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  • she's not like the others.
    2.2M 115K 214

    quiet isn't always violent. #1 in poetry 11/2

  • you worry too much
    186K 17.7K 26

    read when you need a little picker-upper.

  • Everything I Never Said
    1.4M 76.1K 196

    ❝This is the love I fail to say. One that caused him to go away, for our love was never made to stay.❞ - all of the poems are mine :) #1 in Poetry 26/05/17 ! Thank you for reading♡

  • anemoia
    65K 4.5K 86

    anemoia - (n.) nostalgia for a time you've never known (2015)

  • loud poetry from a quiet girl | under editing
    3.9M 201K 201

    poetry by a person that's afraid of people. 12/23/15- #1 in poetry

  • creating constellations | wattys 2016
    721K 66.5K 190

    an abundance of space metaphors and you. #1 in poetry 6/7/16

  • Unspoken Words
    674K 25.1K 91

    random poems about random things from a random girl. x

  • Letters To No One ➳ [Poetry]
    4.7M 291K 75

    ❝i've delicately chosen letters to form words and words to form sentences, each sentence a colorful paint stroke on the canvas of my mind.❞ [ #1 in poetry on 27/08/16 ] [ A wattpad featured story ]