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  • Shameless preferences
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    I noticed that there were no shameless preferences so yeah enjoy and pm or comment request or ideas would help a lot

  • Shameless Imagines
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    Read the title and make an inference as to what this is.

  • Preferences - Shameless US
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    Preferences on: Ian Gallagher Lip Gallagher Carl Gallagher Fiona Gallagher Mikey Milkovich Mandy Milkovich From Shameless: US

  • Shameless imagines
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    Gender neutral y/n Involves; Ian, Lip, Carl, Debbie, Fiona, Mickey, and Mandy

  • Shameless preferences/imagines
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    hello i will be doing preferences on/ian/lip/carl/kevin/Mickey/ I hope you guys like them. If you guys have any request just message me.

  • Shameless imagines/preferences
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    Shameless imagines and preferences, enjoy xD

  • Shameless Imagines ❤️
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    Who's ready for some Gallagher fun....? ;)

  • South Side (A Shameless Fanfiction)
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    A tiny house on the south side of Chicago? Check. 6 siblings, including my twin brother Ian, who I just recently found out much more about? Check. Alcoholic father and a bipolar runaway mother? Check. Having a sister as a parent? Check. Sex, drugs, secrets, lies, betrayal...all part of the fucked up life of the Gallag...

  • Shameless Preferences
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    This includes: Lip, Carl, Ian, Mickey, Fiona, And Debbie

  • Shameless Preferences
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    I like making preferences what can I say?

  • Shameless preferences
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    Ian, Mickey, lip & carl I love shameless and I hope you guys do too.❤️ I'll be posting as much as I can. Love u all💞

  • Shameless Preferences and One Shots (The Boys)
    172K 3K 38

    Just a bunch of preferences and one shots of the boys from shameless (Carl, Lip, Ian, Mickey)