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  • The Ultimate Games - Book One
    1.9M 30K 101

    It has been a century since the rebellion, and the Capitol still wants revenge... As it is the Fourth Quarter Quell, there will be four games held this year. One will be held with twenty-four children reaped from Districts One to Four. The second will have twenty-four children reaped from Districts Five to Eight. The...

  • Falling For The Killer [EDITING / HOLD ON]
    4.8K 304 7

    What? Who? Where? When? Why? I didn't know what happened, but all I know is that there is no escape. Lexia Traxler is a normal nineteen year old girl, living her life. But all of this changes, that one day when is just going out shopping at night like any other day. But this was no ordinary day, this day she gets t...

  • Imagined (on hold)
    980 53 5

    Cascara, the fantasy Other World, is on the brink of falling under a terrible war. Fifteen year old Rosalie is a 'fire-tamer', able to wield fire and she can also See Patchie, her Imaginary friend. Prince Sebastian is more than he seems. But together with the help of two ex-Pegasi, a fickle Faery and Sebastian's Famil...

  • Love Olympus
    2.3M 32.2K 8

    As a child Venus had an Imaginary friend like any other kid. When she wakes up one morning to find him claiming he's not really imaginary, but her Kupid. Things take a drastic turn as he reveals he’s accidentally gambled away her life for a game.

  • Lost In Paradise
    66 1 3

    What was meant to be a family holiday turns into a living nightmare when Hayley wakes up to discover her sister missing. When she joins the search party, Hayley finds out that Hannah may not even be in this world!

  • Life as a Dreamer - ON HOLD
    844 78 3

    Brie Pearce is a dreamer. Her childhood dream was to become a princess. Somewhere in her heart, it still is. But these days, she's moved on to bigger and better things—like going to Spencer Academy. So it feels like the happiest miracle in the history of the world when she gets the letter, the letter she'd been almost...

  • The Girl Next Door... Well... three doors down.
    34.7K 479 9

    James Carter was always the boy with the geeky looks but the personality of a superstar. Girls never gave him a second glance and he was always thought of as the friend but never anything more. He always had his best friend Sophie, who conveniently lived three doors down, and his tight knit group of friends to keep hi...