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  • One Year Contract With You
    91.8K 3.7K 44

    [WARNING: This story is NOT YET EDITED] "Isang walang kwentang kontrata ang makakapagpabago sa buhay ni Raige Eliz Araña na dating nerd at miss nobody. Sa kontratang ito dito nya ma ri-realize na mahirap ang ma fall in love sa taong bawal. Dahil sa Rules na sinusunod ninyo.But then sa hindi inaasahang pangyayari na h...

  • My Naughty Ice✔️COMPLETED (Xiumin, EXO)
    8.4K 67 3

    EDITED AND REVISED June 2020. Book Cover layout: Shania Suniega Photo credit: Pinterest Paano kapag nilagyan ng Ice ang Talangka? Mag-blend kaya sila? It all started when Dara knocked on her neighbor's door and accidentally her naughty eyes saw an incredible treasure na pag-aari pala ni Acer Kim Lopez or Ice. He oblig...

  • The Magnet (Completed)
    99.5K 2.2K 52

    Despite being bullied by Jeffrey San Juan since elementary, Jessica Fortuna is still obsessed with him. And since it's their last year in high school, Jessica is willing to do anything to make the boy hers. She then bought a magic love magnet from an old lady at Quiapo. The MAGNET effect: Jeff will fall in love with h...

  • That Promdi Girl (PUBLISHED)
    60.9M 2.1M 64

    (Wattys 2015 Winner, People's Choice Award) PUBLISHED UNDER PSICOM. (Falcon Series #1) Nagbago ang buhay ng Promdi Girl na si Althea Josefa Marinduque o Althea nalang para kyot nang pumunta siya sa Manila. Akala niya kasi trabaho ang pupuntahan niya pero hindi pala. Bakit hindi sinabi sa kanyang mag-aasawa na pala si...

  • When You Fall (Completed)
    175K 405 5

    Hi! I unpublished most of the chapters of When You Fall here in WP. Pero pwede nyo po sya basahin sa Dreame accnt ko. Just search for my username Rosalynduuh. Pa-like and pa-follow na din po. Thank you so much! How far would you go for the one you love? How much pain and disappointments could you take? How many thin...

  • 10 Signs Na Crush Ka Ng Crush Mo
    75.8K 2.1K 14

    Kung sino man si Sign Sender. I'm gonna thank him :)

  • Reyna ng Kamalasan: Zylie (Completed, 2014)
    47.2M 789K 79

    [ZyMiYa Trilogy: Book 1 - Zylie] Language - Taglish Started in Aug 2011 | Revamped in Feb 2014 | Finished in July 2014 Published into 2 parts (2nd part just the 2nd half) 1/2 (Pop Fiction, 2014) 2/2 (Pop Fiction, 2015) Blurb Siya si Zylie. Hindi siya clumsy, galit lang siguro sa kanya ang sahig, bully lang talaga ang...

  • ❤A Christian Love(Let LOVE be Your Guide) ❤
    157 6 7

    A story about a christian boy? and a christian girl? The prophecy's promise Love Couple ??? They worship ?? together ?? They go to church together ?? They live in the world??? together with Christ in their lives And they live happily ever after ??? with God Written by:TheGirlin3130

  • I'm Falling For You
    49K 1.8K 19

    A romantic comedy about two people who were born to compete with each other but destined to fall for each other.

  • Angel in Disguise
    40.7M 798K 61

    Once upon a time, I am the biggest jerk in the world, until I met this crazy little angel, and everything turns upside down.

  • The Ugly's First Heartbreak
    1.3K 132 16

    "Pake niyo kung may pimples ako? Di naman kayo ang nagdadala diba?" "Pake niyo kung may braces ako? Kayo ang bumili?" "Ano kung may eyeglass akong suot-suot? Mata niyo ang nilalagyan?" Di naman di ba? Kaya huwag kayong mangialam. Gwapo ako gwapo. May pimples ako kaya cute , may braces ako kaya cool at may eyegl...

  • TIAwards 2018
    2.4K 238 4

    Winning this years TIAwards will be harder than ever because the entry will last for ONE YEAR but that doesn't mean it's impossible! All you need is a few dreams and determination to make them reality, a lot of hard work and a little luck! And that's it! YOU could be the next TIAwards winner! Join now!

