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  • promise ↜ jeno
    43.3K 3.1K 24

    so many promises were made, but were they ever kept? -qlankun's

  • his return ❥ ong seongwoo
    14.9K 786 25

    "everytime i saw you, my heart ached for the truth. and when i found out the truth, i wanted to believe it wasn't true" ➸

  • tranced | astro
    28.6K 1.9K 17

    "where's Sanha?" ||completed||

  • Basket Case » NCT Dream #Wattys2018
    71.3K 6.2K 33

    ❝Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me.❞ One is a victim of domestic violence. One is suicidal. One is suffering from Broken-Heart-Syndrom. One is a troublemaker. They're not happy kids. But once they are together, they finally can smile. | AU | ©snowflakesonmylaptop, 2018 2018/05/11 - #27 in NCT2018 2018/05/11 - #4 in...

  • dating hotline | nct.
    3.9M 340K 104

    ❝ welcome to the lucky charm hotline. start chatting now! ❞ + sns spin off dedicated to nctツ + sequel available now

  • Crestfallen • Jeonghan [2]
    67.2K 5.2K 28

    » crestfallen ˈ(kres(t)ˌfôlən) ; sad, disappointed « [ sequel to fallacy ] cover by: @OhMyBangtans

  • Fallacy • Jeonghan [1]
    158K 10.4K 35

    » Fallacy (ˈfaləsē) ; a mistaken belief, a delusion. « Reuniting with her 'leftover' family members, Amelia carries on her new life as she meets new people. Meeting the 'angel' wasn't a coincidence, was it? Who would have thought that this 'angel' hides a secret behind that angelic face? When clues start to reveal, Li...