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  • The Alpha's Curve
    758K 27.1K 21

    Amelia Sparks has been bullied since she arrived at her new pack, it has damaged her both mentally and physically. It seemed like everyone was against her, even her own Brother. All she wants is a way out. But where and how, she has nothing. When Amelia gets her Knight in Shining Fur, can he still fix the damaged that...

  • Plus-Sized Mate
    151K 5.3K 19

    My name is Rayne I'm your normal everyday werewolf except for one little thing. I'm plus-sized and being a werewolf; that doesn't mix. My life hasn't been easy but I've made my own little world with my wolf Amber and my pack. My safe little world is about to be turned upside down on account of one man, Aedan Knowland...

  • Adulterers (18+)
    169K 4.6K 20

    "She's all I want; All I need; All I crave. But I can't have her. She's not mine to have. But, I don't care I know she wants me. The look in her dark green eyes. Lust. Love. Passion. I will have her. Whether he likes it or not. She might not be mine now. But, she will be soon." ADULT CONTENT! Read at your own ris...

  • In my heart {boyxboy}
    152K 3.9K 25

    Randolf John Porter is just your typical hott rich kid with a life he doesn't really want. He is in denial about his sexuality because he wants to be straight. Angelo Ryan is an openly gay jock who just moved into town and goes to Randy's school. At first the two can't resist each other but after one night and a mista...

    Completed   Mature
  • BxB One-Shots (Ratted R)
    307K 3K 13

    BxB One-Shots (Rated R)

  • Death By Pleasure
    236K 8.1K 36

    Meet Kaylee a sweet werewolf who has a love for life and everything good. The seventeen year old with a love of music,children,sun shine,nature and animals. A girl dreaming of her mate who she visions will be just like her. Meet Hades the God of the underworld who is happy to be alone. A dark soul with little room fo...

    Completed   Mature
  • For The Love Of A Curvy Girl
    181K 6K 14

    I will never be skinny. I will always be this way. Curvy. Amelia was never skinny. even as a little girl she was always on the bigger side. her mom and sisters hate her because she is curvy, or to the fat. But to Amelia and her father she is the effect size. Well that's what she says t your face. But foreal she hates...

  • One Shots (BoyxBoy)
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  • My Curvy Black Mate
    77.2K 2.4K 15

    Hi reader I love reader supernatural book like werewolf and so I decided to make. This story will be about love,werewolf,action,and comedy. I might misspelled some words in this story .Any it start with a girl name Rosy love(rose she preferred).A human high school girl but with curvy. she moving to England with her fa...

  • Bully To Lover (Boyxboy)
    9.3K 160 1

    To Think We where just Bully and victom Know Where.... L-Lovers Hehe?

  • The StepBrother
    49.1K 995 15

    Hi I'm Paige Reed and I guess my mother decided to marry my enemy's dad Started: August 31, 2016 Ended:???

  • My love, My loss, My love
    13.7K 70 1

    Restricted chapters for all those who enjoy the dirty stuff. *wink wink* Enjoy you perverts.

  • Kidnapped By Him Restricted Chapters
    106K 411 2

    These are the restricted chapters for kidnapped by him. They're are rated R and should not be viewed by those who find these scenes uncomfortable.

  • Teasing The Bad Boy (COMPLETE)
    221K 5.3K 22

    Alison Draft is just a regular bad girl, who's parents have loads of money. When she moves to Edmonton Alberta from New York, she meets the bad boy in town Chase Holt. Will things change? Or will the two just cause lots of damage?

  • Our little secret
    44.3K 588 5

    What happens when you fall for the preachers son which is also your new step brother....???

  • Wanting My Teacher
    118K 1K 11

    Taylor Evans is in love with her Geometry teacher Mr. Myers what will she do to make him want her. How far will she go?

  • My Brothers Bestfriend
    859 13 1

    So Sarah is in love with her brothers Best friend Austin. Austin is the star basketball player. And he also is very popular. She is 3 years younger than him. But sarah believes he likes her with some of his actions. does he? Will they be together? This is Sarah's journey to find love. [contains sexual chapters]

  • wanting my step brother
    43K 786 3

    Victoria's mother is remarrying to her longtime boyfriend Lance. Victoria and her mother go to meet Lance's son. it turns out to be the boy she's had a crush on for two years, what will she do?

  • It Started With A Kiss [Teacher/Student Relationship]
    573K 11.4K 38

    [COMPLETED] Eighteen year old Daphne Moore lived a normal life. She has friends she can count on, a boyfriend she loves dearly, and her parents who supported her no matter what. She thought her life was perfect, not until she found out her boyfriend cheated on her in her junior year. Her whole world crushed. She star...

  • Sleep With Me.
    20.8K 170 4

    Two lifelong friends fall in love in the oddest circumstances. Their worlds stopped colliding, but fate decided that Lucas and Julie were meant to be beyond the average friends. Can their love surpass all the abuse and pain they have to face? ---- Long and way overdue update(s), but your author is now GOING TO COLLEGE...

  • Beautiful face, ugly secret
    856 31 7

    Nicole Bennet a senior in high school just turned 18. Since the age of seven she had been constantly abused and raped once a week by her father. Mr. Reed the new English teacher develops a close relationship with Nicole especially when he learns her ugly secret of 11 years. Can Nicole and Mr. Reed face the challenge o...

  • In Love with my professor
    95.7K 2.4K 21

    Jessica grace, a freshmen in college. Starting a new life at the university of her dreams, where Temptation and Hot guys lurk around every corner, but none of that seemed to interest her, like it did everyone else. Instead, she had her sights set on professor grey, the new psychology professor. She had the power to ma...

  • My brothers best friend
    1.5M 5.5K 5

    "What are you doing?" I asked. "Doing what I should've done last night" He answered. He grabbed my face gently with his hands and crushed his lips against mine. I gripped the sides of his shirt and kissed him back. He pulled away and smirked. He pulled away completely from me and my arms dropped to my sides. "Daniel...

  • The good girl
    11.1K 242 17

  • The bad boy and the loner
    222K 6.6K 30

    Clary is a girl with no friends at her school. She eats alone in the library. She doesn't talk to anyone. Her ex best friend holds a grudge against her. That all changes when the school's bad boy Jake comes into her life.

  • Crazy, stupid, love
    18K 381 8

    Senior year is coming up and Rebecca Hudson is still a shy nerd.That is until a badboy moves in next door. Rebecca becomes really close with him after he gives her a makeover, her feelings in a knot, thinking she's found the one, sees something she wasn't meant to make she's contemplate what she thought was going on...

  • Rachel and Carina
    261 6 1

    Carina longs to show her girlfriend Rachel that she would do anything for her, absolutely anything. Tonight she will have the opportunity to do just that. This is a short story with erotic scenes in it. For mature audiences only. Please be 18+ to read.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Teacher
    232K 9.2K 39

    After a grueling year of teaching bored farm kids in middle-of-nowhere Texas, a high school teacher looks forward to the silence and the loneliness of her summer break. But first she needs to get her air-conditioner fixed ... and boy does she ever get it fixed. This is an erotic romance. Please be over 18 to read and...

  • steamy
    37.8K 121 1

    Rated : R