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  • Male reader x Females Characters Lemons (Do Not Request)
    919 7 1

    This book contains mature content if you are NOT 18+ do NOT read this book I do not own any of the media or characters that will be presented in this book.

  • The King of Love
    283 2 1

    "Shhh..." He said, as he dug the knife deeper into you, everything was turning black.. your vision was fading, your hearing was gone.. is this death? You asked yourself, but then you were awoken by the sound of an alarm. "Oh right, It was just a dream, time to get ready for my first day of school." It's your first day...

  • Male reader lemons
    2.9K 25 17

    As I see there is not a lot of lemons for the male reader that aren't yandere. And lot of time there is not any so for you males out there here it is

  • Camilla x Male Reader Fire Emblem Fates Lemon
    8.1K 43 3

    Camilla From Fire Emblem Fates Lemon story

    Completed   Mature
  • The EVO and his GAL (Generator Rex Male Reader X My First Girlfriend Is A Gal)
    4.3K 114 3

    Y/N L/N, a boy that has the ability to make and build awesome machine looking weapons out of his body, though Y/N works undercover for a big wealthy military organization called Providence, Y/N job is to protect the world by kicking monster but and getting paid while going to school in the process, he also wished to g...

  • The Goddess Favorite Warrior (Hestia X Reader)
    1.3K 35 3

    You tired to escape from being badly wounded, after running into dangerous monsters in the dungeon far from your power level. Your life is on the blink of death until one Goddess takes you into her familia household. I don't own any rights to Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

  • Danmachi (Male Reader)
    1.1K 12 8

    A/n: something's will change cause I forgot almost everything in the anime so I'll do my best to remember and I'm going to re-watch tommorow You were (y/n) (l/n) and your brother James (l/n) you two were being rejected by any familia until hestia and bell accepted you two This is going to be my greatest story (A/n) I...

  • Portals ( Anime x Male!Reader)
    8.9K 91 12

    Y/N goes to different anime to get power to fight a great foe

  • My Resident Evil Remake (Resident Evil X Battlefield 4 Male Reader)
    6.8K 112 8

    (Name) (L/N) is just a man who been someplace worst then hell. From wars, to brutal zombie apocalypse. But he would never give up, no matter how strong they hit, he'll hit them back harder. Always survire and never dies.

  • Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale: Male reader insert.
    1.5K 39 7

    Okay guys so I decided to do Ordinal Scale. So I you guys enjoy.

  • Deadly Duo
    2.3K 47 12

    Believing that she had died along with her creation, mira, Towa woke up to find herself alive. But it seemed to be thanks to an Android named Android 21, who proposed an alliance with towa to finally destroy all who would stand in their way. Will the Z Fighters and Time Patrol survive? Or will they Fall to this deadly...

  • ONE PUNCH Harem (18+)
    14.7K 224 4

    You were just an ordinary loser/nerd and a loner, unpopular at school and girls wouldn't dare talk to you, untill you trained for 3 years, you trained so hard you were too stronge, your lucky you didn't lose any hair... (300 Followers Special) A.N. New book and this is just harem story with random storylines, also WAR...

  • Overwatch widowmaker x reader lemon
    72.2K 183 7

    This is gonna be VERY sour so for those who like the sourness plz enjoy and comment. Also, plz read the note I made before the story. Plz. 🍋

  • Cartoon Slaves MATURE
    26.5K 150 11

    different girls will become your hypnotized by that will do what you want, when you want. You can make requests if you like

  • Home
    3.4K 108 6

    Two males suddenly appear in the soul society and when they are brought in for questioning then things really take a drastic turn for them.

  • Ultra Instinct Singer Male Saiyan Reader in Anime World
    1.8K 22 11

    This tale of Saiyan of named Y/N he going go an Adventure of life team with a lot of amazing people and meet a lot of his old enemies. All rights go to their owners

  • Akame ga kill x insane reader
    13.6K 226 26

    Self-explanatory, although this will be more of a harem mainly involving the Jagers.

  • Bakugan MaleReader Inserted
    186 8 1

    By the way your bakugan are from Yu-Gi-Oh! Y/n is a 12 year old boy he lives alone cause his parents died in a accident it been a year since then now he work he delivers random stuff to stores and restaurants

  • Forgotten Soldier
    20K 362 7

    Y/N was the younger brother of Chifuyu but was older then Ichika. It started out small but after a while they forgot him.

  • Male Reader X Lillie | Pokémon
    4.3K 69 15

    Y/N is a new kid on the islands, he was born in Sinnoh and his parents took him to Alola Y/N still has a pokémon from sinnoh and that is his best friend Chimchar, they're best friends and what Y/N gave him, there bond will never break And Lillie, everyone is now intrested in Y/N, and a crush is slightly forming, a lot...

  • Your Harem Life
    9.6K 124 4

    Y/N L/N is an average boy, has an average grade, looks and few friends. He is not popular nor unpopular, many guys despise him for being friends with the school Idol/Popular girls, he is living with his family, (mother, sister, aunts and cousins). Has a part time job at the cafe every week days at noon to night. Every...

  • Elizabeth Liones x Male Reader (Lemon , duh)
    2K 12 2

    A request by @icemakehammer (I think I spelled it right). He is basically the author on this story , since he gets the final say on where the story goes and how it happens (I still have some part in it , but not as big of a part as I usually have).

  • Highschool Harem
    192 3 2


  • Female Various X Male Reader
    260K 1.9K 67 Cocaine for my breakfast (what?) Hold that pistol, ambidextrous, uh (yuh, yuh) Pussy boy talk reckless (ayy) He might end up on a stretcher, uh (yuh, bitch) Fuck with my set (ayy) You get wet, like a pussy, yuh (yuh, yuh) Sauce, what I spilled (yuh, yuh) On my kilt, she need milk, okay lik...

  • [The One Who Got Away] android 21 x male reader
    24.5K 189 17

    The first of its kind for a cannon character experience your and her story putting the main character which is YOU read this book and follow me and read my other kick ass stories

  • Hestia x reader
    295 4 1

    My homie wanted me to try so yeah

  • Esdeath X Mreader
    11K 199 4

    I don't own Akame Ga Kill

  • Esdeath x Male Reader - The Right Path
    33.4K 392 7

    After battling in Esdeath's special tournament, you're now an official member of the Jaegers. Things go well until you were told the truth about the Capital and it's government. What will happen next? Read this story and you'll find out!! ^_^ Akame ga Kill by Takahiro

  • Females X Male Reader
    1.8K 42 5

    Meh, why not?