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  • The Last Necromancer
    159K 10.8K 28

    "Simply put: This book is pretty darn bad a$$. I highly recommend The Last Necromancer to all fans of fantasy." ★★★★★ My Book Addiction "An addictive read" ★★★★★ Hooked on Books "The Last Necromancer was simply fantastic." ★★★★★ Book and Coffee Addict "Expertly depicted and well-paced, The Last Necromancer is a stunn...

  • Jack The Ripper// h.s.
    467K 9.4K 33


  • Jack The Ripper- Next Generation // COMPLETED ✔️
    415 15 17

    Zack is just a normal boy who lives in London with his best friend, Samantha. Everyone in his school and his family knows the story of Jack The Ripper, the ruthless serial killer who's target was mostly female prostitutes. His murders were brutal. He'd gut his victims and let them die a slow, painful death. Zack hates...

  • Crushed under despair(Naruto fan fiction)
    50.6K 2.4K 38

    -COMPLETED- He was crushed under the weight of despair. Why? How? What happened? Can Naruto keep it in any longer? Can he turn normal again? More so...real... Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. Started: 22 September 2017 Completed: 28 January 2018

  • Spellcaster
    485 24 4

    When Nadia's Family moves to Captive's Sound, she instantly realizes there's more to the place then meets the eye. Descended from witches, Nadia can sense that a spell has been cast over the tiny Rhode Island town- a sickness infecting everyone and everything in it. The magic at work is darker and more powerful than a...

  • A Power To Control {Sequel to A Power Inside}(Naruto Fanfiction)
    38.9K 1.7K 44

    *Le gasp* It's so fun to have book 2!! Uhh *ahem* *ahem* look who's back!! *wave* *wave* the cute me is back to continue on this sequel!!! Ayumi's back guys!!! PARTY PARTY!! XD Another journey is set. More adventures on the way, more secrets to be unfold, more pasts to be revealed, and more power to be used. Will t...

  • Save me (Naruto fanfic)
    58.4K 2.4K 37

    Naruto has been falling for a long time. Mentally and physically. Sending out secret pleas for help that are never heard. What will happen if Konoha 12 are given a mission together? Will they hear Naruto's desperate cries for help? Please read this is my first Naruto fanfic so your opinions would help me improve

  • Correctly Misunderstood | ✓
    10.3M 325K 39

    [Completed + Edition Two] Seventeen-year-old Harper Elliot can't wait to get out of school. The idea of leaving the heartbroken past and discovering the world outside is a prospect that has been keeping her going. In blasts Lucas Allen, an ass, who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend's worst nightmare, with a deal she...

  • The Wolves ✓ [Book 1] •
    295K 22.6K 40

    WATTPAD FEATURED • "You can't survive the smoke but they can." They call themselves the wolves. They're dangerous people but they're the best at what they do- and that's surviving. They stay to themselves and don't entertain outsiders. In their eyes, you're nothing. Freya and her younger brother, Greg find them...

  • His Blonde Little Secret
    11.1M 499K 66

    [COMPLETED] "Who says people have to find out?" Brody smirked, taking another step forward. He was so close to me, I could once again see the gorgeous gold flecks shining in his eyes. "What do you mean?" I whispered, my gaze dropping to his lips. They were twitching and I found myself watching them, my eyes fixated...

  • Good As Dead (Jack The Ripper Story)
    3.1K 273 30

    Bessie was a servant, an orphan with no future or family who is stuck working with a cruel mistress and her husband. When an unexpected turn of event causes an infamous killer to come crashing into her life by mistake, her world gets turned upside down with a shade of red. Warning: abusive and sexual content may be t...

  • A Power Inside (Naruto Fanfiction)
    220K 7.4K 55

    Meet Ayumi Kishimoto... A girl who is half Kishimoto half Uchiha. Every people in Konoha doesn't know that she is an Uchiha except for the Hokage and Asuma. A girl who has the yin and yang wolves sealed inside her at the age of 4. A girl who has obtained a mangekyou sharingan at the age of 9. Will she survive having t...

