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  • Bae Cafe [TEMP. CLOSED]
    2.5K 272 19

    Craving for a cover? Or even a banner? Well come on in, 'cause you've just found yourselves a graphic cafe that serves just the thing! Status : ⚪️ OPEN ⚪️ FINISHING REQUESTS 🔘 TEMPORARILY CLOSED ⚪️ PERMANENTLY CLOSED Sets: One - closed Two - soon Three - soon Started: 07/21/17 , Friday Ended: - / - / - By: Wend...

  • Resource Palace
    15.6K 1.1K 36

    Looking for new and fresh resources? Well it's your lucky day! You just happened to cross by our new Resource Shop! Feel free to come in and enjoy all the goodies ! Notice: All resources shared are all rightfully mine unless stated. Thank you. Started: 05-27-17 Ended: - - - -wendysday 2017

  • The Velvet Workshop
    4.3K 494 48

    the velvet graphic shop status: ⚪️ OPEN ⚪️ BUSY ⚪️ TEMPORARILY CLOSED 🔘 PERMANENTLY CLOSED - "Good day ma'am, sir! Welcome to TVW! May I take your order?" Says Irene, the batch's server, as she flashed on a big smile. "I'll take one manip cover with Bangtan as the main characters. Add some happiness into it too. Th...