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  • Forgive Me ( Michael Jackson Fantasy )
    3.8K 82 1

    Completed   Mature
  • Naughty or Nice (Michael Jackson Christmas Fantasy)
    2.8K 62 1

    A little something for Christmas ;)

    Completed   Mature
  • The Best New Year's Countdown ( Michael Jackson New Year's Fantasy)
    2.1K 57 1

    A Little New Year's Fun ;)

  • Bigger Man (Michael Jackson Fantasy)
    6.8K 207 4

    Completed   Mature
  • Beautiful ( Michael Jackson Fantasy )
    4.4K 90 1

    Michael doesn't believe that he's beautiful... hope you enjoy :)

  • Prove It ( Michael Jackson Fantasy )
    3.8K 65 1

  • Make Up ( Michael Jackson Fantasy )
    6.2K 112 2

    Completed   Mature
  • Busted (Michael Jackson Fantasy)
    6.7K 122 1

    Warning: Here's another naughty one I came up with. This is what comes to my mind in the middle of the night for some reason ;) Don't know how this came about in my mind but why not share it? Happy Reading! ;)

    Completed   Mature
  • Caught Up (Michael Jackson Fanfiction)
    1K 47 2

    I decided to finally put up this fanfic I had in the making, even though it's still in the making. But I just wanted to put it up since I kinda got a sequel for it in my head already. Enjoy!

  • Loving you
    158 11 2

    You and Michael

  • I Want You ( Michael Jackson Fantasy )
    5.5K 83 1

    Completed   Mature
  • A Very Sweet Tease ( Michael Jackson Fantasy )
    11.3K 180 1

    Warning: This is the DIRTIEST one ( in my opinion ) I have up here. Well, when you're a MJ Perv, that's sorta how your mind works LOL. This is the most "limit-pushing" one I thought of in a while. I don't know if I'll be doing more like this but I'll let you decide if I should continue to push said limits. But you pro...

    Completed   Mature
  • Im Your Slave So Just Give Into Me -mj fanfic
    5.1K 200 16

    amina smith is a small town girl who works for Michael Jackson. they are good friends but they talk but its only business talk bout a month later chris and Michael talk at a meeting and chris convinces michael to actually talk to her what will happen next after they talk?

  • take me baby mj fanfic
    3.3K 172 16

    nicole was just an average girl who had an average life but her life was about to change when she falls in love with celebrity.

  • Loving Michael
    15.5K 248 21

    We All Love Michael Right? Some people on here actually Don't just want friends and Michael's fans is a very loving community Some of you guys are to stuck up to even Reply to comments vote on others give a follow back etc. Theres One Michael Jackson fan (she claims) that i just hate.. Well talk more about that late...

  • Sexy mike short story
    50.7K 383 7

    Short story

  • Bath Time ( Michael Jackson Fantasy )
    6K 147 1

    Completed   Mature
  • Wake Up Call ( Michael Jackson Fantasy )
    3.5K 71 1

    Michael comes over to sleep with you when he have trouble sleeping. This is the first story I've written so if you thought it was good, let me know so I can probably make another one.

    Completed   Mature
  • Midknight Lover: Part 2 Love
    4.8K 310 12

    Fallon and Michael are better and stronger than ever.. But will something try to weaken them to keep them apart? And what about Fallon's senses? Are they still growing? And why would they be growing if she's still human.... Or... Is she?

  • Midnight Lover (COMPLETED)
    56.5K 2.4K 42

    TEASER: 18 year old, Fallon Nicole is the quiet kid at her high school, Warren Central. She is a very observant kind of girl who enjoys photography, she's actually in her schools photography club! But everything soon changes when the new kid Michael Johnson, mysteriously comes into town, who quickly becomes the cool k...

    Completed   Mature
  • Michael Jackson Imagines
    40.2K 1.3K 29

    these are just random imagines that I've either thought of, or you guys asked for. they are in no particular order, unless it says "part 1, part 2" etc... Hope you enjoy! <3

  • MJ fantasy's
    17.3K 805 50

    Imagines of The King Of Pop and his leading lady YN. Must read ☕️

  • Water Fight! (Michael Jackson X Reader Oneshot)
    937 21 1

    I randomly got this idea while celebrating Michael Jackson's 58th birthday and I thought it was really cute ^-^

  • micheal jackson:the real mj ghost is with me
    2.2K 215 30

    Hi, this is my second book in the 'the real mj series'. Be sure yo read the first book, the real mj, find it under my works. liza and angel are both older and there is somthing strange happening in neverland. There might be ghost in this house but not just any ghost. #JustWriteIt #FreshStart Cover by @TwoAverageJoez

  • micheal jackson:the real mj
    4.9K 427 39

    lisa is an average 21 year old girl,that is until her idol walks into her life - Micheal Jackson. She was never madly in love with Michael Jackson. She was a fan and that was about it. Things go perfect for her..or do they #FreshStart #JustWriteIt (I will be updating as much as I can) Covers by @TwoAverageJoez

  • I'm In Love With Michael Jackson
    5K 89 42

    Emma meets Michael Jackson backstage, he signs a photo and puts his number on it. Emma calls the number and becomes friends with Michael. Michael then invites Emma to come with him to neverland. In Neverland both of them find out they have feelings for each other so they start dating. After a long time dating, Michael...

  • Kidnapped
    39K 1.5K 48

    16 year old Marisa Stephens is a regular teenage girl she goes to the mall but not all the time because Maria's more focused on school work but one day she walked to school someone has snatched her let's read to find out Cast Ann Hathaway as Marisa Michael Jackson as himself Warning This book will probably make you ...

  • Dancing the Dream: Michael Jackson, More than a Musician.
    2.6K 92 16

    After reading this book I was speechless. I found myself in complete awe, not because Michael Jackson is the world's most talented writer but because he is so raw, genuine, and his words are filled with innocence and sincerity. This book is delightful to read - a must read for Michael Jackson fans. Unfortunately, due...