    Completed   Mature
  • HYBRID [Sequel to The Wolves]
    112K 9.6K 48

    "I'm sick of people thinking I'm weak. And I'm sick of you trying to tell me that everything's okay when it's clearly not," Greg shouted, his nose bleeding. In the aftermath of the smoke, Freya and her brother, Greg struggle to find their place. With a jealous mate and a possessive Alpha, Freya finds herself plung...

  • Saving Everest
    14.9M 745K 65

    From the outside Everest Finley had it all. Beautiful cheerleader girlfriend, rich family, star quarterback position, popularity, and good looks. But that's from the outside, and everything isn't as it seems. Everest Finley attempted to commit suicide, putting everyone into shock. The school's king quickly transforms...

  • Lucius
    2.8M 145K 53

    Three simple rules. Rules that she broke one by one. There is a reason buried things should stay buried. • "Your father has made a fool out of himself, thinking he could control me," Lucius said, in a low voice. "Please let me go," Veronica whispered, afraid of what he would do to her. "He should've never set foot nea...

  • Neighbour || Completed
    3M 171K 42

    "Hello neighbour!" She drunkenly smile with her eyes half closed. "Get out of my apartment." Was the first thing that Yoongi told her. Credits for the cover goes to @Jiminfication ❤️ Started: June 14, 2017 End: Sept. 25, 2017 Highest rank: #7 in fanfiction (9/23/17)

  • The Ghost and The Wolf: Book I of The Broken Series
    209K 3.9K 6

    [EXCERPT!] [BEING PUBLISHED!] [Highest Rank: #4 in Mystery/Thriller] [Featured Story - Fall 2017] Student reporter Penelope needs to prove herself. She chases a story tip on a secret organization of teenage urban explorers called The Broken. With the assistance of a young paranormal investigator, she begins to uncover...

  • Nightmares
    220K 15.7K 37

    [A Wattpad featured story] " Don't check under my bed, Check inside my head. " ●but why does reality feel like a birdcage?● #3 in poetry on 17.6.16 Cover made using

  • Death Is My BFFLAD (Book 2 of the Rewritten Death Chronicles) (Wattys2016)
    3M 195K 36

    The fiery sequel to Death Is My BFF (Rewritten)... To capture a creature who threatens the balance between good and evil, Faith Williams is forced to team up with her sexy, sadistic, humorous, and psycho "friend", the Angel of Death. * * * Connect with other Death fans in the Facebook group!

  • Death Is My BFF (Book 1 of the Rewritten Death Chronicles)
    16.9M 571K 50

    The legendary Angel of Death has spared Faith Williams' divine soul. However, this merciful act comes at a price. When she turns eighteen, her soul and everything that she is, will belong to him. The problem? Faith's not going to hell without a fight. Death isn't the only creature that has taken notice in her uniquene...

  • Secret Angel
    2.8M 105K 73

    Long ago, when Lily was only a baby, a dying guardian angel came upon her. The Guardian Angel gave Lily, her powers, control of elements, and healing. Lily was no longer human, but no one knew that, only Lily. ************************************ Her whole life changes one ordinary day, when she stumbles into a werewo...

  • The Fire Angel (ATLA Fanfic)
    115K 5.3K 84

    Lillian was a young girl who lived in the Fire Nation with her family. Her father... Well he was the very respected General Thorn. Training Lillian and her siblings to be the best of the best. But... Lillian had a secret... A secret that she was cursed to keep to herself. "Do not let anyone know little one and d...

  • Bad Boys With Wings
    9.6M 440K 66

    **Watty Awards Winner 2016** Four bad boys, something definitely different about them. Not only have they started creating a lot of trouble in the area since their arrival, but there's something more, something inhuman. Vienna is a girl with issues. Anger finds its way to her quickly, and what's more is that she alway...

  • The Demon's Soul
    8.6M 329K 42

    She leaned down to look inside the well and sighed. Tucking back her hair behind her ear as the evening wind blew. "I told you not to be a curious cat," she scolded looking at the well to receive a small 'meow' from it. Her cat had stepped on the edge of the well no matter how many times she placed it back on the grou...