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  • Ninjago Perfect Match Boyfriend Scenarios--Jay
    311K 11.2K 62

    A Ninjago fanfiction...where you and your ninja boyfriend meet through an online dating website! I haven't seen anything like this before, so I thought everyone would enjoy it. This is a Jay x Reader, but I have fanfictions for the other ninja, too.

  • Ninjago Imagines & Preferences
    167K 3.2K 28

    Imagines and Boyfriend Scenarios! Let's do this!! ** [Cover Art by Erraday] Copyright© 2015 | nerdycliffxrd

  • Ninjago Headcanons
    30.7K 766 27

    Have you ever wondered what your favorite ninja like to eat, watch, and love? Welp, here in this book we get to learn the juicy secrets that the ninja have kept to themselves over the course of their lives. Sit down, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the tea that's about to be spilled.

  • ✦ six feet under the stars ✦
    20.6K 525 12

    ➼ just some casual stories about you and your favourite ninja in one thousand words or less - ninjago short imagines & drabbles 「 lowercase inteded... again 」 Copyright 2019 © ThatNinjagoWriter

  • the good, the bad, and the dirty | jay, kai, and lloyd
    26K 887 28

    all she longed for was to be was part of the team. she deserved it, because she was an elemental master at the most highest skill. but why was it hard to be there without getting distracted? all jay walker wanted was to win her back. when she was his, he was the happiest boy ever. the happiest he's ever been, to be...

  • Ninjago Smut (REQUESTS CLOSED)
    74.1K 598 10

    why is this shit still getting reads? wrote this years ago - please trust that my writing has imprOved thanks