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  • The Choice
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    Lucas Friar and Maya Hart have always been enemies but they both secretly have feeling for one another. Lucas also has feelings for Riley Matthews, Maya's best friend, and Riley returns those feelings. This is why Lucas has never made a move with Riley. When Lucas is forced to choose between the broken beauty and th...

  • My Babysitter's a Celebrity (ON HOLD)
    660 36 5

    Why is the babysitter acting so weird? When the "nerdiest girl in school" babysits Addison and her brother for the weekend, Addison keeps telling herself that her life would be ruined. She never even knew what was coming, until she meets Sabrina Carpenter during a meet and greet. Will she have to handle being bullied...

  • Hart as Cold as Ice- Lucaya
    3.5K 118 11

    Maya Hart the baddest girl you would ever meet, a vision of beauty, but the most cruel. No she did not bully anyone, she was not mean on purpose. Cruel to the ones who had tried to win her heart, cruel to the ones who cared. Her eyes were ice blue daggers, which matched her heart. Ice cold.

  • Rich Kids- Lucaya
    1.7K 92 11

    "Are you insane like me? Been in pain like me? Bought a hundred dollar bottle of champagne like me? Just to pour that motherfucker down the drain like me? Would you use your water bill to dry the stain like me?" -Halsey.

  • Love and Family (Lucaya fic based off Full House)
    3.1K 236 18

    After Maya's husband dies tragically in the line of duty her two best friends Riley and Farkle move into help her raise her two girls. Maya thinks she's never going to date again until she meets a really hot guy through Riley. A/N: This story is based off 80's sitcom Full House! I hope you will enjoy it!

  • Perfectly Imperfect • Lucaya (COMPLETED)
    4.8K 203 22

    Life is about not knowing, when nothing is sure everything is possible. Uncertainty and mystery are energies of life and sometimes they help you find your one true love who is perfectly imperfect in their own way.

  • Through the open window
    306 5 9

    16 year old Maya Hunter lived in New york she had 2 siblings, until one day her mom and her step-dad shawn said they had to move because her dad had gotten a job offer so that made her have to move to california. Can she survive her new life or will she have to go back home?

  • Bumps Along The Way Instagram
    6.3K 114 5

    this is the Instagram for bumps along the way so you know what is happening in that book

  • Dream Chronicles
    300 3 1

    This is my dream chronicles series. In this series I will be telling all of you my sex dreams because the one person who knows who I am knows they are about them. Enjoy

  • Lucaya and Riarkle
    628 17 10

    This is about the love of four friends

  • cheer captain and the football captian
    1.5K 19 13

    what happens when the cheer captian maya starts to has a crush on the football captian lucas?does lucas like her to?does lucas not feel the same way?find out in cheer captian and the football captian!!:):)

  • football captain and the softball captain
    595 4 6

    Maya is a softball player that always had her head in the game when when she meet Lucas her whole world fell Lucas is the best football player and when he meted maya he fell in love with her maya is a cheerleader and a softball player and has all a's Lucas plays football and has a's to and is in love with Maya Anne he...

  • It All Started With A Game (A laya fanfic)
    3.4K 173 14

    Maya, Riley, Farkle, and Lucas have been best friends since fourth grade. But, what happens when they play truth or dare? Some very interesting things happen that might not have been planned.

  • the story of lucaya
    2.5K 168 14

    maya moves away, and riley is really depressed. She thinks talking to Lucas will make everything feel better, but really, it doesn't. Lucas realized that he had feelings for maya and now can't get over her, but does maya like him back?

  • girl meets insagram
    6.1K 80 16

    💞Girl meets insagram💞

  • Snapchat Upgraded//Book 2 of the Snapchat series//(Comepleted)
    82 11 5

    The sequel to the book Snapchat so if you haven't read that book you should probably read it so you are caught up on everything otherwise you will have no idea of what I'm saying in this book! Enjoy!!!Cover by @Love_Me_Hopeless

  • Girl Meets Yearbook (a Lucaya one-shot)
    635 28 1

    By request of a guest reviewer, I have written this cute one-shot based off of Girl Meets Yearbook. Maya and Lucas / Lucaya Reviews are appreciated. A Girl Meets World fanfiction by booksbreak.

  • Girl Meets Forever and Always Instagram.
    304 9 9

    this goes with the story forever and always which also links to one and only true love, this is the instagram post , Maya and Lucas post with some Riarkle post too

  • Best Friends Brother (lucaya)
    1.9K 63 12

    Maya is best friends with Riley. Maya has always liked her brother Lucas, but doesn't know how he feels. How will she deal with her feelings, will she reveal them, or keep them hidden?? Find out in Friends Brother!

  • Forever and Always His || Lucaya || Sequel to Mine
    37 1 1

    Maya And Lucas Friar are married and they have a thirteen year old daughter named Kennedy Marie. They live in a huge house in New York City. Knowing this couple, the question isn't if they're happy- it's how long they will be.

  • Girl meets Instagram (Lucaya and Riarkle Fanfiction)
    9.7K 172 9

    When Riley,Maya,Lucas,Farkle,Smakle, and Zay join instagram will just a couple comments bring them together?

  • Their Arranged Marriage
    5.5K 193 17

    It's tradition in the Friar family that the mother picks the girl her first son to marry. So when Maya's mom, Katy, and Lucas's mom, Elizabeth, became best friend Katy promised Elizabeth that Lucas would have a future wife the day Maya is born. The tradition states that the 2 has to get married when the girl turns 20...

  • The Story Of Maya Hart
    3.2K 114 19

    This is the story of Maya Penelope Hart as she enters the troubles of highschool. But unfortunately she gets the bad end of high school. Bullies, depression, physical abuse you name it. But after a bumpy road meeting a new guy might just turn her life around. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the girl meets world chara...

    Completed   Mature
  • How dare you?
    106K 2.3K 26

    Girl meets world fan fiction. Lucaya and Filey. This story is very dramatic. Somethings that are in the tv show will be in the story. Enjoy!

  • Not The Same
    3.4K 134 16

    Maya Hart and Lucas Friar have been friends for 10 years and nothing can break them apart, but that all changes when Riley Matthews comes along. Everything changes for Maya.. but how long does it take Lucas to find out on what's happening in Maya's life? Would it be to late?

  • Will she stay ? ( a girl meets world A.U.
    829 41 7

    Maya has gone into coma Will she stay or go It all depends on What happens on the outside. ( Lucaya and a lot of sad moments ) I don't own the idea I got it from the show if I stay!!"

  • The Secret
    3.2K 122 13

    Lucas and Maya r hiding something. It is making Riley, and Farkle suspicious. Are Maya and Lucas secretly dating? Find out in my story The Secret. Don't forget to vote and comment. Thanks, and follow me if u can. Also, come joon my dance roll play. Its called " my dance team." Hope to see you there.

  • Girl Meets Future
    304 13 2

    Lucaya are married with 4 kids and Riarkle are married with 3 kids