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  • Pretty Little Liars//The Sixth Liar #WATTYS2016
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    I am Kendall Hastings. I am sixteen years old and had to move here to Rosewood from California. At Rosewood, I met someone named A. And shit went down. A is trying to destroy my life, but I won't let that happen. Well, here is my story, and how it all started..Some people call me the sixth liar, but I don't see it. #...

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    Read the title. Preferences/Imagines of our faves ... feel free to request ♡ Will be doing : Jake Chance Anthony Emilio Ivan Don't forget to VOTE, COMMENT AND SHARE!! [highest ranking : #1 on Team 10 preferences ☺️💜 10/5/17 5:25] [highest ranking : #471 in fanfiction 10/6/17 4:31] completed ✔️

    Completed   Mature
  • Freshlee/OGOC interracial imagines
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    For melanin queens

  • Taylor Caniff Imagines
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    Here's some imagines about you and Taylor Caniff. I hope you guys enjoy! -Olive❤

  • Pretty Little Liars Imagines.
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    I write stories, imagines and references, you can also follow me on Instagram. @prettylittleliarsreference

  • Gallaghers (slow updates)
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    Living on the south side rules were never really a thing. My parents never cared, not that many do around here but they did tell me one thing, never fall for a Gallagher. I never really knew why they told me that until this summer when I met Carl Gallagher, and trust me I wish I listened.

  • Shameless Preferences, One Shots and Imagines (The Boys)
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    Just a bunch of preferences, one shots and imagines of the boys from shameless (Carl, Lip, Ian, Mickey)

  • Shameless Preferences
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    Show; Shameless

  • Shameless preferences
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    I noticed that there were no shameless preferences so yeah enjoy and pm or comment request or ideas would help a lot

  • Shameless Imagines/Gif Series
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    I imagine scenarios including the shameless cast and characters

  • Ethan Cutkosky Imagines
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    I guess you'll have to read to find out👁👁

  • Shameless imagines
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    Gender neutral y/n Involves; Ian, Lip, Carl, Debbie, Fiona, Mickey, and Mandy

  • shameless imagines|| requests are accepted
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    Requests are accepted. Tell me your name and your character a plot and yeah. :)

  • Shameless Preferences (U.S)
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    Shameless Preferences *Ian Gallagher *Lip Gallagher *Mickey Milkovich