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  • Reckless in Love
    16.3K 1K 1

    The sequel to Spitfire in Love. Coming soon!

  • How to Love
    153K 14.4K 19

    || a featured story || In which Eden learns how to love Truman, the boy with the angelic eyes and devilish smile. Alex Light © All Rights Reserved. 2018.

  • The Bad Boy Saved Me // (1) ✔️ (under revision)
    752K 16.3K 25

    #199 in teen fiction: 2018-09-09 #228 in teen fiction: 2018-06-23 ------------------------- "Fine! As soon as my mother died I received no affection from my father whatsoever. He never showed me love or compassion and neither did anyone else. So how am I supposed to know what love feels like Gemma? There's n...

  • All It Takes
    16.3K 641 13

    "I may not be one of those perfect, wide-eyed and bright boys you've read about and fallen in love with, but I know that I am perfect for you and you only." Hazel Ryland never seemed to fit in with the glossy haired, long-legged, and the graceful crowd of popular girls at her school. Always seeing the brighter side in...

  • Because Of You | on going
    19.7K 1K 19

    It wasn't planned, but it happened, and somehow, they became each other's addiction. ↠ extended synopsis inside Copyright© 2018 by nashracxa12. All rights reserved

  • The Heart Wants What It Wants
    332K 9.3K 60

    It's hard having a crush, but it's harder having a crush on the asshole bad boy. /////////// Harley Deyes doesn't have a best friend. She doesn't have a close group of friends. She doesn't have a family. She doesn't have a boyfriend. All she wants is for someone to love her. Her heart longs and yearns for love, especi...

  • The Girl Who Feared Men
    112K 4.8K 38

    *Wattys 2018 shortlist!* After the traumatizing night that tore apart Ellie's entire family, she develops Androphobia. A fear of men. When she realizes that therapy hasn't helped her fear subside, she and her sister move to San Francisco in hopes that it'll give them both a fresh start. But when she's enrolled i...

  • One Less Broken Heart
    12.1K 711 33

    "And so we walk home together, holding each other's hearts inside our clasped hands." In which Scarlet Harrison dreams of finding the other half and Levi Larken dreams of finding a fresh start. For both their hearts. cover by @wishtobefairy

  • First Ever Delinquent Girl
    116K 3.7K 21

    You think she found love in a cliché way such as catching him naked from her window? Or being the lucky one chosen to be Prince Charming's precious princess? Not that possible either. She discovered love through the most dangerous way, which is... To find love through a gang. *** A delinquent girl messing around? Fi...

  • As A Friend
    205K 15.6K 39

    College is supposed to be different from high school, yet here I am living almost exactly how I was back then. I still don't party. I still don't date. I still ace my classes. And my best friend is still the most popular guy in school who encourages me to try new things on the regular. He takes me to parties, as a fri...

    Completed   Mature
  • [1] Lemons into Lemonade | FRED WEASLEY
    131K 9.6K 71

    ❝ I'm sorry but why did you fancy George? He's the ugly twin. ❞ ❝ You literally have the same face. ❞ ❝ And I still managed to be hot, remarkable, isn't it! ❞ ▬▬▬▬ When Aubrey Jackson started her Sixth year, she had one major aim: get closer to her long time crush, George Weasley. What sh...

  • Frenemy With The Bad Boy
    42.6K 1.5K 29

    Highest Rank: #544 in Teen Fiction ••• Fren·e·my || a person with whom one is friendly despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry Do you ever hate someone that you just want to rip their head apart from their body and bury their corpse in the deepest forest where no one will ever find them? Or you want to throw them in...

  • The Boy who Broke the Rules
    8.1M 391K 25

    Stay away from that boy. That's what they all told me, but I was never one to be obedient. The Boy who Broke the Rules. All Rights Reserved. * He was the mysterious lonely boy who found her in a clearing and told her to stay still as he sketched a portrait of her. Entranced by his voice and intensity of his gaze, she...

  • I Never Thought
    15.4K 587 18

    "You have cute freckles too..." he mumbled nervously. Despite the dim lighting inside the house, I could still see his cheeks turning slightly pink. I was shocked. Only my parents and my bestfriend knew about it."You noticed?" "Of course," he said as if I just asked him if the sun is yellow. I gave him a sad smile."Ha...

  • From the Backseat
    75.6K 3.4K 35

    Holland was curious. She wanted to know where he went when he got off the bus. It was only one stop away from hers. So she followed him. Rhys could feel her gaze every day. He kept his headphones in and his head ducked. Maybe she'll stop. And then she followed him. That's where this story begins, with the firs...

