• Finding Nialler [ zianourry ] [ on hold -- editing ]
    38.6K 704

    ✿ HIATUS UNTIL EDITING IS FINISHED ✿ Co-writing with FlyingHiigh - the one where niall is kidnapped and the boys have 48 hours to find him. ...

  • Sex, Money & Mafia (Editing)
    • Mahi_K
    • 20 Parts
    • Updated 5 months ago
    193K 4.5K

    Dmitri Donovan is a big name Mafia boss who's known all over the globe. His alluring looks and mysterious persona makes him one of the most sought after man i...

  • Terrible Things (Boyxboy)
    6.9K 235

    Adrian's life is pretty complicated, as you can imagine. His parents expect nothing but the best out of him, and if not received, they beat him. His social anx...

  • Broken [boyxboy]
    22.8K 491

    In a world where humans and vampires 'co-exist' the supernatural still have strong dominance over the humans. In keeping with an ancient treaty, vampires refra...

  • I'm With Emo Boy [ Boyxboy ]
    577K 15.9K

    His name is Krystle. Yes, Krystle. And he lives with his uncle and two female cousins when his parents died from the Single-Celled killer. It's a nasty parasit...

  • The Life of a Boy Named Rabbit
    16.1K 721

    (This is a short story, so I apologize for the shortness of it.) Meet Rabbit, he's 16 years old and looks like a girl. He hasn't had the most happy life, and h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unheard Screams boyxboy (very slow updates)
    • cl44787
    • 12 Parts
    • Updated a year ago
    9.1K 237

    Carson's life was perfect well as perfect as is could get with a abusive mother that's shoving pills down your throat and a mysterious song drawing you it to s...

    171K 4.9K

    Jawaad doesn't care if he got shot or killed so when he is in that situation he thinks he is going to die. But, what he didn't expect is to be kidnapped. Not o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thin Is Good (boyxboy)
    73K 2.1K

    "Move your fat ass," grunted his uncle, pushing him down the stairs. "Get out the way, you fat shit," grumbled his dad. "You're such a pig," snorted his ex-boy...

  • That Colorful Freak (boyxboy)
    • sammboi
    • 5 Parts
    • Updated a year ago
    2.8K 116