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  • Haikyuu One-Shots
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    *There's going to be slowish updates because I'm more focused on my other stories... *There'll be a place where you can comment who you want and the selective pronouns for that oneshot. ~How to request~ DO NOT PM ME YOUR REQUEST! There will be a section in the beginning chapter where you can request your person and wh...

  • Power [Hinata Shoyo]
    13.4K 451 9

    They were different people but they have found happiness in each other. Hinata x Reader

  • Hinata X Reader ~ Sun & Rain
    55.4K 2.8K 12

    Hinata finds himself attracted to a girl in his year named (l/n) (y/n). However, how to approach her is a mystery to him since he knows nothing about her and only ever sees her by herself with nothing but a book. After a small incident, Hinata is told by (y/n)'s older sister Sachi that (y/n) and herself live with the...

  • Late Night Cuddles - Hinata Shouyou x Reader
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    ~Hinata Shouyou x Reader Fluff~ Late night cuddles with that adorable little sunshine named Hinata! ♥ The story/written work belongs to me and was created by me (bleh :P). The picture is not mine and all credit to that beautiful piece of art goes to craziiwolf! If you have any questions, just ask! Thanks and enjoy~...

  • Up There (Hinata x Reader)
    45.3K 1.8K 15

    {COMPLETE} You where on your way to glory. Well to some people you were, especially to a teen across the globe. || Hinata Shoyo x Fem! Reader || ||Short story||

  • Imitations (Hinata Shoyo x Reader)
    12.4K 680 7

    Edit: yall please stop adding this to your list. I suggest you just remove it if you have. I haven't updated this in almost two years (feb. 8, 2016 was the last update --> I put this message on Jan. 9, 2018). I don't know if I'll ever go back to this, tbh. Pretty much just you and Hinata doing imitations of specific p...

  • The Orange-Haired Boy (HINATA SHOYO X READER)
    23.9K 869 21

    Y/N just joined Karasuno. She joins the volleyball team, her dream since she's been little kid. She's a setter wanting to beat all the other school. On the first day of school she discovers that her and the boy's volleyball team will train together. Read for her adventures in the Karasuno volleyball team, along with t...

  • Hinata Shouyou X Fem!Reader
    13.4K 799 22

    Hinata looks forward to the time of each week that you would turn on your laptop and watch the newest episode of Haikyuu. Everytime you open that laptop, Hinata's heart skips a beat so what happens when somehow he ends up at your door?