  • The Heartbreak Chronicles
    50.9M 888K 101

    Oliver, Alec, Xander, and JJ are just four regular guys. They're also members of the world famous band the Heartbreakers. This is their story.

  • Karma wears stilettos (ON HOLD)
    119K 7.8K 32

    "But, I don't want to make them pay." "What?" "I don't wanna hurt them, or make them pay for what they've done to me, I just don't." "Hold on a second, you're telling me, that you don't want revenge on the people that have made your life a living hell since junior school?!" "Yes." "Why the fuck not?!" she growled...

  • More Issues In Aruba
    289K 14.5K 23

    *Sequel to More Issues Than Vogue* Three years after Haley Monroe interned at Forward magazine, she's now one of the associate writers for the New Yorker. Haley is at the top of her game and has landed on the list of "New York's Writers on the Rise". With her self-motivation going strong and career taking fl...

  • Flowers, Kisses, and Other Clichés
    7.5K 241 3

    In which a boy and girl participating in a floral design curriculum must work together to plan out a wedding: from the flowers, rings, fashion, venue, and everything in between. Of course, it isn't meant to take literally-- the final product is an almost kiddy act out of the wedding with your partner. Since the class...

  • That Wasn't Supposed To Happen ✎
    2.4M 88.5K 141

    Charlie Landon moves to America with her father after her mother passes away. Everything is confusing, including her feelings for Noah East, her woodwork teacher.

  • Voices
    11.4K 1K 38

    "You can sing but you can't lie," I said, biting my lip more sensually this time, stepping closer to him. For some reason, the thought of putting him in an uncomfortable spot was fun to me. He didn't say anything. He just looked at my face. "Does this really turn you on?" I wishpered. I smirked and took a step closer...

  • Summer of Crazy,Awkward,Sweet
    3K 317 10

    Matey is back with a summer of Crazy, Awkward, and Sweet moments. As summer nears, Matey is excited about hosting her friends for the summer. But issues quickly arise, and her close knit group isn't as close as she thought they once were. With constant doubt about their past, their present, and their futures, will the...

  • Hey, Noah ✓
    7.9M 401K 56

    After his family's accident, ever popular Noah Archer starts to build walls around himself, freezing out anyone unwanted and cutting off all and any meaningless ties. That is, of course, until the curious Riley Dawson enters the picture and changes it all for him with just one glance and two innocent little words. ...

  • Captain vs Captain
    2.9M 74.1K 74

    Adding a head Cheerleader and a Football Captain together is bound to cause trouble Cover by @cynicswereoutraged xx

  • a cigarette for cade | ongoing
    187K 8.6K 16

    ❝ Do you know what's harder than being alive, Willow? It's being alive when you're in love. ❞ ▬▬▬▬ For sixteen-year-old Willow Knight, her life has never been anything more than unextraordinary. So when a mysterious boy shows up at her doorstep one night, claiming that he's been kicked out, she has no idea what...

  • Emerald Eyes
    11K 2.6K 8

    Heartbroken and betrayed, Eli Armstrong hopes to stay in the safe and peaceful side of London for a few more years until one day she gets the call from her dad calling her back to Seatle, a place which still haunts her to her deathbed. A place which had destroyed her everything. But now when she has recovered, it cal...

  • Forever Yours
    10.5K 676 16

    #133 in Teen Fiction on 23/07/2017 ... Hailee Carter. A girl who seems to have everything. The perfect family, the perfect friends and perfect grades. But like every other teenage girl out there, she has her heart broken by a boy, leaving her to pick up the pieces of her broken heart alone. She swore to herself that s...

  • A Thousand Storms | Wattys 2018
    2.2M 159K 33

    [ Long listed for The Wattys 2018! ] Everly is running from home to a world she's never known, but a memory like hers makes things hard to forget. Her endearing nature and reckless smiles help her settle in quickly. Then she collides with Mason - all bitter frowns, smirks, and cynical remarks. He shatters her picture...

  • Hidden in lies | completed ✔️
    59.3K 3.1K 33

    "I have no one but you. My family already left me, I can't let you go too." ** © 2017 Naermy all rights reserved.

    Completed   Mature
  • Illegal Kisses
    143K 5K 10

    Everything started with one stolen kiss. Now I'm not some Virgin Mary who has never had a boy kiss me, but this was Jacob Summers we're talking about. Jacob Summers may be the epitome of gorgeous, but he and I go as well together as peanut butter and sausages - horrible, I would know. So why all of a sudden is he ste...