liking. But...

  • Pokemon Truth or Dare
    34.8K 1K 11

    Welcome to Pokemon Truth or Dare- where just about anything can happen :) Have an idea for a truth or dare? Go ahead and comment; the more the better! Please keep things appropriate tho ;) Thanks so much Typovo for the awesome cover :D

  • She's Mine » Naruto x Reader x Sasuke
    246K 9.3K 28

    ↳ my first ever reader insert. ↳ slow updates. ↳ most likely to be edited soon.

  • Remember (Shadow x reader fanfiction)
    34.7K 963 30

    You walk home from a stressful day at school and decided to go to the park and spotted a dark and mysterious hedgehog and recognized is was that ebony hedgehog who used to dated your arch nemesis. What will you do now.....

  • Frostbite (Jack Frost X Reader FanFic)
    767K 24.9K 34

    I was sitting in my garden, watching my sister play in the freshly fallen snow, when all of a sudden I hear an unfamiliar voice behind me. "Whatcha drawing there, Snowflake?"

  • Smart Guy. (Chase Davenport x Reader)
    120K 2.7K 26

    You've been on the Bionic Island for the whole time it's been open. You were never on Krane's side. You had a form of mind bionics that kept you from it. On the island, you were one of the oldest there, almost as old as the mentors. You had all of their bionics combined, but you never told anyone (Except for your frie...

  • To Love A Hedgehog (Sonic X Human!Reader) (COMPLETED)
    26.4K 641 19

    This story is based on the Sonic X anime! I don't own the series neither you (or do I~?) So uh yeah, there will be episodes and all... Maybe even some new ones created by MOI ???? You meet Sonic and his friends after arriving from (your country) to stay with your cousin Chris Thorn...

  • A Champions Love (Red x Reader)
    42.9K 1.1K 16

    The main description of your past will be in the first chapter. When that takes place, you'll be 5 years old. Hello! It's me again! You might know me from my other stories! If you haven't checked them out, do that! They're cool! But, this story was requested by a friend of mine on Wattpad, her user is @xXStingerXx! G...

  • Secrets {Chat Noir x Reader}
    150K 4.6K 36

    You've always been really shy all of pre school to 8th grade and now, in 9th grade, Your braking out of your shell with the help of your Kwami Manu. You finally meet Chat Noir, but will you fall in love? Let go Find out! (There are 2 versions of this book. One is revised and a lot better but still the same story. Just...

  • Sonic x Reader
    93.3K 1.7K 25

    Could Sonic take (Y/N)'s heart? Could Sonic fall in love with you? Could you fall INLOVE with Sonic? How can Sonic show his true feelings for you? Find out in Sonic x Reader!! Okay guys here are the characters -Sonic the Hedgehog -Shadow the Hedgehog -Silver the Hedgehog -Tails the Fox -Knuckles the Echidna -Rouge the...

  • ~It's Just A Distant Memory: Gladion X Reader~
    32.5K 762 17

    Okay, first off, I'd like to apologize for the crappy title. I just suck at creating titles... Anyway, I just love Gladion so much, that I just HAD to write another story about him. Description ('Cause I know you'll want one)- (y/n) had just become the champion. Everything was going just right for her. She had everyt...

  • Pokémon Book Reviews
    31.1K 1.7K 88

    Are you a fan of books? Are you a fan of Pokémon? Well then, you've come to the right place! In this book club, we will devote every review purely to Pokémon fanfiction. Includes: - Articles on Pokémon Fanfiction - Specific interviews with the author - Reviews and constructive criticism - Recommendations - And more! W...

  • The King In My Life (Marshall Lee x Reader)
    112K 3K 13

    Marshall Lee the Vampire King

  • Human Pokemon x reader
    558K 9.1K 32

    A bunch of pokehumans x reader, you can request any pokemon that you would like. REQUESTS CURRENTLY CLOSED !!!

  • Why You Running Away? (Marshall Lee x Reader)
    131K 4.7K 15

    Just another Marshall Lee x Reader Story. Original on Quotev. Currently being revised, If read with caution. This was quickly made and has a lot of errors. I made this when I was a little freshman in high school and I can properly edit it and give a little more description. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

  • An Old Friend ~Ash X Reader~
    99.2K 2K 30

    (Y/n) (L/n), a 16 1/2 year old girl from Pallet town. She lived happily in pallet town with her best friend Ash Ketchum. They did everything together.. Until at age 9, she had to move to the Kalos region for her parent's new job. Her first Pokemon, new journey, everything, it was all without ash. What will happen when...

  • Pokemon X & Y Reader X Calem
    8.5K 221 15

    Just moving from the Unova region, a girl named (Y/n) the daughter of the famous Rhyhorn, Grace. (Y/n) is becoming a Pokemon trainer, will she meet the Pokemon who saved her when she was little?

  • The Monster's Heart: (Reader x Marshall Lee)
    236K 8.2K 33

    Reader x Marshall Lee Boyfriend scenarios!!

  • The Tales of Team Seven (Various!Naruto x Reader)
    180K 6K 53

    Team Seven is the one team, out of all of the others, that got four genin assigned to it. The reason for this was the odd number of newly-made shinobi in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. (Name) is a part of that particular team, along with Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and their team leader Kakashi Ha...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Little Pyro {Natsu x Reader}
    120K 3.3K 35

    (Y/n) is an elemental dragon slayer that has a heart of stone. But will a certain dragon slayer melt her heart with the heat of loves flames? Completed April 23, 2018

    Completed   Mature
  • My Bionic Hero Spike & Chase X Reader
    78.8K 957 31

    Credit to all the artists and photographers I do not own the show 'Lab Rats' nor the characters Leo, Frances Duolly, a friend of yours knowing for years, he then decides to tell you a secret that you, have to keep top secret. Telling you his brothers and sister are bionic hero's. Saving people on top secret missions...