  • Flame graphic book [temporarily closed]
    2.2K 321 54

    Do you need a cover for your book? You're at the right place. I do not own pictures I use for covers. I only own final product. Credit for pictures I use goes to their respective authors.

  • The Hidden Slayer[COMPLETED]✔
    35.6K 728 49

    "Once a Slayer" "Always a Slayer" [Completed]✔ Date Started: Dec. 4,2017 Date Finished: August 1,2018 ➖➖➖ Cover By: Suhoberrie

  • ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*how to make book covers*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
    6.4K 184 5

    Recent: February 2018 new editing style is OUT! Also check out my new story! My Ideal Boyfriend (kthxbjh)

  • The Cover Maker
    7.6K 500 46

    Circa 2015.

  • That Risen Snow: A Scary Tale of Snow White and Zombies (Wattys 2014 Award Winner)
    328K 9.4K 46

    Book One of the Scary Tales The zombie sequel to Snow White begins where the classic fairy tale ends, with the Prince’s kiss waking Snow from her cursed slumber. Snow wakes up, but she doesn’t wake up right. Now a deranged zombie, Snow infects both the Prince and the seven dwarfs’ leader. That leaves the young dwarf...

  • BTS: Skool Luv Affair (Completed)
    69.1K 2.6K 42

    Bangtan Boys Fanfiction BTS: Wings ( on-going )

  • Mix And Clash (MAC) - CCR BOOK 2
    57K 1.5K 1

    Sequel of Clash of the Campus Royalties

  • The Intruder | 2
    44.6K 3.2K 54

    Hindi na muling bumalik ang alaala ni Irene makalipas ang dalawang taon na pagpapagaling sa Amerika. Sa pagbalik ni Irene sa Pilipinas ay may mga bagong tauhan na pumasok sa buhay niya. Alamin ang mangyayaring pagbabago sa buhay nila V at Irene. Date Completed: November 17, 2018

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr. Cold Na Mapanglait -Meets- Ms. Bungangerang Masungit
    296K 8.4K 35

    Basahin niyo na lang para malaman niyo! HAHAHAHAHA! Enjoy reading!

  • My Chocolate Princess (PUBLISHED UNDER LIB)
    63.6K 1.4K 12

    "Hindi mo narin kailangan matakot na maunahan ka. Dahil noon pa man, ikaw na ang una. Kahit wala kang sabihin, kahit hindi ka magsalita. Loyal sa'yo ang puso ko noon pa man." Zeus Montera is Maxene's legendry 'frienemy'. Her friend, and enemy at the same time. They grew up together, dahil narin mag-best friends ang mg...

  • Once Upon A Fishball [PUBLISHED by Bookware]
    8.4M 123K 49

    Ikaw. Ako at ang Sampung Pisong Fishball.

  • Si Ice Tsing ng Cupcake ko (Completed)
    69.9K 995 8

    Crush na crush ni Lifli Lucas si Ice Tsing pero hindi siya kilala nito kahit na batchmates sila. Isang araw ay nalaman ni Lifli na adik si Ice sa cupcake at dahil hilig niya ang magbake ay ginawan niya ng cupcake si Ice. Araw-araw siyang nag-iiwan ng box of cupcake at note sa locker ng lalaki. Makukuha nga kaya ni Lif...

  • Magnamour University [Magnanimously Completed]
    338K 26.5K 52

    Synopsis #1: What will happen if a poor boy has been granted a full scholarship at the best University in the country where the most elite, richest and brattiest kids alive are? A. Riot B. Drama C. Romance D. All of the above Note: For a much more detailed description of the story. Please proceed to Synops...

    566K 18.3K 77

    My silence is not weakness but the beginning of my revenge. Start: Oct 21 2016 Completed :May 8 2017

  • The Five Famous Boys And Me
    842K 28.7K 47

    Laiza Kim Alvarez, Maganda, At isang Fangirl ng limang sikat na lalaki~ Pero What if... kung maging kaibigan niya ang mga ito? What if... kung ang limang ito ay magka gusto sakanya?! FIVE FAMOUS BOYS AND ME (Inspired by Blue_Maiden) (STARTED: DECEMBER 18 2016) (END~

    3M 110K 61

    Ms.Right (Book3)