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  • His Second Chance
    3.8K 95 7

    Lucas Friar was in love with his girlfriend, Ella Shannon. Until one day he figured out that Ella had died. Lucas then becomes the biggest bully AND fuckboi. A year later, Lucas meets a girl. A girl named Maya Hart. Lucas thinks she's a crafty princess. What he doesn't know, is that Maya is going to changes Lucas's li...

  • Mr. Bad Boy's Crush (Lucaya)
    26.8K 761 18

    Lucas Friar- Abigail Adams high school's bad boy. Until he meets the new girl Maya Hart. When he first meets her, he decides to become friends with her. They reveal things that they never told anybody. They become very close. Then, Lucas discovers a feeling he has never felt before- love. Find out the rest in a Bad B...

  • The Bad Boy Saved Me | Lucaya [ On Hold ]
    30.1K 876 17

    Maya Hart gets bullied and abused and to make things worse the new bad boy, Lucas Friar, won't leave her alone. He doesn't care for relationships. But when he see Maya hurt, things change for him. What will happen? Find out in 'The Bad Boy Saved Me' Note - isadora and zay will not be in this story - there will be othe...

  • Loving The Nerd
    1.4K 42 4

    This is the sequel to Living With A Nerd. So, if you didn't read that, you need to read that book for this book to make sense. After Maya woke up from her coma and lost her memory, Lucas try's to get her memory back. Will her get her memories back? If so, will she want to stay with Lucas like Lucas wanting to be with...

  • Separated: Peybrina
    41.3K 1.5K 20

    Peyton and Sabrina are best friends, but when someone separates them for 2 months, will unknown feelings come out of them that will change their life for the better? Or worse? Peybrina Fanfic: Peyton: 19 Sabrina: 18 Rowan: 17 Corey:17

  • Life's crazy
    2.7K 113 8

    It's a new school year for Riley, Maya, Lucas, and Farkle. They're starting 10th grade. There will be relationships, breakups, and make ups. There will also be bullies. Will there friendships survive?

  • Lonely Hope Lucaya
    2.3K 142 25

    Riley, Maya, Farkle, and Lucas are best friends and have been for quite sometime now. Riley and Lucas have always thought of each other as more than friends. Does it hurt Maya to watch them be together? What kind of experiences and obstacles fall in the way of life? Find out in Lonely Hope Lucaya. Cover by @_void_st...

  • Eyes Open
    839 17 9

    When Maya and Lucas have a bit over the top fun at a party during the end of the year Freshman party. It winds up with them having the most passionate night ever to the worst morning ever. Leaving to go to her aunt's house. Maya makes a shocking discovery and stays with her aunt for almost a year in a half. But now s...

  • Maya Hart Wants a Cowboy
    61.2K 1.3K 30

    *Other story was a shorter story. I want this to be long* Set in freshman year, starting in... Texas. Everything up until Texas has been the same, so what happens when Maya can no longer keep her feelings from Lucas, Riley, or... herself? More interactive (authors notes and stuff) *making it so Texas happened in high...

  • What Happened In Texas. (Complete)
    22.8K 667 10

    The gang is going down south to visit Lucas' family in Austin. Lucas and Riley have a little thing going on. But Lucas might have feelings for Maya too! Riley is not too happy about this, but let's just say Sparks will fly!

  • Forever (a lucaya and riarkle story)
    53.7K 1.2K 11

    Lucas joins a game of truth or dare along with maya and farkle over the phone .What will happen after Lucas is given a dare that will change his life forever?

  • Girl Meets Huckleberry
    19.8K 720 7

    "I'm not mad, Huckleberry. I just.." I looked up to his eyes. "I can't be with someone, knowing that somewhere along the way he'll be running away for someone else." "Maya, Riley was very scared yesterday." He tried to defend himself. "I know. You didn't do anything wrong. I would want you to help her too. She's my be...

  • Superstar <♡> Lucaya
    33.9K 1.1K 26

    A girl who hides her talents. A boy who everyone knows. Hate each other at first and build their friendship. What if she wants it to turns into more. And becomes a little more. But the boy doesn't know...

