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  • Hair
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    My family tree is a curse. Everyone in my blood line has died in hair-related ways. It's just me and my twin brother living on our own. With our hair touching the ground, we try to avoid any dangerous incidents every single day. We. Are. Next. We can die at any time. It's. A. Curse. THE STORY GETS SUPER FUNNY...

  • Seacret
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    I got cursed by an evil witch on the beach. The curse? Well, whenever I touch water, I turn into a mermaid. As secrets get revealed about the past, how will it affect me and my family? And how am I supposed to do my swim meets if I turn into a mermaid! I can't let anyone know. Trust no one. BOOK 2 COMING SOON

  • Vibrant
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    I guess you can call me a superhero? I was fixing the neon lights for the club when they exploded and the chemicals got inside me. It gave me some special powers. Professor X found out about me and submitted me into Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

  • Fairy Life
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    I fled from the Mythical War I to the Earth dimension. Watch as my life becomes chaos. I'm a fairy with a power. I can sense when things are going to happen. If a human finds out that I'm a fairy, then I'll be punished to Okar. But disasters occur, forcing me to make hard decisions. I find out love I never even realiz...

  • One Winner
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    One Winner is a new reality game show where 22 contestants are on an island and compete to win $1,000,000! They will have to go through grueling challenges and backstabbing eliminations. The team that wins a challenge is safe from having anyone from their team get eliminated that night. The losing team must vote out o...

  • Good vs Good
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    Is a superhuman fight between good guys even possible? The answer is... Definitely.

  • Names I Like
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    Here is a list of boy and girl names I like

  • Superheroes & Supervillains I've Created
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    Want a visual? This is visual list of all the superheroes and villains I've created in my books so far. You can find them in my books: Vibrant Good vs. Good (MORE TO COME) - Zachary Wing