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  • Skyrim Romance//Bishop Short Stories
    7K 80 5

    This contains a series of short stories featuring Bishop, the suitor of the Skyrim Romance Mod.

  • savior of tamriel
    30.3K 1K 47

    Who said life after Alduin's defeat would be easy? ["Ranger of the Woods" sequel] Inspired by Mara Lightfeather's, Skyrim Romance Mod. Adventure/Skyrim Fanfiction

  • ranger of the woods
    121K 3.5K 57

    She'd met many a people in the land of Skyrim: elves, nords, and argonians alike; however, there's one in particular she didn't think she'd ever encounter-- A rude, arrogant, and cocky specimen. A Ranger; and a roguishly handsome one at that. The Dragonborn can't help but wonder how one man became her most difficult...

    Completed   Mature