  • Brother's Best Friend ✮Lucaya & Riarkle✮
    31.8K 1K 12

    Maya had always had a crush on her brother's best friend, Lucas Friar. She had always tried to catch his eye, wearing different types of clothes and even dying her hair different colors to try to impress him. That was until he hit his sophomore year of high school. He became the jerk of all jerks, only ever dating gir...

  • Maybe One Day
    108K 4K 51

    Maya takes a trip to North Carolina to visit her dad for the first time in years. She decides to bring along her friends Riley, Lucas, and Farkle to help her deal with this new change. Maya has to mange her feeling for a guy she never wanted to fall for and new drama dealing with her dad.

  • Life In The Big City With You
    32.5K 1K 22

    Sequel to Maybe One Day Maya and Lucas are now a few years older living in New City. They are now dealing with new challenges that come as they grow older.

  • Not really, fully, exactly dead (gmw/Lucaya)
    23.5K 890 13

    Maya disappeared one year. Was confirmed dead the next, and a girl named Sophia Reed appears the next and something is just too familiar about her.

  • Boy Meets A Whole New World
    1.4K 66 33

    Riley and Farkle finally get married after almost 6 years of dating. They give birth to a child named Elliot. The story fasts forward to when Elliot is in Junior High back in Riley and Farkle's school in NY. It's been a while since the gang has been together all in one room. But that is about to change.

  • The Baby-Sitter ( Lucaya)
    82.2K 2.3K 14

    What when Maya Hart has to babysit the bad boy younger sister. What happens next

  • Remember Me
    34.8K 1.5K 22

    Life has away for messing everything up for someone that's in love. Lucas can only do one thing to keep Maya from seeing her mom and that's breaking up with her. But what happens when something else gets in the way of their relationship before the breakup.

  • We can get through this (A Peybrina Pregnancy )
    41K 1K 15

    Sabrina and Peyton have been dating since the end of girl meets world. They fell in love and Peyton proposed to sabrina at their highschool graduation. They got married when they were 20 and went on a honey moon in Paris. After about a year they are finally ready to take the next step in their lives together, but will...

  • He's The Bad Boy
    37.6K 1.2K 11

    Maya Hart has just moved to New York. She's nervous about going to a new high school, but she meets Riley Matthews and Farkle Mincus. She also meets the school's bad boy, Lucas Friar.

  • Back to School [ Sequel to The Babysitter, Lucaya ]
    33.1K 991 9

    Sequel to the Baby Sitter. If you haven't read the baby sitter then go read it. Summer break is over and everyone is back at school. Old characters are coming back. A lot of new characters. Lies Fights Betrayal Will Maya and Lucas finally be together.

    35.6K 786 27

    Maya Hart is the new girl at john Quincy Adams high school. On her first day she meets Riley Matthews and Farkle Minkus. She also has a run in with Lucas Friar the schools bad boy that goes well for her and leaves him in awe. What'll happen next? Read to find out.

  • Girl meets ski lodge/longest ride 3
    5.5K 223 10

    Maya and Lucas back at it again with Sophia and Luke.

  • Emotional Wreck
    6.2K 287 7

    I'm Maya Penelope Hart. Freak Face is what they call me. Why you ask? Probably because I am a Freak. When I was a new born, the doctors said they were going to take 'Pictures' of me. They kidnapped me, and tried to make me a... Superhuman. Crazy right. But the thing is... Some of it actually worked. *I do not own...

  • Highschool:Lucaya
    16.9K 546 12

    This story is about Lucaya and how there lives are affected through out high school yeah that's about it enjoy

  • You and Me (Laya fanfic)
    43.9K 1.1K 27

  • The new girl
    55.3K 1.5K 26

    Maya is new the John quincy middle school. She doesnt know anyone here. She had kind of a bad attitude back at her old school. What happens when she meets a boy that will change her attitude? Will she be able to make friends?? will she meet old enemies??

  • FriarStruck
    85.7K 3K 34

    Maya Hart hates the 'big celebrity' Lucas Friar. What happens when Lucas comes to preform in New York and bumps into the blonde beauty. Will they hate each other, or will they slowly fall for each other?